Mystical Journey Chapter 957

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On the 13th day of Sinno’s reformation, Garen was working at the special ability space while monitoring Sinno’s body condition closely. East Perrin was in charge of the dynamics of their surroundings. Being the leader of Leo Town originally, it was no sweat for East Perrin to control such a small base with so little people. She handled things with high proficiency to the point that Garen need not have to worry a thing. Based on what Garen observed, this lady would have no problem even if she were to lead over thousands of people in a large compound. This allowed him to truly focus on what concerned him the most at the moment.

As he started to familiarize himself with the Energy Machine Imprint at the special ability space, Garen gave the Big Wild Wolves a slight reformation, layering another coat of thin bony scales on the surface of their bodies. This was the result of self-secretion of its own disposal frame and was able to increase the Big Wild Wolves’ self-defense mechanism.

Within 10 days’ time, the reproductive quantity of the Big Wild Wolves had increased to nearly 30. In reality, they could still continue to reproduce, but this quantity was the optimum because the surrounding grassland was not sufficient to supply mutated creatures such as the Big Wild Wolves. The Predators did not dare to disturb the big units while the smaller units of Predators were killed by Big Wild Wolves when they were hunting. Without food supply, the reproduction of the wolves would be pointless, and they would enter a state of weakness within a short period of time.

Materials were another problem. The raw materials used for the biochemical pool are finishing, that was the limit and they could not continue cultivating.

Garen straight away controlled the numbers by its whole and at the same time conserved some of the remaining materials for purposes of repairing the wolves. He could actually cultivate a few more but there was no point for him to cut it this close. If he finished up the materials, it would be a huge problem if he needed to cultivate more in the future. He searched all over for the basic biochemical fluid field and there was only this little left, so he had no choice but to search for them further from here.

Now that Sinno’s adaptation strength was growing, it was only a matter of time that they could reach the final step of completely submerging in the biochemical fluid, in order to be fully reformed by Garen as a biochemical creature. This was also the basic requirement to reform.

Garen also tried to search on the internet for information on reforming the human body at the special ability space but they were all classified as confidential information. Reformation of the human’s body was a taboo universally, so he ended up with not much information to begin with. All he knew was that a few energy machinery grandmasters were issued a killing order for experimenting with human reformation. They have disappeared ever since.

Garen could only test around the waters by himself. The good thing was he did some in-depth study on genes and biological structures back in Totem World. Although there were many challenges to overcome, he could still find other ways to circumvent the difficulties.

What troubled him now was what sort of powerful biological organ was he going to transplant for Sinno.

Sinno was not born with the gift of Willpower and that could be a disadvantage when it came down to her resistance against Willpower battles. Furthermore, she could not pilot a Mech. The only two choices were either strengthening her physique to achieve the level where mutated creatures in flesh were able to resist Mechs; or activating her inherence of Willpower so that she had the capability to use her Willpower.

Sinno definitely had strong endurance, and in addition to her excellent combat talent, Garen wanted to let her strengthen her physique instead of the latter.

As for the choice of organ, Garen did not have many choices. It was either the two-headed sheep or the Predator. In comparison, the structure of a predator’s organ may be more suitable. As long as he could find a high level predator, it would be a powerful one as it is currently the specimen that people from the region is very much afraid of.

Unfortunately, predators have a high concentration of pollution from its radiation virus. Garen had no confidence that he could take care of a virus that the entire region had no way of curing so long. Therefore, this plan would have to be put aside temporarily.

He first chose a special organ from the two-headed sheep its intestines. In such grasslands, the two-headed sheep were creatures with the highest adaptation ability. Even if there were poisonous grass root plants, the sheep were able to just eat them as energy nutrients for the body. This was strongly related to their powerful intestines and their digestive systems.

Garen did not change the structure of Sinno’s mouth, but only strengthened her esophagus. He transplanted the intestines ‘ small cells into her body. Under the control of the quantum computer, Sinno’s body attained a new type of biological balance under Garen’s precise calculation. Garen continued to carry out depth replacements. After a deep coma of three days and three nights in the biochemical fluid, the first step of Sinno’s reformation had reached its desired result.

The strongest part of the two-headed sheep was its immunity towards virus that was also successfully transplanted into Sinno.

But there was a price to be paid for it. Sinno has lost most of her taste sensory in her tongue. This was an after effect of the nerves not being able to correspond during the transplantation.

Receiving the powerful immunity and being able to digest large amounts of toxic may not seemed to do much in increasing Sinno’s combat power, but she did feel the effectiveness of the reformation. What Garen had to do next was to research on how to let Sinno unleash her most powerful potential under such resistance. To be able to succeed on his first try led Garen to be more confident for his next transplantation. Sinno and Garen firmly believed that if they could find a stronger biological cell, her strength would continue to increase.

In the meantime, East Perrin and the others were progressing fast in altering the Crouched Eagle Talon Willpower. East Perrin who was originally at Level Three Willpower was as fast as ever. While Garen was reforming Sinno’s body, East Perrin had already completely altered her original Willpower to the Crouched Eagle Talon Willpower. Both her arms were covered with an extremely robust translucent Willpower Field. This was the specialty of the Crouched Eagle Talon. Her explosive force also increased significantly.

Even though she had not fully learned the attack techniques of Pure Willpower, but at least she had a decent defense ability now if she would to encounter attacks. In addition to her complete post-consciousness, even if she was to face the same level of Willpower attack, she would no longer crumble at the first impact like before.

East Perrin could be considered a true Level Three Mech Pilot now.

During this period of time, the grassland outside the summit finally showed some signs.


“Are the predators here?”

