Mysterious Husbandperfect Wife Chapter 16

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Finally, the happy duo realised that they forgot their priority, the youth coughed and began his "very serious" speech. "Hello, master, this is Yan Fong at your service." Yan Fong bowed and smiled, feeling satisfied with his speech. With her little understanding of cultivation, wenxin said," so you're my familiar?" Yan Fong almost spit blood? With such a high standard spirit soul like him, how could his master not even be able to differentiate spirit soul and familiar?

"Ahem dear master you are mistaken I am not a familiar but I am your spirit soul for this life." Yan Fong realised his master's eyes suddenly blank out, he smirked, now this woman knows his worth."Emm...i am sorry but what is a spirit soul?" How could this woman not know what spirit soul are? I want to rechoose my master! Although impatient in his heart, Yan Fong could only force a smile and explained patiently. "Master spirit souls like me are very rare only a few in hundreds get a spirit soul. We are very loyal and knowledgeable and I can answer most of your questions!" Yan Fong raised his nose high in pride, seemingly very proud of himself. Xiao Fang on another hand was looking at Yan Fong in admiration. "Yes! Yes! Indeed! Miss your very lucky! Spirit-souls itself are very rare but Yan Fong here is not only a spirit soul but also a rank 8 depth one! How rare!"

Looking at the pair who was echoing after each other, wenxin was very troubled, so she has to deal with these two chatterboxes for the rest of her life? As if he could hear wenxin's thought Yan Fong puffed up his chest, "Hey master! my chattering might help to your knowledge!"

"So umm... I can ask anything about my cultivation? " Wenxin look at Yan Fong doubtfully. " Hey! I might look young and handsome but I am very knowledgeable!" yan Fong exclaimed indignantly. " so....when should familiar be awakening? " Wenxin asked. "15" Yan Fong replied without hesitation. " then where's mine? "



Seems like his new master like to find worst of him. " err..." Yan Fong suddenly stop his chattering and was thinking solemnly. "mmmm....let me go check." and with that, he swiftly twirled into Wenxin and disappear.


A strong heartbeat immediately assaulted Yan Fong ears once he reached wenxin's heart pavilion where her cultivation stone is located and also where her familiar is. Yan Fong, although scared by the strong heartbeat of the familiar and the oppression of qi, suppressed his fear and brought on a layer of QI to protect him from the oppression and not get crushed.

"mmm...seems like master's familiar is here and also quite strong...so why is it not out?"Yan Fong started poking around in his master's heart pavilion. Although it is called the heart pavilion, it is just named like that as most of the creatures in the world have the ability to cultivate which means they have a special place to place their cultivation stone which is a stone which shows the amount and heights of the owner's cultivation and it is placed in a pavilion within someone. Only until certain heights could someone enter that place. Most people's heart pavilion has a pavilion which holds the stone and then a vast area of lush greenery. Although no one everund the exact position of the heart pavilion in one's body but it was predicted to be around the heart and thus came the name.

Although the oppression and heartbeat are strong but Yan Fong couldn't find the exact location of the familiar. It was as if the sound and aura were spread out evenly onto the vast area. "Mhmmm..."Yan Fong wanted to proceed in further but suddenly the ground under him cracked! "WHA-...AHHH" Yan Fong screamed as he dropped down into the endless abyss. Heart pavilion isn't a real land so if the land crack it is likely there won't be an end.

While Yan Fong was screaming as he falls into the abyss, wenxin on the other hand suddenly clutched her chest in pain as the agonizing pain attack her. On the side xiao fang was in shock, don't tell her that on the first day of her job her master's going to die? Err....she can't lose the job thus she summoned her familiar. " Sotries!" Xiao Fang shouted as a black raven rose from her and as if knowing what Xiao Fang wants it immediately dive into wenxin and started to search for what his mistress said a very "powerful young man." But once he enters wenxin, he was shocked. As part of the soarer fort descendant, it was often that he enter people's pavilion but this was the first time he saw a pavilion so wretched! What has this powerful young man done?! Immediately flapping its wings, it set out to search for a powerful young man.

Sotries did a few rounds of checking but failed to find anyone on the remaining stone or lands but only a cave that looks perfectly fine and still. Thus it lowered it's height and went to check out the cave. But before it could lower by 8 feet, a sudden oppression frightened the little birdie still and due to a slip of conscious, it fell down into the cracked abyss but it caught a slip of the content of the cave. Inside the cave there was a huge white lotus that is entrapping supposing wenxin's familiar and very coincidentally it saw a figure dropping not far. And that figure's screaming was very loud too. Sotries was very confuse is that the youth his master asked for? He doesn't seem very powerful but the figure was definitely a youth thus after some hesitation sotries dived towards the figure and with a twirl sotries easily caught the screaming Yan Fong and brought him out of the heart pavilion easily.
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