My Youth Began With Him Chapter 725


“Is this Huo Mian?”

“This is.”

“I’m Liu Siying.”

“I know, go on.” Huo Mian didn’t treat Liu Siying politely, but she wasn’t hostile either.

“I have a favor to ask of you.”

“Let’s hear it.” Huo Mian was very surprised that such an arrogant and prideful woman like Liu Siying would have a favor to ask of her.

Huo Mian even thought that Siying might ask Huo Mian to give Qin Chu to her. Well, too bad she wouldn’t.

“I’m getting married next Tuesday, at Waltman House. Can you be my bridesmaid?”

“Uhm why me?” Huo Mian was a bit confused.

Shouldn’t bridesmaids be the best friend’s role?

“Because I lost to you I’ve spent my whole life trying to prove to others that I was better than you, but the truth was that I wasn’t I once thought that I was prettier, richer, had a higher educational degree, and better parents than you and that’s why I deserved Qin Chu’s love, but now I know that I’ve been chasing after an absurd dream my entire life I’ve moved on and am about to get married I want you to be my bridesmaid because ever since we were in school, you were always the lead character, while I was the third-rate supporting character So I was wondering if, at my own wedding, I can be the lead character for once, and you play the supporting character I know this request is a bit rude, but I still wish you could come. After all these years, it’s about time we ended this grudge between us.”

Huo Mian didn’t say anything after she heard what Liu Siying said…

Liu Siying was a very straightforward woman who would say anything she wanted to.

If she didn’t like you, she would never pretend to like you. Sometimes, she might try to bite off more than she could chew, but she never wore a mask.

Even today, when she asked Huo Mian to be her bridesmaid, she didn’t fake any ‘let’s resolve this together’, or ‘repair burned bridges’ with Huo Mian.

Instead of saying how close they were, she directly said, ‘Huo Mian, I want to be the lead character on this day, so could you come and be the supporting actress?’

How much more genuine could this desire be?

“Can you?” Liu Siying knew that the chances of Huo Mian agreeing weren’t high, after all Huo Mian was now already the young madam of GK, with thousands of eyes looking over her.

Liu Siying, on the other hand, was only the heiress of a small enterprise She was nothing compared to Huo Mian.

Plus, she had tried to intervene with Huo Mian and Qin Chu’s relationship before, so Huo Mian should despise her.

However, to her surprise, Huo Mian said, “Next Tuesday? I’ll be there on time.”

“Thanks.” Liu Siying hung up the phone after thanking Huo Mian.

Zhu Lingling immediately asked, “What’s happening next Tuesday? Are you really planning to attend her wedding?”

“Not just that, I’ve also agreed to be her bridesmaid,” Huo Mian said, word for word.

“Damn damn, damn, damn, girl, have you lost your mind? You need to spend money to attend a wedding, and you shouldn’t spend a single cent on a person like Liu Siying. For years, she’s been trying to destroy your relationship with Qin Chu.” Zhu Lingling despised Liu Siying since she had tried everything to destroy Huo Mian’s happiness.

“Who’s Liu Siying? That woman who once had a crush on Chu and fought with Huo Mian for three years?” Gao Ran wasn’t in the same class as them, so he couldn’t exactly remember this person.

“That’s right, it’s that schemer, that repulsive woman,” Zhu Lingling said with hatred.

Qin Chu didn’t say anything, as he only quietly looked at Huo Mian.

He noticed her complicated expression

“Lingling, to tell you the truth amongst all my romantic rivals I dislike Liu Siying the least. Or I should say that she wasn’t even a rival, because she had absolutely no chance of winning It’s a good thing that she decided to step back upon seeing her defeat and chose to get married, I’m glad that she made that decision Did you know? She just said something that moved me.”

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