Mystical Journey Chapter 834

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In his knowledge, there was also a record of this sorts in the Totem World. The features that were recorded were the same, but it wasn’t called Solemn Fire, it was called the Green Crystal Fire. It was an effect of self-ignition caused by a low-ignition mineral deposit of the Green Crystal. These mineral deposits were unusual. Its flames did not ignite on his body. Instead, it ignited by itself when it was ten meters above him.

“If it’s Green Crystal, maybe I can try to make a nutrient solution to improve the cellular quality. If Willpower really comes from the Willpower cells in the whole body, then by directly tackling to strengthen the Region’s cells, it might be able to create a good effect,” Garen’s head scanned through huge amounts of drugs that were in the Totem World. He had learned all of this from the pharmacist that was his subordinate. If there’s a chance, maybe he might give it a try.

After he broke through his Level 1 of Willpower, he started to switch up the new Training Methods he just bought.

‘Galactic Halo — A complex manipulation explosive Training Method. Your Willpower would be able to split into numbers. At the same time, it could subtly manipulate multiple units to attack. The split quantity is determined and divided by level — Level 1, one split; Level 2, two splits; Level 3, three splits. It is suitable for Mech Pilots who are obstructive. Price per level is 260 thousand points.’

Three levels in total would cost more than 800 thousand points. The transaction tax and platform fees would be shockingly high.

Now, he had just started practicing Level 1. The depth of the Galactic Halo had to be much stronger than Blackboard Training Method. Not only on its efficiency, but also a variety of basic knowledge. Regarding the improvement in his future progress, all aspects would go beyond what he has right now.

“The excavation of the nature of Willpower cells — by looking at it this way, there seems to be some research on Totem World’s drugs. Although it is not very developed, when looking at it from another angle of research, it seems very innovate,” Garen pondered carefully. Unknowingly, the sky had brightened up slowly.

Whereas on how to excavate the Willpower of these cells, he felt that these Training Methods of Willpower seemed similar to the birth of the secret weapon. Who knew, maybe he could even use other universes’ space and time, interchangeably.

He got out of bed in the morning and hurriedly ate the breakfast of dry food in which he brought. Holding onto the carton of milk, he went back to his bed to continue with his rest and pondered.

Without noticing, it had started pouring with rain outside and it had soaked through the land of metal trees. As they entered into a huge patch of field, leopards could be seen crossing the field in the far distance, from time to time. Each giant leopard was fifty to sixty meters long, excluding the tail. When they ran, they were heavy and fast. The leopard’s dazzling gold stripes reflected under the sun and gave out a stunning shine.

The passengers in the car each took out their cameras to capture the sight. However, only passengers in the black motorcade had a chance to catch that view. If they were on the standard tracks, only the express train could be taken to travel between countries. It would then take a fixed track and the speed would be extremely fast, so all the scenery would have been hard to catch.

As noon approached, the rain got heavier and heavier. The fields started to become slightly troublesome swamps. The speed of the motorcade started to slow down as well.

During noon, one of the cars fell into a small swamp and could not get out. The motorcade crews had to get down to sort it out. Even a few gunmen walked around the area to chase away the monsters that might appear.

It took them quite a while to pull out the car — it was very tough. By that time, it was already night time and it was obvious that they could not arrive by the estimated timing.

At night, there were people playing with cards in the compartments. They even had a few guards who came in to drink and sing along. The sound was so loud, nobody could sleep.

This lifestyle lasted for the next few days. Finally, by noon of the third day, the motorcade entered the border of Polar Region.

Just as they were about to arrive at the scheduled destination, Cairo Morgan City, he took the chance to escape the Motorcade quietly when he went to pee. Following the route that he had investigated before, he went out alone, towards the destination he had planned.



Thunder and lightning flashed across the sky. For a moment, it illuminated the huge silver city down below.

Beyond the sky, a black single aircraft was spinning a huge propellor and was headed towards this direction at a high speed. An aircraft and a helicopter had similar features, but the difference was in the seat-like thing that was hanging under the propeller, just nice to fit one person.

When Garen sat on the chair, he looked down.

“This is?” He pulled out the map on his watch and looked. The side of the Terminal was blinking red, the screen was showing a row of words, ‘Warning! The huge source of radiation would affect the terminal signal transmission. Please leave the radiation area immediately.”

Ignoring the warnings, Garen immediately started to download the map

Along the borders and into the Inter-Region, in between Blackboard Region and Polar Region, there were three deserted areas that did not matter. It had no resources, only extremely harmful radiation. When people show up here, even if they were driving a Mech, they would need to increase their energy consumption to resist the power of the radiation source. This would be a dangerous area that is harmful towards the human.

“Mechanical ruins — over here should be the ancient city of mechanical ruins. The place in which I want to go to is the Colorful Lake. So, I will still need to keep walking forward.”

Garen gave a tap on his watch. The top part suddenly revealed his current location. If he walked forward towards the winding road that stretches far, he would only be able to arrive at this destination in other few more hours.

“In total, there are a total of six Colorful Lakes that are nearby. Here, it is one of the safest out of two. The huge radiation area” Garen extended his hand and pulled out the protective suit on the other hand. Underneath him, he felt a huge radiation energy. It felt just like static energy, where goosebumps rise as if the hairs on his body were all standing.

