My Youth Began With Him Chapter 724

“Yes.” Qin Chu nodded and didn’t deny it.

“My gosh then how much money did you have to spend Rich people sure are capricious.”

“This you won’t understand, no matter how much he spends, he would be able to earn that money back. He’s using this party as a launchpad for the film and television company Afterward, GK Film and Television will become famous and profit possibilities will be unlimited as well. After all, Chu is a businessman and won’t engage in money-losing activities.”

Gao Ran’s analysis was perfectly correct; Huo Mian and Qin Chu only laughed and didn’t say anything else.

Zhu Lingling suddenly realized. “Oh right, why didn’t I think of it?”

“So, you’re the typical long-haired girl who’s short-sighted,” Gao Ran spoke sarcastically.

Zhu Lingling immediately rolled her eyes at him and countered, “So what if I am? What about you? Your hair is short, so isn’t your sight even shorter? Your brain is simple, and your limbs are thick. You’re basically a pig.”

“You’re not much better than I am You’re the typical thick-waist, short-legged, and round-faced pig.” Gao Ran fought back.

“You” Zhu Lingling was so pissed that she couldn’t breathe.

“How could you two attack each other like this? Are you trying to hide the fact that you two are secretly dating?” Huo Mian sneakily laughed.

“The saying ‘love is accompanied with hate’ must be about you two.” Qin Chu also calmly looked as they argued.

“Don’t be silly. I would never I don’t love him, but I do have the urge to kill him,” Zhu Lingling explained.

“That’s why I always say that you’re a devious woman No one will marry you. You should get ready to be an old bachelorette for the rest of your life.”

“Get lost, you’re an old bachelorette. If I can’t get married, then I’ll climb onto your window every day and haunt you until you die.”

“Sorry, I live on the 26th floor I’m afraid that the wind will blow you over,” Gao Ran said, quite pleased with his comeback.

Every time they ate together, the atmosphere would definitely end in a riot, as long as these two cutie pies were around

The only good thing was that no matter what they said to each other, they never got mad. Zhu Lingling was a girl who was fairly thick-skinned.

She would never get angry over little things

So they often hung out and always enjoyed themselves when they did

Later, Zhu Lingling took a picture of the four of them eating and posted it in their classmate group.

“Are you at Huo Mian’s home?” asked someone.

“Goddess Huo is even prettier than she used to be seems like marrying Qin Chu was the right choice.”

“Mr. Qin is more handsome than ever he is even good-looking eating hot pot.”

“Zhu Lingling, are you posting these photos just to show off that you’re friends with rich people? Can’t you give us something more to the point? How about sending us a red pocket?”

There were all sorts of reactions in the group, but Zhu Lingling didn’t even bother to respond to them.

Just then, someone suddenly tagged Zhu Lingling.

She opened it up, and saw that it was Liu Siying

Liu Siying was Qin Chu’s number one fan, so Zhu Lingling originally thought that she would be super pissed off.

However, she wasn’t. This time, Liu Siying only calmly asked, “Are you still with Huo Mian right now?”

“I am.” Zhu Lingling proudly replied, and didn’t forget to add, “Qin Chu and Huo Mian are treating me to hot pot.”

“Can you give me her number?” Liu Siying asked once again.

“You have something to say?”

“Yes, I do.”

“What is it, just tell me” Zhu Lingling didn’t think that Liu Siying had anything good to say to Huo Mian.

“No, I have to tell her myself.”

“This woman sure is melodramatic, why won’t she just tell me? ‘I have to tell her myself’ What is so important that she has to tell you herself,” Zhu Lingling said to herself.

“What’s wrong, Lingling?” Huo Mian asked as she looked at Lingling.

“Liu Siying asked me for your number and tagged me in the group chat. I don’t know what she wants.”

“She wants my number?” Huo Mian slightly froze.

“Yes I didn’t have time to talk to her, never mind. Don’t mind her.”

“No, give it to her. At this point, perhaps she really wants to talk to about something.”

Liu Siying had been underwater for a while now so she probably had something important to say to Huo Mian..

Even though she was Qin Chu’s hardcore fan, he married Huo Mian, and the whole world knew about it. She wouldn’t continue latching onto Qin Chu, would she?

“Okay.” Zhu Lingling then sent Huo Mian’s number to Liu Siying in a private chat.

A minute later, Liu Siying called her…

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