Mystical Journey Chapter 1357

Chapter 1357 Release 1


Almost as if he sensed something was wrong, all of Tiamat’s eyes narrowed as he slowly jumped backwards.

When compared to the man in front of him, his current body was definitely worse off when it comes to pure Stats. His opponent seemed to have some special Secret Method to enhance his body. His brute force was not as strong as his opponent, and all his other abilities had been temporarily suppressed by Garen. This caused his originally confident self to start wanting to retreat from his hunting mission.


Not even giving him any time to think, the size of the man in front of him had already expanded three times. He went from a normal human’s size to that of half a fully matured White Dragon.

Roar!! The man let out an explosive battle cry as he shoved all ten of his fingers into the ground. Then, with a strong tug, the entire metal flooring had been bent and broken, being tossed straight towards Tamat.

“Evil Dragon’s Sight.” Tiamat’s ten eyes focused onto the metal board at the same time. Suddenly, a strong energy field was unleashed, stopping the metal board.

However, the energy field that was still sufficient last time barely lasted two seconds this time. With the energy field collapsed, the metal board continued to hurl towards him.


Tiamat instantly turned around and left his original position. Looking back, he saw that the position he was standing in had a huge hole in it.

Furthermore, the impact has caused the spherical fortress to roll slightly towards the same direction.


Whoosh… With a strange cold breeze, more than ten translucent ice-crystal spears appeared behind him, silently flying towards his back at high speeds and agility, almost as if they were wielded by invisible creatures.

“Rainbow Jets.” Tiamat’s entire body suddenly emitted an intense and blinding rainbow light. Within the blinding lights, there were five rainbow colored dragon heads created from Divine Power mixed in. They furiously knocked off the spears behind him like a whip.

“Roar!” Out of nowhere, Tiamat opened his mouth and roared in Garen’s direction.


A five-colored Draconic Aura burst out from his mouth. Lightning, flames, cold air, acidity and poison, five fearsomely powerful Draconic Auras mixed together, creating a typhoon-like attack flying towards Garen.

Seven Lives jumped up high and attempted to punch through the Draconic Aura but to no avail. The terrifying Draconic Aura instantly decimated the muscles in his body, Even if he had twice the strength and fitness of Garen’s original body, but when facing an attack infused with Divine Souls, he would still be instantly destroyed.

The only thing Seven Lives could manage to do was to delay the speed of the Draconic Aura ever so slightly, and at the same time mildly weakening the Draconic Aura’s power.

Garen had already sensed it the instance the Draconic Aura was fired. He rapidly changed his position, only to find that this Draconic Aura typhoon seemed to have homing capabilities. At that point, he was completely shocked.

Not having enough time to hide, Garen opened his eyes wide. Two white light rays shot out from his eyes like a streak of lightning, directly flying towards the Draconic Aura Typhoon.

“Elemental Protection!” Using his very short buffer time, he started chanting a high-leveled spell chant.

A rainbow-colored barrier immediately erected in front of him, then a second one, and a third one. This type of adapted Level Nine Spell, Elemental Protection, was something that Garen memorized just to counter Tiamat. With the high calculation and processing power of his brain’s willpower, along with his high level of intelligence, these Level Nine spells would only take him a few days to completely analyze.

Ever since the day he broke Tiamat’s Divine Art crystal, Garen already started making preparations against every probable Divine Soul assaults and attacks. Even if Tiamat was only a God with a weaker Divine Power, even if he’s highly unlikely to personally attack him.

Out of the attacks he prepared for, the most famous of it was precisely the five different Draconic Auras that Tiamat shoots out with his five-colored dragon head.

Now his efforts had finally paid off!

Garen continuously erected five layers of elemental barriers, almost like a stack of rainbow colored glass blocking his front.

Furthermore, once the Poisonous Eye was unleashed, it instantly hit the center of the five-colored Draconic Aura, silently piercing it, shooting towards Tiamat’s projection with absolute precision.

It was an instant counterattack on his part.

