My Youth Began With Him Chapter 577

“Mian, my father is asking you a question.” Qin Chu smiled as he looked at Huo Mian.

“Ahem not yet.” Huo Mian lowered her head.

She was embarrassed to talk about stuff like this in front of Qin Chu’s father

Then, Qin Yumin nodded his head and said, “The two of you are old enough. Don’t just think about your careers, hurry up and have a baby soon. My health is deteriorating by the day, and if I don’t see a grandchild before I leave this world, I’ll regret it forever.”

“Dad your body is fine, don’t think like that,” Qin Chu consoled.

“Yeah everything will be fine.” No matter how estranged Huo Mian felt towards Qin Chu’s parents, at the end of the day, she was still a woman.

She felt heartbroken by what Qin Chu’s father said.

“We’re old, this world now belongs to your generation. Although for me and your mom, Huo Mian is not the ideal daughter-in-law fate is an incredible thing. In this world, not everything will go according to your plans. My health hasn’t been so well recently, and I occasionally read and get to think about a lot of things. Since you guys are married, you should treat each other well. Being able to share a life together in this life means that you guys did something right in your last life. Treasure it.”

“I will, Dad,” Qin Chu promised with a nod of his head.

Qin Yumin then looked at Huo Mian and said, “No matter what happened, it’s all in the past. Since we’re family now, I really hope that you two can live happily ever after. I know that it won’t help to apologize for that incident since we can’t awaken the dead, but I still wanted to apologize. If I get a chance, I would also like to apologize to your mother. Our preposterous actions resulted in your family’s tragedy.”

Tears welled up in Qin Yumin’s eyes as he said this

The truth was, he didn’t know what happened until after the incident. Before that, the driver had only been in contact with Mrs. Qin.

However, when something like that happened, he had to do all he could to protect his wife. That’s why he had been feeling guilty all these years.

He wasn’t the murderer, but he was an accessory to this crime

Huo Mian was surprised when she heard a man of his age and status suddenly apologize and repent in front of her.

She was not at all prepared for this

If Qin Chu hadn’t gently touched her arm, she would still be in a daze.

“My mother has forgiven Qin Chu, but I think she needs some time before she can forgive you guys,” Huo Mian said slowly.

“We won’t ask for her forgiveness. People have to pay for the sins they’re committed. I think my deteriorating health is by way of karma.”

Huo Mian quietly listened to him

In comparison, Qin Chu’s father was much better than his mother.

His father was traditional and stern, but at least he was reasonable and could tell right from wrong.

Qin Chu’s mother, on the other hand, was horrifying. She was such a control freak.

Not only did she control her husband’s life, she also wanted to control her son’s. If things didn’t go her way, she would go crazy and throw a fit.

After saying all of this, Qin Yumin picked up his small wine cup and took a sip of baijiu

He seemed to have a lot on his mind

“Dad don’t drink so much, the doctors said it’ll affect your brain.” Qin Chu was worried.

“It’s okay, if the King of Hell wants me to die at midnight, then I won’t live to see the next day. We all live the life we’re supposed to, it has nothing to do with a small cup of wine. Don’t make such a big deal out of it.”

Finally, Qin Yumin looked over at his son and asked, “I heard that you’re venturing into the film and television sector?”

“I am.” Qin Chu nodded.

“The reason?” Qin Yumin continued to ask.

Qin Chu first turned around to look at Huo Mian He seemed to be hesitating as to how he should answer his father’s question.

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