East Perrin asked solemnly as she was walked towards the temporary war room.

There were only a few words engraved on the war room’s door. Other than the two children and Sinno, all the other young adults were gathered in the room.

East Perrin, Malone, Fanny, and the impulsive young man whose name was Belebar, the middle-aged woman who was always steady and silent, Shangrella, were also there.

For a long period of time, Belebar went from constantly doubting Garen, to gradually being convinced by Garen. Just that this guy was not simple, and seemed like he had something more going on in his mind under that facade.

The five people present in the room were the only elites left in the small base. They went through hell and several near-death experiences, and were definitely the absolute exclusive fighters. Now that they are all gathered here, it was only natural to discuss and come up with a strategy.

Garen handed over the things used to control the Big Wild Wolves to East Perrin. Since the wolves were hosts of the Distorted Seed, it was impossible for all biological creatures to turn and attack Garen so it was safe to say that their safety was not a major issue now. He had also simplified the control method so that East Perrin could easily control them. There were about 30 Big Wild Wolves, each of them almost the same level as a Level Two Predator. That meant that they have a compelling strength in their hands.

East Perrin closed the door properly and looked at the people present. Instantly, her leadership prevailed as how it was in Leo Town.

“Fanny, tell us how’s the situation?”

Fanny nodded and cleared his throat as everyone sat down around the old table.

“When I was controlling the drone on patrol, I noticed that a small group of predators have appeared towards the West side. The downside was these predators seemed to have a certain disciplined formation with zero conflicts among themselves. After observing them for two days, I believe that this small group is probably from one of the larger group, and there could be approximately 2,000 to 5,000 of them.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, everybody’s faces changed. The number of predators that attacked Leo Town back then was about this number.

“I’m not done speaking,” Fanny continued gloomily. “According to my observation and Master Malone’s past experiences, the bigger the number of predators, the more the higher ranked predators there will be among them. With a group consisting of thousands, plus the high ranked predators that we faced the last time, this time there is likely to be more vicious and Level Three predators.”

“According to our experiment, the Big Wild Wolf is indeed strong, but its power is only equivalent to a Level Two Predator. Three Big Wild Wolves can only face one Level Two Predator, and we only have 30 wolves” Malone continued.

“The summit is easy to defend and hard to be attacked so let’s just focus our power at the top.” The young man Belebar said in a hushed tone.

“With such a big group of predators, the food supply they need on a daily basis is not a small number so I don’t think they will be able to stay put for long. The only path leading to this summit is the canyon trail and that is what we need to defend. All we need are five Big Wild Wolves to block the path securely, and with the cooperation of our people we should be able to protect the summit safely.”

“You can put it that way, but what if they dawdle with us?” The middle-aged woman Shangrella asked lightly.

East Perrin frowned and pondered.

“There is no way we’re giving up this summit. There aren’t any other places around us that are suitable for defense. If we let the Big Wild Wolves guard the canyon, they should be able to hold up some time. What about our food supply at the summit?”

“We have enough food to last us for about a month, I froze all the dried meat so they won’t go to waste. Don’t worry about water too. We’re not concerned with the high concentration of radiation anymore so we can live safely on the top of the mountain. The fishes I breed are still not needed at the moment but after some time, they’d be able to provide us with a certain amount of meat. When the time comes, we just need to plant some edible vegetables and fruits and we’d be able to fend for ourselves on top of the mountain.” Malone said with a slight hint of pride, he was now fully responsible for the logistics.

“That is good.” East Perrin looked at everyone. “I have now fully converted all my Willpower. My body feels replenished but I’m not sure to what extent. I’ll be able to find out when I stand guard later on. No matter how we fight back, we just have to defend this one trail.”

As everybody nodded in agreement, she continued, “I shall immediately report this to Mr Garen, we will need his support to replenish and renourish the Big Wild Wolves.”

“I will go check the defense areas.” Shangrella stood up and said.

“I will go check on the two children.”

Everyone got up and left.

East Perrin went to Fanny and looked again at the recording of the predators and their formation. The situation was worse than what she imagined. The predators were not only big in numbers, but they were also approaching rapidly.

“It’s too bad we don’t have enough transplanted herbs medicine to have enough Big Wild Wolves, or else we wouldn’t have to be this afraid of such lowly!” East Perrin sneered. Her home was destroyed by these monsters. Even she herself was almost killed by them. Everyone in the base had unspeakable hatred towards the Predators.

“Bring the recording and follow me, we’re going to see Mr Garen.” She motioned towards the disk containing the tape.

The both of them turned and left the war room, walking towards the third ground basement.

They descended the basement steps and pushed open a heavy, stone door. A stone grey corridor appeared. A Big Wild Wolf was crouched right in the middle of the corridor passage, its eyes were closed and it was snoring. Hearing sounds, it got up immediately and stared intently at the two people who walked in. Recognizing them, he lazed back down on the floor.

East Perrin and Fanny walked past the Big Wild Wolf and down the corridor, and entered a small, empty room. There was a sour stench in the room.

“Every time I enter this sterilization chamber, I feel as if my nose just breathed in a mouthful of chilli powder” Fanny forced on a wry smile.

“There’s nothing I can do, this is Mr Garen’s order to ensure that the biochemical room does not face any disturbance and achieve its best efficiency.” East Perrin did not like the smell as well but there was nothing she could do, this was a disinfecting gas they had to go through.

After staying for a couple of minutes in the room, the both of them approached a small door in the corner. Pushing the door opened, they enter a wide stone hall. Right in the middle of the hall was a pool filled with blood-red biochemical fluid. There was a fragrant smell in the air with a slight hint of bloodin it.

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