My Youth Began With Him Chapter 608

“I can’t go back, things have gotten very complicated here. If I leave, then no one will be here to control the situation.”

“But I can’t do it alone, Sir. What if Su Yu launches an attack tomorrow?”

“We’ll just have to deal with his attacks as they come.”


“Have those people signed a contract in the end?” Qin Chu asked.

“No, just letters of intention, they said that they’ll sign the actual contract tomorrow morning.”

“Okay, I got it.”

“Is there a problem, sir?”

“They might be waiting until tomorrow to stand us up”

“Ah? That can’t be, even if they only signed letters of intent, they still have to pay a penalty if they break it.”

“Do you think Su Yu lacks that money?” asked Qin Chu in response.

“Right” Assistant Yang didn’t have anything else to say, as his boss clearly took everything into account.

“Didn’t Annie Liang sign? We’ll still have people to walk the red carpet, it’s not like no one will be there.”

“Yes, Annie Liang is an A-lister. As long as she’s around, along with some B-list and C-list stars, they’ll be enough to fill the space.”

“So you can head back while I stay here.”

“Yes sir.” Assistant Yang was very impressed by his boss’s intelligence.

Was he really 27 years old? He was so mature and collected in his actions and never panicked in the face of crisis. Most importantly, he had a plan B for everything he did.

He really was an exceptional strategist

Since that was the case, then it would only be a matter of time before GK was ranked as one of the most successful businesses in the world…

Huo Mian was busy the entire day, and she was completely exhausted when she got off work.

Ever since Hospital Deputy Director Guo and his brother-in-law was imprisoned, South Side was more peaceful than ever.

It was as if everything changed, and everyone’s moods seemed to have gotten better

More and more people looked at Huo Mian with admiration in their eyes

She was like a heroine who got rid of a long-infested pest that was Deputy Director Guo.

After leaving the hospital, Huo Mian took the overpass, heading straight to the South Hill Manor.

– At an intersection –

A black Lamborghini stopped by the side of the road

“Ahem I don’t think she’ll take this road today, she might have gone to South Hill,” said Wei Liao.

Su Yu didn’t say anything, and he continued to wait for another ten or so minutes

Whenever he missed Huo Mian, he would quietly wait by the side of the road and wait for her to drive past him.

Since the completion of South Hill Manor, Huo Mian sometimes wouldn’t take this path anymore

So Su Yu often waited around for nothing

“I don’t get it, if you miss her, then why don’t you just go find her? When did you become so weak and indecisive?”

“Have you heard of that saying?”

“What?” Wei Liao froze.

“‘To like is to run wild, to love is to restrain.’ After my feelings for her deepened, I find it harder and harder to be careless. I learned to restrain myself for her sake. After all, I don’t want my single-sided adoration to bring her trouble.”

“Whoa you make yourself sound so noble and grand.” Wei Liao was shocked.

“Let’s go drink tea.”

“Tea, not alcohol?”

“I suddenly realized how good Xihu Longjing tea tastes”

Wei Liao, “”

When Huo Mian arrived at the mansion, she received a call from Qin Chu, and her spirits immediately lit up.

“Honey, did you get home?”

“Yes, I just did. How are things over there?”

“Everything’s going great.” Qin Chu only ever told her good things.

“That’s great! When are you coming back?” Huo Mian suddenly realized that Qin Chu had never spent more than two days away from home before.

She missed him so much, it felt as if he had left for several days.

“Soon,” Qin Chu didn’t give a definite answer

Just as Huo Mian was about to speak, she heard a man say on the other end of the line. “President Qin, the government officials are here.”

“Honey, I have to get back to work. Remember to eat and sleep on time.”

“Honey” Huo Mian called reluctantly.


“I miss you so much,” Huo Mian noticed that her nose was a bit hot when she said this, and she suddenly really wanted to cry.

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