My Youth Began With Him Chapter 638

Huo Mian had a very blurry dream

She kept feeling that someone was watching her in her room, but she couldn’t wake up at all.

– The next morning –

Huo Mian got up and washed up at 6 AM in the morning. Then, she went downstairs before the others woke up.

She wanted to leave the Huo Family immediately, not wanting to stay for a moment longer

However, to her surprise, she bumped into Huo Yanyan, who had just come home, at the door.

It seemed like she just got back; she still had on full makeup

Her hair was all messed up as well, and her heels were covered in dirt

“Why are you here?” Huo Yanyan looked at Huo Mian, impolitely questioning her.

“Why can’t I be here, my last name is Huo as well,” Huo Mian provoked her on purpose.

“Huh Dad still hasn’t publicly acknowledged you yet, so don’t shamelessly kiss our ass with that mom of yours.”

“You don’t have to talk that loud, they’re both mistresses the pot is just calling the kettle black how incredibly stupid of you.”

Huo Mian no longer planned to talk to Huo Yanyan, so after she spoke, she walked away

However, Huo Yanyan violently grabbed onto her hair

She didn’t hold back at all

Recently, Huo Yanyan often went out to fool around, and after she drank, she would return at a very late hour.

The person she adored the most was Su Yu, and she definitely didn’t have a chance with him anymore

Su Yu had completely ignored her and wouldn’t even give her a chance to eat with him.

Once she heard that Huo Mian married Qin Chu, she was again incredibly pissed off

She was overwhelmed with jealousy – why did Huo Mian, with such ordinary looks and background get to have everything?

Huo Yanyan was unwilling to settle

Under her fury, she lost control and actually grabbed onto Huo Mian’s hair.

Huo Mian didn’t expect Huo Yanyan to attack her. Was she crazy?

Huo Mian turned around and saw that Huo Siqian had choked Huo Yanyan by the throat, and pushed her head down to the table by the corner.

“Let go of me”

“Don’t ever do such an ill-bred thing ever again” Huo Siqian stared coldly into Huo Yanyan’s eyes.

“What’s it to you? I’m just teaching that b*tch a lesson,” Huo Yanyan cried out in revolt.

Huo Siqian increased his force when the word ‘b*tch’ came out.

He choked Huo Yanyan so hard that she could barely breathe

“Eh let go you let go”

“If I ever see you cause trouble for Huo Mian again, you’ll immediately be kicked out of the country Huo Siyi has come back well-behaved from the Philippines, so maybe I should send you out of country too? I hear that men there do gross things to women on buses, you must love that, given your personality” Huo Siqian enunciated each word.

Huo Yanyan was so scared that she immediately went pale

“No no.”

“Get lost. Seeing you have really spoiled my day.”

Huo Siqian suddenly left go, and Huo Yanyan rapidly ran upstairs

“You’re not scared that she’ll tell the old man how you treated her?” Huo Mian asked Huo Siqian as she looked at him.

Huo Siqian held up a handkerchief, wiped both of his hands on it, and then said nonchalantly, “If I’m scared of that, then would I still be alright in this family after all these years?”

“Haha that’s true.” Huo Mian actually admired Huo Siqian.

He was a foster son, and not only did he manage to live in the Huo Family for decades, but his position and power was also as stable as a mountain.

“You’re leaving so early you still haven’t had breakfast yet,” Huo Siqian said as he looked at Huo Mian.

“No thanks, I’m not hungry.”

“Ha I’m guessing you don’t want to stay a moment longer. That’s fine, I’m about to head out as well, so let’s go together.”

“We’re both driving, what’s the point in leaving together?” Huo Mian felt a bit helpless.

“It depends on who it is…” Huo Siqian said profoundly, and then he went out the door with Huo Mian.

Huo Yanyan crazily knocked on the master bedroom door after she ran upstairs

Shen Jiani opened the door in her pajamas, and the noise woke Huo Zhenghai up as well. The latter got up and leaned on the headboard.

“Yanyan what are you doing this early?”

“Mom Dad, Huo Siqian tried to choke me, and he even said that he’ll send me out of the country!” Huo Yanyan cried and rambled in terror.

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