The Draconic Aura typhoon finally struck. The five layers of Level Nine protection rapidly got shattered. However, the Draconic Aura also started to weaken, its speed also decreasing.

Taking the opportunity, Garen stomped down. His near two hundred points of agility instantly causing a terrifying explosive effect.

Even if he was being suppressed by the Holy Aura, at that moment he still disappeared like a ray of light, making it seem impossible for anyone to ever catch him.

This was a supernatural phenomenon that occurs when one’s agility reaches a certain degree, Instantaneous Movement.

Garen’s silhouette immediately appeared next to Tiamat, violently grabbing on to his opponents arm. In that instance, he casted a spell.

“Space-Time Anchor!”

A transparent energy wave rippled through Tiamat’s body, making him unable to move.


“You!!! …” Tiamat was in shock. He did not expect Garen’s speed to be able to get past his senses, instantaneously moving over.

With a raise of his hand, a bunch of black rays burst out from his hand.

These rays were all Level Nine Wither Rays. These type of rays was strengthened from a medium-level Weakening Ray. Every one of these rays dealt direct damage to the soul. As compared to Disintegrate which focuses on the material decomposition, this focuses directly on one’s soul.

For an average Level Nine Spell, even a top Level Fifteen Wizard could only unleash them one by one. At best, they would implement some unique improvements, and through strong spiritual power and careful magical energy manipulation, to increase the power of their spells slightly.

However, it still could not release a whole bunch like this.

It looks like Tiamat had also made specific countermeasures to defeat Garen.

The bunch of black rays twisted around turning into the shape of a tilde and surrounding Garen from all angles. Due to the short distance and the fact that these rays travel at light speed, there was no way of dodging it.

At the same time, Garen’s hand was also holding Tiamat down in place, not letting him dodge. The rays of the Poisonous Eye pierced through the five-colored Draconic Aura and landed on his body.


A strong sound of corrosion could be heard.

All of Tiamat’s eyes suddenly opened wide.

“This is!! Corrosive Divinity??” A golden Divine Power armor appeared over his body, but the gold color of it was rapidly fading away.

After all, this was only a projection, to be able to bring so much Divine Power with him was already a miracle. He had already exhausted most of it. However, what Tiamat did not expect was Garen’s stellar performance in every aspect. From Supernatural Instantaneous Movement to Poisonous Eye, a powerful incarnation that suddenly appeared, and even his natural latent Poison Region and Spiritual Poison. With all of these abilities added together, he was completely unlike any other Level Twelve existence Tiamat has ever seen. To say that he was a Level Fifteen would even be an underestimation!!!

“Just you wait!!!” He opened his mouth to say one last sentence, before instantly melting away, turning into a grey-white pus.

A golden dot of light flew up from the pus and flew towards the broken area of the fortress.

However, it was immediately caught between Garen’s hands before it could fly off.

His face was in an abnormal shade of red. Although this battle was quite short, he still used up almost all of his trump cards.

The explosive combination of Supernatural Instantaneous Movement and Poisonous Eye was so powerful that even he himself was shocked. However, in order to prevent Tiamat from dodging the Poisonous Eye, he paid a hefty price.

At least more than twenty Withering Rays all landed on him

Even if his vitality was over two hundred, when facing against these types of top Level Nine rays imbued with Divine Power, at that point he felt as if his entire body was dehydrated. His skin, muscles and bones could visibly be seen to be rapidly weakening and withering away.

Quickly stuffing the golden light into his mouth, Garen directly flew off from the hole and disappearing into the snowy sky, completely ignoring the White Dragon Guards who came over to check on the situation.


The Divinity was flying around within Garen’s dark soul space.

Within this tiny crystal ball-like golden sphere, a small dragon with five colored dragon heads could be seen. That was Tiamat’s original body’s image. This Evil Dragon Goddess with five dragon heads was repeatedly letting out loud roars.

“It’s useless.”

At the center of the soul space, a huge tower-like pillar transmitted Garen’s voice.