He checked his Attribute Pane.

“There is no effect. Comparing the radiation to Hellfrost Peacock, this is nasty radiation of the ancestor of all living monsters,” he pulled his zipper with satisfaction.

Overlooking down from the sky, it was a panoramic view of everything underneath.

The silver building, that was like the building block factory, was built one after the other. The neatly slanted metal pillars were lined on both sides of the buildings like spider legs. Though, it looked more like the ends of an electronic component that had been inlaid on the silver ground.

The wind whistled as it passed, suddenly the sound of fine metal clashing sounds was heard.

Garen just flew into the city of ruins. Looking over from his position, he could not see the border completely. The buildings shone brightly as if it was not abandoned at all. No one would be able to make out that this place was the ancient City of Ruins that had been abandoned for more than three thousand years.

As he flew inward, the radiation inside felt stronger. Although Garen was wearing a protective suit, he could feel his hair standing on his whole body.

He let out a slight cold energy radiation that the Hellfrost Peacock had been suppressing. The moment the cold energy radiation was let out, it instantly pushed downwards in a shapeless form to neutralize the radiation.

The air was getting colder. From a temperature of over ten degrees, it quickly dropped down to below zero degrees. However, the strange thing was that not the slightest snow could be seen from the huge city below.

“There isn’t a single breath of life here” Garen kept looking outwards but his line of vision still could not catch any signs of the city border.

He held on tight to the handle on his right and lifted it up.


The single aircraft suddenly rose up and flew towards a higher altitude.

Beep beep beep

The square display in front of him showed the altitude of the aircraft: 1124 meters.

“Almost there.”

Garen stopped pulling the handle that raised the aircraft’s altitude. Instead, he looked down again.

On the right side, in front of the Machinery City, a metal cliff extended above a bunch of buildings like the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. A long stretch that led to a sudden huge thing.

An old and shabby black airshift was floating on the deck. The airship had no light, no flame of power. It only floated up and down a little.

“This city is a little strange. With so much metal resources and equipment, someone should come back for some recycling. Why hasn’t anyone come over to use this block of ruins in over three thousand years?

Garen was a little suspicious. For it to have existed for such a long time, it must have had its reasons.

“Enough. The less trouble, the better. My current strength is not strong enough for me to deal with a lot of possible dangers. Let me look for Colorful Lake, and then I can continue this debate.” He suppressed his curiosity. Then, he started maneuvering the aircraft around the center of the city and flew towards the established route.

After more than ten hours of passing through the city of mechanical ruins, Garen finally saw the rolling red mountains in front.

In between the gigantic red mountains, he could make out a giant arc that stood there, from afar.

The height of the stone arc was towering over hundreds of meters. Just like the arch of a tree root, a hollow space was formed from the ground and a piece of dark red disc that was hundreds of meters in diameter floated in the middle of the hollow space.

The dark red disc was densely packed with numerous patterns and symbols. All of them shone with a breathing-like rhythmic light, and they were still turning a little.

“I’m here, the gate of the inter-domain border.”

Garen knew he was almost there when he saw the stone cave.

From afar, the border gate looked like a round-arched door, except that there was no knocker at the center. Instead, a round disc, formed with rays of dark red light was floating in the middle. The round disc wasn’t an entity, but it was a huge pattern intertwined with numerous rays of light.

“From the records, the establishment of the inter-domain border gate on the Mother Planet has at least been five thousand years. It has a long history and the craftsmanship is ancient. Until now, none of the scholars know the purpose and significance of this disc pattern that is formed with rays of light. No matter how they map or experiment, it only shows that this is a simple map that does not involve lights.”

Garen stopped for a while to observe the huge Light-Patterned Disc carefully. Then, he continued to fly towards his destination.

However, he was still within the huge radiation range of the city of machinery ruins. After Garen flew passed the border gate, it had been another ten hours or more. From the night before up to the morning of the second day, he could finally see the edge of the Colorful Lake.

The edge was dark green as if the algae had covered the ground, like a blanket. He was flying above this ground for about a few minutes until a full picture of the lake appeared in front of him.

“This is the legendary Colorful Lake?”

Borrowing the morning sun, Garen looked forwards and he was stunned.

The huge dark green lake sat quietly in the middle of the land, like a big and round green basin that is filled with thick, green lake water.

There were things floating on the surface of the lake. It was either rubbish or it was some floating pale-yellow paste that revealed some soft, pale green plants that were growing out of the water. Looking for afar, these pale green plants were like a pattern that was formed with the natural condensation of the paste in the lake.

Some of it were only half a meter tall, and some others were much taller than that. Some of it looked like some water plant, and some of them looked like a dry small tree, but there were also some that had grown into a plant with big leaves, just like a lotus leaf. All of them floated motionless on the water. The more he looked, the more like looked disgusting and lifeless.

From far away, Garen could already smell the disgusting, and unpleasant smell.

“This is not the fluid of the Peacock’s mucus” He looked at the lake. He could not even sense a single hint of Peacock mucus from the inside. “This is purely the substances that have been contaminated by the radiation. In this case, if the substances I’ve absorbed from the White Rainbow Stone are from this environment, then my Peacock Technique”

He suddenly felt a little faint. The closer he got to the lake, the more he felt the suffocating, poisonous gas and the horrible stench of odor.

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