My Youth Began With Him Chapter 679

(There’s a problem with the source file, the author skipped a chap but thank god the story didn’t skip much)

“Yeah, but he’s just my partner in an arranged marriage. It didn’t matter whether or not we were engaged, or even married, I won’t care if he cheats, since there’s never love between us. Marriage is just a deal where we both benefit. I’ll tell you what, Du Jianan wants to marry me for my scholarly family. I’m fit for a wife since it sounds good to others that my love history is blank I am marrying him because he’s young, wealthy, decent looking, and well spoken with a clever head. Everything fits perfectly. At our age, love is not in the question because it’s like a ghost, many people have heard of it but there’s little who have actually seen it. ”

“You sure are a pessimist” Wei Liao didn’t think that of Jiang Xiaowei, the girl with her little canine teeth.

She was such a melancholic person, even thinking that love was non-existent…

It was so sad…

“Have you ever had a boyfriend?”

“Does kindergarten count?”

“Fine, you win” Wei Liao suddenly remembered something, that it wasn’t good if a woman was too smart.

No man liked an overly intelligent woman. In the case of Huo Mian, who had a high IQ, she became ditzy in front of Qin Chu, so it didn’t really count.

So, no matter how beautiful and excellent Jiang Xiaowei was, she had never met someone who truly loved her…

Those who did love her, she probably didn’t see them the same way, and therefore she had never been in a relationship…

“Don’t look at me with that pitiful expression, it’s making me very uncomfortable.”

“Come, come, Dr. Jiang, sit. Let’s talk.” Wei Liao was suddenly overcome with mercy.

“Sorry my time is very valuable. If you’re not here for treatment, I am leaving.”

Upon seeing Wei Liao talk nonsense, Jiang Xiaowei didn’t want to blabber with him any longer…

Jiang Xiaowei was such a smart and rational person…

After she left, Wei Liao couldn’t calm his emotions…

He felt bad for Jiang Xiaowei; she knew that marriage was a graveyard for her, yet she was purposefully stepping into it.

Why did he feel a slight bitterness in his heart?

– At the headquarters of the GK Corporation –

As Huo Mian was waiting for Qin Chu, she became a little drowsy and was about to fall asleep when Qin Chu suddenly opened the door and walked in…

The moment he saw Huo Mian, his gaze became gentle…

“Honey, have you been waiting for a long time?”

“No, no, just in time to finish a glass of milk.” Pointing to the cup, Huo Mian smiled.

“Good girl drink more milk from now on, and drink less coffee and tea.”

“I know” Huo Mian smiled.

She rubbed her eyes, got up, and was about to talk to Qin Chu when Jiang Linyue walked in…

“President Qin about the cocktail party, this is the list of wine and other beverages. You can take a look at the price range and brands.”

“Just leave it here.” Qin Chu didn’t even look up.

Adversely, Huo Mian suddenly said, “Executive Jiang is a very capable person.”

“No, Young Madam, you are overpraising me,” Jiang Linyue coldly said.

Smirking, Huo Mian walked up toQin Chu, held his arm affectionately and said, “Honey, Executive Jiang is highly capable and is wasted being the director of a department here. I think it’d be better if we transfer her to a branch office and make her the general manager there.”

When Jiang Linyue heard that, her face dropped…

Qin Chu just coldly said, “She’s not qualified yet.”

“No, she’s very capable. Last time when I was here to help, she was of great assistance. Honey, say, after the incident in T City, there hasn’t been a fit candidate for the branch company there after you fired the general manager. In my opinion, Director Jiang is the best candidate,” Huo Mian purposely said…

Qin Chu looked up because he discovered that Huo Mian was starting to be aggressive towards Jiang Linyue…

T City’s branch office was currently a mess, nobody dared to take it, not to mention Jiang Linyue…

When Jiang Linyue heard what Huo Mian said, she almost choked on her fear and immediately said, “President Qin no, I don’t want to go. I’ve been in the design department for a few years now, and I really like this job.”

Qin Chu silent glanced at Jiang Linyue, as if he was calculating something in his heart.

“Honey, what do you think about my suggestion?” Huo Mian swung Qin Chu’s arm around like a spoiled little girl.

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