My Youth Began With Him Chapter 590

“For every minute of unhappiness, I would be losing sixty seconds of happiness, so why would I be stupid like that? People live for themselves! I’ll tell you what, my personality is not likable at all, and when I went to school, barely any classmates liked me. Some envied my gift because I could easily beat them on tests without studying, reading, or reviewing. Others couldn’t bear with me because they thought I was too arrogant and that I was being too cocky. Little did they know that I wasn’t being cocky, they just didn’t understand my world. Throughout these years, some people admired me and some people despised me, but it doesn’t matter. I’m not money, I can’t make it so that everybody likes me. No matter what others say, I am still me. Be it good or bad, people’s opinions of me don’t affect my life at all. Of course, that’s based on the premise that I don’t care too much.”

Huo Mian realized this after her mother forgave Qin Chu…

She suddenly saw the world in a brighter light after dropping the baggage that she had been carrying for many years. No other problems could make her face bitter and her heart worry.

“You really are different, after I came to South Side for treatment, Director Li always recommended you. At first, my agent didn’t agree to you being my assisting doctor because you’re not a professional doctor and she was scared that something might go wrong. Now I see why. Director Li has her reason for liking you. You are indeed special.”

“Are you complimenting me or complimenting me?” Huo Mian laughed.

“I’m complimenting you, you’re a little older than me so I will just call you Sister Mian from now on,” Ni Yang softly said.

To be honest, Huo Mian was quite shocked when she heard him say this…

It must be noted that patients with depression have high self-defense; they do not make friends easily, much less open their hearts.

Ni Yang called Huo Mian his sister; it was obvious that he was starting to let down his defenses around her…

“If you want, that’d be great. I have a younger brother too who is even younger than you, and he’s a really good kid. You’re kind, and you’re so young, I don’t want you to be troubled by depression. Rest assured, if you’re willing to put your trust in me, I’ll do all I can to cure your illness. You called me your sister, so I’m going to be like a sister to you.”

After smiling, Huo Mian raised her wine bottle…

Ni Yang rarely smiled, but he did and showed his cute canine teeth…

Huo Mian looked at Ni Yang’s attractive smile and suddenly realized that Ni Yang should’ve been a very bright and energetic young man.

It would’ve been great if he didn’t have depression…

“Thanks, Mian,” Ni Yang raised his bottle and took a huge swig.

Technically, those who rarely drank should get drunk immediately…

However both Ni Yang and Huo Mian drank two bottles of wine, but he didn’t even seem drunk.

So, Huo Mian silently took out two more bottles. They continued drinking and talking about life…

It was good that she prepared ahead of time and brought ten bottles…

Speaking of which, she was a little distressed. The wine must’ve been expensive since, after all, it was in Mr. Qin’s private collection…

If he found out that he was missing some bottles, maybe he would go on a rampage haha.

After the two drank a whole eight bottles of red wine, Ni Yang started to get tipsy, and his mood began to change…

He looked out the window, and his gaze became melancholic…

Grasping the opportunity, Huo Mian softly asked, “Ni Yang, when you were under hypnosis, you always became agitated at the sight of someone, but you won’t tell us who or why. Now can you tell me who that person is?”

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