My Youth Began With Him Chapter 548

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“You won’t give it to me anyways if I ask, so I might as well steal it,” Su Yu spoke as he chewed, looking nothing like a rich heir.

“Su Yu did you draw a cat face on me yesterday?”

“Ahem no.”

“Impossible.” Clearly, Huo Mian didn’t believe him.

“I totally drew a tiger on your face, okay? Didn’t you see the mark on your forehead?” Su Yu objected.

Huo Mian, “”

She originally thought that Su Yu would deny that he drew on her face, but it seemed like she was overthinking things.

He was correcting her that he drew a tiger on her face, and not a cat

“Su Yu you must be very bored. Doesn’t Imperial Star have any movies to film recently?” asked Huo Mian upsettingly.

“There is, but I don’t have to worry about stuff like that. A vice president reports to me, and he takes care of everything. That’s called high productivity.”

“Pish I see it as not doing work”

“We’re going to order food, what do you want? I’ll get you some”

“No thanks, I’m full.”

Huo Mian got up and passed the leftover sushi to Su Yu, and said, “I’ve made too much today, you can have the rest.”

Su Yu was a bit flattered

However, he didn’t dare to take the sushi, as he only asked confusingly, “Why are you being so nice to me?”

“It’s fine if you don’t want it, I’ll just toss it in the garbage.” After Huo Mian spoke; she pretended that she was about to take it.

“Don’t, don’t, I want it,” Su Yu snatched it over, and then happily took the sushi back to the room.

Huo Mian smiled in success. “Now, let’s wait for the big show.”

After Su Yu returned to the room with the sushi.

Su Yu said, “You two order, I don’t need any.”

Wei Liao, “What’s wrong? Where did you get the sushi?”

Tang Chuan, “He must’ve stolen it from Huo Mian, or else why would he be as happy as a clam?”

Su Yu, “I didn’t steal it. Let me correct you. It was given, she gave it to me.”

Wei Liao, “She gave it to you? I don’t believe it, it must have been her leftovers.”

Su Yu, “You guys are just jealous that you can’t have any. It’s a whole box, and the only one missing was just eaten by me, so how could it be leftovers? She totally gave this to me.”

Wei Liao, “That’s so weird, could the sushi be poisoned?”

Tang Chuan, “Great minds think alike.”

Su Yu, “I’ll eat it even if it’s poisoned. I’ll even eat Viagra, as long as she gives it to me.”

Tang Chuan and Wei Liao burst into laughter, as they saw how possessed Mr. Su was

Then the two ordered a bountiful meal from Opulent House.

However, Su Yu sat on the sofa and slowly ate the sushi without anything else added on.

Half an hour later

“No, I still have to go to the washroom” After Su Yu spoke, he got up and ran away.

“He already went to the washroom six times in the last ten minutes. The sushi definitely wasn’t that good. Good thing I held back and didn’t have any,” Wei Liao exclaimed.

Tang Chuan laughed, “I told you that woman couldn’t have come in peace. See what happened?”

Just as Su Yu was about to go to the washroom for the seventh time, Tang Chuan stopped him. “Hey did you do something to her? From what I know, Huo Mian might be ill-tempered, but she shouldn’t have any reason to torture you like this.”

Su Yu didn’t say anything

However, Wei Liao laughed, “Does drawing a tiger count?”

“What tiger? Did I miss something?” Tang Chuan was confused.

So Wei Liao told him about how Su Yu drew a tiger on her face last night, and Tang Chuan roared with laughter when he saw the photo.

The two laughed inside the room nonstop, while Su Yu ran to the washroom nonstop

He never thought that Huo Mian would place laxatives in the sushi.

Just then, Huo Mian pushed open the room door, and Tang Chuan immediately put away his laughter. “Hello, Head Nurse.”

Over the last couple of days, he became aware of Huo Mian’s personality and decided that he wouldn’t go against her.

“This is the antidote, give it to him,” Huo Mian slowly said as she tossed a little bag to Wei Liao.

“Remember to tell him something for me.”

“What is it?” Wei Liao asked in anticipation.

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