My Youth Began With Him Chapter 682

“I told you to call! What’s with the nonsense, are you the boss or am I?”

Having been oppressed by Mrs. Qin again, the maid quietly took out her phone and dialed again…

“Sorry, the subscriber you have dialed is powered off.”

“Madam Young Master turned off his phone…” the maid said quietly.

“Maybe it’s out of battery. It’ll be on soon. Keep calling, don’t stop.” Mrs. Qin’s was pestering her son as if she was mentally ill.

Qin Chu saw that coming, so he turned his phone off long ago…

It was because he had another phone that Yang and Huo Mian could reach him on.

So, he didn’t have to worry about an emergency at the company…

“Honey you never cared about the others before, where did you get the interest to go against a mere employee at our company today?” Qin Chu became happy as soon as thought back at how his wife dealt with Jiang Linyue today. It had been a while since he saw his wife being so cute.

“It was because she was showing off She was really courting death so of course, I had to do her a favor and send her on her way”

“Why didn’t you fire her. You won’t be annoyed at her if you don’t see her.” Qin Chu felt quite indifferent towards Jiang Linyue, even leaning a bit towards disgust.

So, he had been looking for an opportunity to fire her…

However, Huo Mian said, “I must know my enemy, I can’t let her hide in the dark. If I fired her, who knows where she’ll cause trouble next. If I leave her in the company, I can observe her anytime Of course, T City is very far, but I trust that you’ll arrange everything, leaving no chance for that woman to cause damage.”

Qin Chu adoringly looked at her. “You’re the smartest person in the world. You’re the one who made the proposal and the one who made the decision. Now I am the one who has to clean up after you, how smart.”

“Of course, you’re my husband, right?” Huo Mian laughed.

When the two returned to South Hill Manor, it was already six thirty in the evening.

Uncle Li had already prepared a delicate dinner…

Huo Mian and Qin Chu began eating after washing their hands.

“Honey there’s too much rice, I can’t finish it all.” Because Huo Mian had a low appetite lately, she couldn’t finish the full bowl of rice that the maid had prepared.

“Young Madam, I’ll take it away for you” Observing this, a maid hurried over and was about to take her bowl.

“Give it to me,” Qin Chu suddenly said.

The maid was slightly stunned, as if she didn’t really understand Qin Chu’s intentions…

“Give me the rice”

“Honey those are my leftovers we’re well-off, don’t be stingy over a bit of rice, haha,” Huo Mian jokingly said.

“No problem I’m not disgusted by you.”

Qin Chu took Huo Mian’s leftover rice from the hands of the maid and elegantly pushed it into his own bowl.

Then, he slowly ate it…

Huo Mian’s heart suddenly skipped a beat…

Her husband, a clean freak, would actually eat her leftovers…

She never thought that he would do that to anyone, not even his parents.

To him, was she more than his wife?

Perhaps in some sense, she already surpassed everything…

Huo Mian was moved; she held her chin with her hand and silently watched Qin Chu eat…

The face that Qin Chu made while eating was the prettiest out of everyone she had seen…

He was slow and methodical he even looked handsome chewing.

Although he didn’t like smiling, maybe it was his cold temperament that attracted her all those years ago.

She didn’t care about the looks that the world shot her and made the decision to vibrantly and passionately fall in love with him…

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Qin Chu raised her head to see Huo Mian staring at him with her chin in her hands.

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