My Youth Began With Him Chapter 678

“If you’re not young, you should have a boyfriend, right?”

“Young Madam, is it your concern whether or not I have a boyfriend?” Jiang Linyue provocatively questioned.

Huo Mian softly smiled. “Of course it’s not my concern, but if you have other intentions towards Qin Chu, I can’t just sit and watch, you know? It wouldn’t be smart of you to try and take something that isn’t yours.”

“Haha I haven’t even tried yet, how would we know if he isn’t mine?” It seemed like Jiang Linyue didn’t want to give up.

“You have to have the ability to be the third wheel…The man has to at least like you. If the man doesn’t even look at you, you’re not the third person, you’re shameless, do you understand? Even if you strip naked and stand in front of him, he still won’t be interested.”

Huo Mian felt like she didn’t have to be polite towards Jiang Linyue anymore…

She already should’ve slapped her twice for picking up Qin Chu’s phone call in secret…

When she got home that day, Huo Mian purposefully checked Qin Chu’s phone, and to no surprise, that woman deleted their call history.

It looked like Qin Chu didn’t know that the phone call ever happened.

Such a disgusting tactic paired with such a repulsive woman was rare.

“Young Mistress, you used to be so full of yourself, when did you lose your confidence? Are you warning me now because you sank into crisis? Was it because I gave you the sense of danger? Or did the president not treat you well lately, so you’re here to take out your anger on me, hmm?”

Huo Mian quietly laughed…

“What are you laughing at?” What Jiang Linyue hated the most was Huo Mian’s constant expression of fearlessness.

It was as if she wouldn’t be afraid even if the sky fell down.

“I’m laughing at you because you think you’re smart, but you don’t seem to understand what I am trying to say… If you don’t understand, then I’ll explain it to you. I came to find you not because you posed a threat to me, but because I don’t like others staring desperately at what I have. Treat this as a warning what I mean is to prepare your own coffin if you decide to keep courting death, because whoever touches my man shall die.”

After she said those words with a beaming smile on her face, the elevator arrived just in time…

Huo Mian entered the elevator and stopped paying any more attention to Jiang Linyue…

Jiang Linyue stood still, going white with anger…

She really hated Huo Mian’s face…

If she wasn’t at GK, she would’ve beaten this woman up and torn up her face.

Why was she so arrogant? She was just relying on the fact that she slept with the president seven years ago, right? She already had her way in high school, but don’t forget, men think with their ding dong and Jiang Linyue didn’t believe that Qin Chu and Huo Mian’s relationship was as hard as steel, so she wanted to test her luck.

Otherwise, she would have wasted these years at GK…

When Huo Mian entered the office, Qin Chu had not returned yet.

She sat on the sofa reading a magazine while Yang poured her a glass of warm milk.

“Uh why is it warm milk and not coffee? Or tea?” Huo Mian thought it was weird that he served her milk.

“Sorry, Young Madam, the president said that you’re planning to get pregnant, so he’s not letting you drink anything caffeinated. Although tea is good, it has ingredients that cause insomnia. So, milk is the healthiest option.”

“Uh did he really personally arrange that as well?”

Huo Mian was a little dumbfounded…

However, she also felt that it was heartwarming. After all, Mr. Qin really thought of everything for her.

When Jiang Xiaowei was working, she accepted a special patient.

The patient arranged the appointment at a bistro…

She attended the appointment with curiosity, and when she saw that her patient was Wei Liao, she immediately remembered what happened.

“Dr. Jiang, what’s up?” Wei Liao smiled.

“You’re the patient who booked an appointment?” Jiang Xiaowei was done, she was the Public Security Bureau’s specially hired psychologist, and she would only see patients according to the Bureau’s arrangement. Last time, it was Gao Ran who asked her to hypnotize Ni Yang.

This time, the Bureau Director personally called her, and she thought it was an important person? In the end, it was actually this guy.

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