My Youth Began With Him Chapter 703

Then, Huo Mian pushed Huo Siyi’s head down even further, causing his entire body to slowly arch forward

“Ah no, I don’t want to die. Huo Mian, please, please don’t kill me.”

No matter how hot his temper was, it had all disappeared into the thin air

Huo Siyi was scared shitless

He had gotten used to making fun of Huo Mian and always thought that Huo Mian and Jing Zhixin were easy to bully. Therefore, he always went toe-to-toe with them whenever they saw each other.

The truth was, most of the time Huo Mian just ignored him because, to her, he was no more than an idiot

However, beating up Zhixin was something that completely lit up her fury

Therefore, today, she came alone and grabbed Huo Siyi by his tie, showing him a ‘4D balcony nightmare experience’.

Everything else that seemed to matter was all long forgotten

Huo Siyi always thought that Huo Mian wasn’t a scary woman

But the fact was when she was pissed off, she was basically a cold-blooded lunatic

“Huo Mian, please I will never bully Jing Zhixin again please don’t kill me, I swear I won’t do it again Please give me a chance, since we both have the same father”

Huo Siyi’s words were all over the place

He had never sounded so ball-less in his entire life

Did Huo Mian really want to kill him? Nope.

She just wanted to scare him and seek revenge for Zhixin. Her job here was done.

“I see so once you go downstairs, if anyone asks about your face” Huo Mian purposely hesitated there.

“I’ll say that I was drunk and fell over”

“Oh, and if you see Zhixin again?”

“I’ll avoid him, I promise to never pick on him again.”

“Oh, that sounds pretty good.”

“Huo Mian, I swear, I will keep my promise. If I don’t, my whole family will die,” Huo Siyi promised.

Huo Mian successfully scared him half to death

“If anyone finds out about what happened today Don’t worry, even if I die, I’m still going to kill you. A person’s background, power, and money mean nothing in front of someone who is not afraid of dying.”

Then, Huo Mian suddenly pulled him back from the edge of the balcony and threw him hard onto the ground

At that moment, Huo Siyi felt like he had been pulled back from the edge of death

He was so scared that his legs went numb

Huo Mian took out the thin needle from his neck

She warned him for the last time, “Don’t ever touch Jing Zhixin again, he’s my bottom line.”

Then, she quietly turned her back at him and went downstairs

Huo Siyi sat on the ground of a good half hour before the anesthesia wore off then, still shaking, he went downstairs.

He didn’t even go back to the private room and immediately left Universe Nightclub.

When Huo Mian came out from the nightclub, she saw Qin Chu’s car parked by the side of the road.

Qin Chu had just found Huo Siyi’s car

He saw Huo Mian walking out just as he was about to go in.

He opened the door, got off the car, immediately walked up to Huo Mian, and took her into his embrace

He felt like he lost her and then found her again

“Good, I’m glad you came out.”

“I’m fine, I was just really angry, so I taught Huo Siyi a lesson.” Huo Mian smiled faintly.

Qin Chu looked down at Huo Mian’s red swollen fists.

He immediately felt heartbroken

“Let’s talk when we’re home.” He helped her onto the car

After they got home, Qin Chu first called Zhixin to let him know that Huo Mian was okay

Then, he took out the first-aid kit and began cleaning Huo Mian’s wounds

Huo Mian’s white hands had bruises all over

Qin Chu didn’t have to guess to know that Huo Mian found a way to beat Huo Siyi into a pulp.

However, she used so much strength when she was hitting him so the injuries on her hands looked horrific.

“How hard did you hit him why didn’t you find something to hit him with instead?” Qin Chu felt like his heart was breaking into pieces as he carefully tended to Huo Mian’s wounds.

“It’s only satisfying when I hit him with my own hands” Huo Mian stuck out her tongue.

“You sure care about Zhixin” Qin Chu was actually getting slightly jealous.

Although Qin Chu’s brother-in-law was just a kid, Huo Mian was really almost willing to give up her life for him

Qin Chu didn’t ask Huo Mian about what happened at Universe Nightclub, all he cared about was that Huo Mian was home safe.

Or else, he would’ve murdered everyone there or done something else crazy

Qin Chu carefully wrapped bandages around Huo Mian’s fists

Then, he carried her upstairs

“I can’t use my hands today, maybe I shouldn’t take a shower, honey,” Huo Mian said when she saw that Qin Chu was carrying her towards the bathroom.

“I’ll help you.”

These three simple words were like a stick of dynamite

They’ve been married for a while now, and have seen each other naked, but was it okay for her husband to help her shower?

As Huo Mian’s mind ran wild, Qin Chu began taking off her clothes

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