Mystical Journey Chapter 958

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Garen was only wearing a pair of shorts. His naked upper body displayed his well-sculpted muscles and body physique. He was rinsing a pale red solution onto his body, while Sinno was lying completely naked in a smaller basin on the side, her body curled up as if she was asleep.

There were a couple of strangely shaped tables and countertops by the room with different apparatus and computers connected with several grey tubes to the biochemical pool in the middle. With sucking sounds from time-to-time, the liquid was constantly being sucked up by the tubes before it passed through an unknown black machine, and entered into another tube leading back to the pool. There was minimum motion, and almost zero waves and swirls in the biochemical pool.

“You guys are here, is there anything important?” Garen sensed the arrival of both East Perrin and Fanny earlier on and turned over to look at them. They have not met for a while, and his skin seemed so much fairer, his lips were slightly darkened and there was a faint, unpleasant look in his eyes that gave people an uneasy feeling.

During this period of time, Garen started his own adaptation process. With the vast amount of corrosive biochemical fluid constantly triggering his body, his body had to adapt to it invariably.

Now that he had fully given up on taking the path of a Combat Willpower Pilot, he took the time to try out a few combat techniques on his own. Unfortunately, all he had was an inhumane painful experience without achieving any further outcome.

There was no way he could get rid of the Seventh Divine Wind General Willpower within his body, so the only way was the Energy Machinist Combination Secret Technique. As he slowly tried to comprehend this pathway in this short period of time, Garen knew that such powerful Energy Machinists do exist, that Inherited Leveled Energy Machinists were definitely scary and they were nothing lesser than a Pilot.

And so he made up his mind to take this pathway.

The third level of the NIS training method allowed him to handle different low levels of reformation. But in order to achieve the next level which is the fourth level of the Energy Machinist Realm, it was not something doable within a short period of time.

“The Predators are here.” East Perrin said solemnly.

“How many of them?”

“At least 3,000 and above, around 5,000.”

“3,000” Garen did not give much of a reaction, “What do you have in mind?”

“We stand guard at the summit because it is easy to defend and hard to be attacked. We can hold our ground for a period of time and with the help of the Big Wild Wolves, we should be able to drag on until the Predators leave. They are a big army, and won’t be able to stay long here because we’ve already searched for all possible edible creatures in the surroundings. As long as we can uphold our front for just a few days, it should not be a problem.” East Perrin replied.

“Then let’s do according to what you have planned then, don’t disturb me until the very last moment. Sinno, you go along too.” Garen commanded.

Sinno opened her eyes slowly. Although her powers did not increase much, her body’s resistivity towards poison and the corrosive liquid has definitely increased. Even her body fluid was sensing corrosiveness in her reformed intestines.

Standing up naked, Sinno caught the shirt that Garen threw to her and dressed herself. East Perrin was in awe that Sinno’s skin was now so much better than before; the scars on her face had faded to the point that they could be barely seen. Her beauty was slowly revealed once again.

Both of them got dressed and left the underground hall. Garen closed his eyes, trying to focus his vision on the NIS training method.

He had fully understood the function of potential points, and that was only during the accumulation phase where one can use potential points to accelerate the stage. But once there was a stage that required a certain special requirement to pass, then potential points would be of no help.

He was about to enter the accumulation phase. Even though his computing power was considerably strong, what he lacked was not something substantial energy could accumulate, but his knowledge on the different computing powers. He was not sure whether potential points could accelerate such a thing, but he could try step by step.

Energy Machinist was merely just a fighting process of computing power. The stronger the computing power, the stronger the Willpower, the more it is able to relate to Energy Machinist Skills.

“However, if an Energy Machinist’s Willpower is able to affect the increment of computing power thenmy potential points might be able to increase my computing power.”

Garen’s sight returned to the NIS Energy Machinist training method.

He paused for at least three seconds.

No reaction The NIS icon only shivered slightly, but after that there was no more movement.

Garen still have a small glimmer of hope due to the little reaction, hence he never stopped trying almost every single day.

“Is it possible that the other Energy Machinists also did not find a way to quickly increase their Willpower and their computing power?” Garen was lost in his thoughts.

All he could think of at the moment was how to break through Level Four Energy Machinist. He was not sure whether the Predators were going to send flying units, so he had to increase his Energy Machine Imprint to find a flight unit to cultivate. Furthermore, as the Predator Waves increased, more and more high levelled Predators would continue to appear to the point that even the domain would not be able to avoid this matter. Even big domains with Inheritance Level powerhouses like Central Academy had to retreat.

