My Youth Began With Him Chapter 653

“I’m not Mr. Answers, stop asking me what I think,” Su Yu teased as he played with his phone.

“This girl Huo Mian’s road to marrying rich has been met with so many obstacles This mother-in-law is going to be hard to handle. Even your mom is easier going than she is.”

“That’s for sure my mom said that as long as I can find someone to give her a grandchild, I can do whatever I want. She doesn’t even care if I end up with a man.”

“Hahah your mom is so open-minded. The Qin Family may have a giant business, but they’re still some ways away from the Su family. After all, your grandfather was an army commander but still, your family is really easy going. Even my family is stricter than yours, I envy you.” Wei Liao was telling the truth.

The Su Family ‘free-range’ raised their children

Plus, Su Yu was the only child of his generation, so everyone spoiled him to no end. Even if Su Yu did things that were off track, the Su Family still wouldn’t come out to stop him.

Of course, Su Yu’s grandfather did say that he could play and have all the fun he wanted to, but Su Yu was not allowed to do anything that was against morals or harm the environment.

Therefore, aside from being known to recklessly spend money and hook up with girls, his overall reputation wasn’t too bad

Word of Mrs. Qin’s face-slapping interview of Qin Chu and Huo Mian’s secret marriage quickly got out

When Qin Chu went back to their bedroom, Huo Mian was already on the bed playing a game on her phone.

She didn’t seem to be at all affected by this interview



“Did you see the news?”

“What news?” Huo Mian carelessly asked as she played her game.

“My mom’s exclusive interview.” Qin Chu was furious, so he said it while suppressing his anger.

“Oh, yeah, I did.” Huo Mian was really calm about it; Mrs. Qin had always despised her.

It would scare her more if Mrs. Qin went on the interview and told the world how much she liked her.

Huo Mian felt relieved that she hated her so straightforwardly and publicly

“You’re not mad?” Qin Chu tested out the waters.

“Why would I be mad? Your mom’s always been like that.” Huo Mian smiled.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t think she would be this unreasonable. It’s not like she’s still a kid” Qin Chu walked up to Huo Mian and lifted her up from the bed, princess-style.

Huo Mian threw her phone onto their bed and wrapped her arms around Qin Chu. She coyishly said, “So, how do you plan on making it up to me?”

“Does doing it twice tonight count as making it up to you?” Qin Chu smiled and looked at her gently.

“You pervert”

Qin Chu looked down and stuffed Huo Mian’s unfinished sentence back into her mouth

Then, they engaged in endless passions

Once Huo Mian was deep asleep, Qin Chu calmly put on his jacket and went back to the Qin Manor.

“Young Master, you’re back?”

“Is my mom home?” Qin Chu asked faintly.

“She just got home. She’s upstairs.”


Qin Chu immediately went upstairs and opened the door to her parents’ bedroom

Mrs. Qin was proudly talking to her husband

She was surprised to see her son at home. “Chu, why didn’t you let us know that you’re coming home at this hour?”

“Mom what do you think you were doing?” Qin Chu frowned and said in a deep tone.

“I didn’t do anything what are you talking about?” Mrs. Qin took off her scarf and asked insensibly.

“The fact is, Huo Mian and I are married.”

“Me not liking her is a fact as well. What, you have a problem with that? Does the entire world have to like her just because you do?” Mrs. Qin suddenly raised her voice and shrieked.

Qin Chu’s looked at her mother in disappointment upon hearing what she said

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