The pillar was made of layers and layers of Soul Rings, at the bottom of it was five colorless transparent Soul Rings, and then above it was red, orange, then red again.

“If it was your incarnation, maybe I would be left with no other choice but to escape. However, that was only a mere projection.” Garen’s fae appeared on the surface of the Soul Ring Pillar.

Countless colorless and transparent tentacles dangled out from the Soul Ring Pillar, furiously grabbing the Divinity with no place to hide. With a tug, the golden sphere Divinity directly flew into the Soul Ring Pillar and immediately got swallowed.

Although Garen was had already used his maximum concentration, but he still underestimated the tremendous amount of messages taken from a Divine Soul’s projections. It was not only just the messages from the Divinity’s original body, but it also carried a lot of information and knowledge that Tiamat had transmitted over to this projection.

This was not just a simple destruction, but Garen was using the Hellfrost Peacock Queen’s strong Devourer ability, directly attempting to devour his opponent.

The tremendous amount of messages started to turn into countless golden light spots in Garen’s Soul Ring Pillar. They gather together and scatter about, sometimes exploding like golden fireworks, and other times looking thin as if they were fading away.

A Void Shadow of a small dragon with five colored dragon heads and a fierce white peacock were fighting inside the Soul Ring Pillar

When they first started, it seemed to be a tie. However, as time passed on, the five-colored dragon did not have any means of replenishing its strength, whereas the Hellfrost Peacock had an unlimited supply of Soul Power. Suddenly, the gap between the two had widened.

After an unknown amount of time, the white peacock finally bit down on the five-colored dragon’s main dragon head’s neck, knocking him to the ground.


Garen slowly opened his eyes, he was lying on an icy white plains.

A thick layer of snow had already gathered on top of his body, almost completely burying him.

He struggled slightly as he stood up. There were no creatures in the surrounding area. When he was groggily flying about just now, he did not pick a direction, but rather he was just headed towards where he felt was the safest.

He did not even remember how far he flew.

His entire body’s skin and muscles felt like a dried up corpse, there was no signs of water. His human form self had already started to turn black all over. With a flick of his finger, he created a water mirror and looked at his appearance.

He literally looked like skin and bones, it was a pitiful sight.

“Looks no different from a mummy…” Garen dispersed the water mirror.

He immediately checked his own status via the Status Pane.

‘Garen – Strength 210(34), Agility 210(22), Vitality 210(57), Intelligence 210(101). Potential 2829%. Soul Limit 210.

Seven Soul Rings: Five colorless, red, orange.

Level 10 Draconic Aura. Level 10 Arcane Arts.

Void Original Opus – 100%. Hind legs – Evil Soldier, Wings – Seven Lives, Tail – Demonic Book.

Combined evaluation – Near Demigod. Title – Winter Sigh.

Status – Extremely weak, Tiamat’s Toxic Woven Flames (Damaged by Tiamat Draconic Goddess’ Divine Power. You will receive a weakened version of the Five-Colored Elemental Draconic Aura Damage once every noon.)’

“How terrible…” Garen self-deprecated, but the next line did change his mood for the better.

On the Skill Pane, a completely new item had emerged.

Right at his original Identity Pane, in front of the “Void Pursuer”, a golden icon appeared.

‘Potential Quality – Divinity Creature, Void Pursuer.’

Garen gazed onto the “Divinity Creature” icon. Suddenly a gigantic flow of messages directly surged into his brain.

‘Devouring Tiamat’s Divinity success, attained special Divinity Creature typing.’

Below it, a list of special traits Divinity Creatures have was shown. All of them were icons for various activated abilities.

Listed first was ‘Frost Immunity’, ‘Enhance Breath’, ‘Elemental Resistance’, and ‘Enhanced Defense’. These four new abilities were the main ones. The remaining abilities were just some simple and practical spells like, summoning an Ice Element every day (Level equivalent to own level minus 2), using Cold Winter Weather three times every day (adapted Meteorology spell), Ice and Snow Hardening, Hail Spell, Eye of Frost, etc.

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