If he did not improve himself soon, he was afraid that soon enough everyone would be defeated and die.

Trying the Level Four computing Energy Machinist model once again, the results were still not achieved even halfway through. The difference was too big. A Level Four Energy Machinist was considered qualitative changing, already being one of the backbones of the Energy Machinist force. A lot of people took nearly 10 years to reach this level while Garen over here wanted to achieve such a high level in such a short period of time. This seemed highly impossible in the eyes of an average person.

“Seems like in order to break through Level Four, I’d have to pay a visit to the special ability space to search for cluesor else if I continue to calculate from now, it’d take another 10 or more years. Such calculation speed will make it entirely impossible to breakthrough.” Garen calculated the time mentally in his head and started to feel helpless.

He had no clue how long the outbreak of the Predator Wave would last, so increasing his strength as soon as possible was just something he had to do.


At the edge of the small black mountaintop, East Perrin and the others stood at the peak and looked downwards. Groups of Predators were slowly emerging like a dense ant colony in the large greyish brow prairie at the bottom.

The five adults on top of the mountain stared hard at the enemies; a few of the Big Wild Wolves arched their heads to the side as they howled.

The sky was just starting to turn bright. The sun radiated soft reddish rays of light, coloring the clouds a faint shade of red.

The wind blew strongly into their hairs, as if tugging on their hair roots wanting to pull it out.


Sharp whistling sounds came from the packed Predators group below, but it was unclear which level Predator led the outcry.

The densely packed Predators were all humans who used to be alive, and they were forcing their way up towards the mountain.

“They’re coming” East Perrin whispered. “The Big Wild Wolves are in position already, now we just wait and see what kind of formation they will use to attack us.”

“So we just wait and watch?” Sinno asked.

“Going out there would be suicide.”

“What if we can distract the Predators?” Sinno pondered and asked.

“There’s no way we can distract that many of them, at most just a small unit of them.” East Perrin thought of this idea long ago already.

Suddenly as the Predators closed in, everyone stopped talking and just lowered their heads to watch the big group fast approaching below.

All of a sudden, a few units of Predators split up amongst the crowd and started dashing up the mountain.

“Incoming! Prepare for battle!!” East Perrin shouted.

The five of them instantly rushed to defend the only trail that led up the summit.

Four Big Wild Wolves were already standing guard along the way in front. They could feel the incoming threat closing by. The wolves got into position and let out an aggressive howl.

Whiz whiz whiz!!

About ten or so black shadows suddenly appeared on the trail, running towards the Big Wild Wolves at top speed.

The wolf kicked its hind legs strongly and rushed forward.

One of the shadows suddenly flipped in the air and managed to avoid the wolf’s bite, then rushed towards East Perrin and the others who were at the back.

“It’s an advanced Predator!!” East Perrin took one glance at the enemy and she instantly realized that this creature was the Level Three Predator who chased after them in the flying ship the other day.

The Predator’s body was covered in pus and it was extremely hideous. With a ferocious expression, it roared and dived towards East Perrin.

“Be careful!!” A few people by the side called out at the same time. They wanted to come over to help but the Predator was too fast and they could not react on time.

In shock, East Perrin did not have time to retreat. However, she arched her body and rushed out fiercely, crossing paths with the Predator. Both of them seemed to exchange their positions just nice.


East Perrin let out a low growl, barely using half of her Willpower Pierce, shattering the Predator into shivers. At the same time, she advanced and with a short blade in hand, her Crouched Eagle Talon Willpower caused her explosive force to reach another level which was at least double of her previous level. The strength in both her arms was incredibly strong too.

With a clank, the silver blade flashed.

With this attack, she could feel how completely different it was from before. Previously, her dodging the attack in the first place would have been awkward hence don’t even talk about counterattacking.

Now with a wave of her sword, she could feel the strong powerful force slicing through the air.

Taking advantage of the Predator’s delayed movements, she sliced her sword again.


The short blade swiftly landed on the Predator’s arm, making harsh contact with the Predator’s tough skin. With a tear, the blade continued to impact a force and drew a palm-sized wound at the side of the Predator’s waist and blood came gushing out.

The huge impulsive force caused both Predator and East Perrin to bounce back.

East Perrin found out in pleasant surprise that both of her arms felt numb instead of the expected painful tear. If she had made such a move earlier on, she would have torn her ligaments and then have her bones broken.

“So this is the true power of a Level Three Pilot?!!” A sense of indescribable joy overwhelmed East Perrin. The strength that she was experiencing was nowhere near her previous Level Three Willpower state. The reformed her could easily defeat four of the old version of her.

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