My Youth Began With Him Chapter 599

Tang Chuan, “Don’t worry, the woman you love is fine, but that person wasn’t as lucky. I heard that they ended up at the police station.”

Wei Liao, “Is she still at the station? She shouldn’t be, Qin Chu would have bailed her out.”

Tang Chuan, “Yeah, according to the most recent news, someone picked Huo Mian up.”

Su Yu, “What about the hospital? How did they deal with this incident?”

Su Yu was more interested in the punishments that person received. If the director wasn’t going to do anything, then he was going to enforce justice in his place.

Tang Chuan, “Apparently, Wu Zhongxing almost blew up in anger, and he directly fired him and the hospital deputy director.”

Wei Liao, “Holy shit, I can’t believe he fired the hospital deputy director as well. Too bad for him, his brother-in-law pulled him down the gutter, haha.”

Tang Chuan, “Let me finish, I also just got news that a half hour after they were fired, the police went to the hospital and arrested them on the grounds of corruption, embezzlement, and a bunch of other charges. The Independent Commission Against Corruption is looking into it.”

Su Yu, “That must’ve been Qin Chu’s doing.”

Tang Chuan, “That’s what I was thinking, haha, so I think the two of them will have to learn to enjoy prison meals.”

After a few seconds of silence, Su Yu said, “Tell the prison to ‘take good care of them’.”

Su Yu emphasized ‘take good care of them’, and Tang Chuan immediately understood what he meant.

“Haha, are you trying to help Huo Mian achieve justice? She doesn’t even know what you’re doing for her, what’s the point?” Tang Chuan laughed.

“Speak less and do more.”

Tang Chuan, “Okay, okay, okay, I got it, Young Master Su.”

Wei Liao, “Where did you get this information, is it reliable?”

Tang Chuan, “Don’t worry, I promise that this is all true. During my stay at South Side, I hooked up with a nurse. We added each other’s WeChat and rolled around a few times. Haha, she’s good in bed and would always talk to me about stuff happening at South Side. She also talks about Huo Mian from time to time. After she told me what happened, I thought it would be fun to tell our big boy Su.”

Wei Liao, “I admit defeat, I can’t believe that you were able to land yourself a f**k buddy at a hospital.”

Tang Chuan, “Watch your language, be elegant. She’s not a f**k buddy, she’s a bedmate, hahaha.”

Of the three of them, Tang Chuan was the horniest…

As for Wei Liao? He was all talk, but when it came to actually do it, he would wimp out.

He had dated a couple of socialites, but because of differences in personality, he ended up breaking things off.

He also never slept around

As for Su Yu, although he was known to be a playboy, both Wei Liao and Tang Chuan knew that Su Yu was an unyielding man.

That was a result of the suffering he took during his time in the military. He acted like a player, but the truth was, he was more infatuated than anyone.

He rarely fell for women, but it was scary the moment he did

After they finished gossiping, Su Yu suddenly wanted to see Huo Mian he missed her, so much.

He took out his phone and caressed his screensaver

Su Yu’s expression slowly softened

Just then, someone knocked on his office door.

“Come in.”

Su Yu put away his phone and looked up.

An walked in. “Sir, everything’s in place.”

“How many people signed the agreements of intent?”

“5 A-list celebrities, and 13 B-list celebrities, not including Annie Liang.”

“Good, Qin Chu really is going big this time.” Su Yu smiled.

“Should we execute our plan?” An asked.

“No, it’s too early to do that right now. With Qin Chu’s brain, he’ll be able to deal with the aftermath if we act early. I want to execute our plan on the morning of his new company initiation. By then, he’ll only have a few hours left, so even if he’s a god, he won’t be able to save things. Hmph.”

Su Yu was playing tough this time because he realized that competing with Qin Chu was pretty fun.

As Huo Mian was slurping down noodles at a restaurant, a colleague at South Side sent her a WeChat message.

Huo Mian looked at her phone, and then she said in surprise, “Director Wu fired Deputy Director Guo as well?”

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