My Youth Began With Him Chapter 669

“Um ahem.” Wei Liao coughed lightly and lowered his voice. “Do you have Jiang Xiaowei’s WeChat?”

“You want to hook up with her?”

Wei Liao was embarrassed by how straightforward Huo Mian was being

“Haha can’t we beat around the bushes a little bit?” Wei Liao chuckled.

“I have her WeChat, but”

“But what?” Wei Liao asked timidly when he saw Huo Mian’s hesitation.

“But she might be getting engaged in a week.”

“Engaged?” This news was like a blow to Wei Liao’s head.

It’s been years since he met a woman that he was interested in. He thought that he would be able to say goodbye to his single life, but

Wei Liao almost lost control when Huo Mian said that Jiang Xiaowei was getting engaged soon.

He felt like his heart was pushed over a cliff, shattering to a million pieces

“So I don’t think adding her WeChat will do you any good,” Huo Mian added.

“Still, maybe we can be friends.”

“Okay, you’ll have to see if she adds you.” Huo Mian thought, since Jiang Xiaowei didn’t want to get engaged anyway, she might as well give Wei Liao a chance.

What if she falls for him? Anything was possible in this world.

Wei Liao scanned a QR code and added Jiang Xiaowei

He waited for a while, but she didn’t accept her friend request

“She didn’t add me, maybe she’s not on WeChat,” Wei Liao mumbled to himself.

The truth was, Huo Mian wanted to tell him that she was just WeChatting Jiang Xiaowei but she didn’t have the heart to break his heart a second time.

“Thanks, Huo Mian enjoy lunch, I’ll be going.”

After he got Jiang Xiaowei’s WeChat, Wei Liao left in his sports car

Huo Mian sat in her office and enjoyed the delicious meal Wei Liao brought her. She thought back at what happened last night and still found it funny.

Jiang Xiaowei was sure an iron-lady, making a bet with Wei Liao like that and making him run around basically naked, with nothing left but a pair of boxers.

After thoroughly enjoying her meal, Huo Mian missed Qin Chu, so she sent him a WeChat message.

“Mr. Qin, have you eaten?”

Huo Mian waited, but he didn’t reply. She looked at the time; Qin Chu was supposed to be on lunch break.

Finally, Huo Mian couldn’t take it anymore and called him

The line kept ringing but no one picked up, and just as Huo Mian was about to hang up, a woman’s voice sounded from the phone, “Hello?”

“Um isn’t this Qin Chu’s cellphone?” Huo Mian was dumbfounded; how could a woman have picked up his phone?

Even she never picked up Qin Chu’s phone, because she didn’t want to intervene with his work stuff.

“He’s having lunch and left his phone with me.” The woman’s voice was crisp.

The voice sounded familiar to Huo Mian

Then, she suddenly remembered, and asked, “Jiang Linyue?”

“May I ask who’s calling?” Jiang Linyue asked on purpose.

The truth was, Huo Mian didn’t intend to remember Jiang Linyue’s name, but when she went to GK to help with its crisis, that woman, Jiang Linyue, kept objecting to all her propositions during the executive meeting.

She didn’t calm down until Huo Mian signed Mo Xue’er and Ni Yang, slapping her across the face.

She knew that the female employees at GK all liked Qin Chu

After all, Qin Chu was their boss and he was handsome and rich; of course, women liked him.

However, Huo Mian was annoyed at the fact that Jiang Linyue was able to pick up Qin Chu’s phone.

Plus, that woman asked her who she was on purpose.

Qin Chu never saved anyone’s number in his phone; he memorized hundreds of clients’ phone numbers in his head.

But, Huo Mian’s number was the first contact on Qin Chu’s phone, under the name, ‘my lovely wife’.

She didn’t believe that Jiang Linyue was blind enough not to see it; she was purposely playing with her.

“Don’t you know who I am?” Huo Mian refuted coldly.

“Haha you’re funny, how would I know if you didn’t tell me?” Jiang Linyue showed obvious animosity.

“Why would you pick up Qin Chu’s phone?” Huo Mian asked impolitely.

“He’s busy and can’t answer his phone, so of course, I answered it for him.” Jiang Linyue’s voice sounded coquettish.

Huo Mian chuckled and suddenly asked, “Are you aware that there’s a really popular phrase on the internet these days?”

“What phrase?” Not sure of where Huo Mian was getting at, Jiang Linyue asked cautiously.

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