Mystical Journey Chapter 959

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Blackboard Region

Blackboard Academy Headquarters

“What’s the situation now?” Dean Cruz von Shaw stared at the three-dimensional model of the floating star in front of him. The white model had scarlet patches spreading all over its surface.

“The Predator Wave has reached the end of its first phase. It is expected to end soon. There are three more years before it enters the second phase. We only have such a gap period to find the Forbidden Core.”

The other two professors appeared as virtual images in their seats. One of them, Vice Principal Simis, said.

“Your disciple is still training outside. Aren’t you afraid that something will happen to her?” The old woman Babar looked at Simis. “There is also that old guy who couldn’t stand to be left alone. He even personally led a team to go out a few days ago. What a joke if people were to know about it. One of the great three professors of Blackboard actually led a team to catch two less than 30 years-old youngsters?”

“Didn’t Dean’s Black Star go too? At this critical time…who doesn’t want to get that thing?” Simis sneered.

Other than the chief dean, it was just them three great professors. Among the three great professors, only two of them present here were eligible to run for the position of dean. The other person was weak. Unwilling to be overlooked, he took the initiative to seek out the Forbidden Core. In fact, he did not report to the academy in advance. This caused both of them to be greatly astounded.

“There is a gap period between the Predator Waves. Not only our academy knows it, other academies will definitely send their manpower also. The fluctuations sensed by the planet detector indicate that location. Central Academy will probably intervene this time,” Chief Dean Shaw murmured. She looked almost like an average, middle-aged woman. No one would have imagined that she was already over two hundred years old.

“It probably would be fun if anyone comes across a piece of it.” Babar laughed.

“Huh!” Simis snorted. The manpower force he sent out was the weakest among the three of them. Led only by Medero, the situation was naturally unfavorable to him.

He glanced at Chief Dean Shaw.

Black Star, the disciple sent out by this old woman, his strength was now unfathomable. In the early years, he had reached a point where he was only a little weaker than these old professors. Now, it was even more difficult to know what level he was at…seeing the old woman’s calm face, he probably

His heart felt defeated when he thought of this. Although their disciples were taught by both of them, he was far less than Shaw. The aptitude of Medero and Black Star were almost the same at the beginning. But now, Black Star’s strength was far more than that of Medero, reaching an abnormally powerful state. (Was this difference the reason I failed to obtain the position of dean back them?)

Beep beepBeep beep…

Suddenly, there was an electronic sound in the hall.

“What happened?” Babar asked with dissatisfaction.

A soft electronic female voice sounded.

“Three presidents, the latest information from the intelligence department.”

As the voice travelled, a white carrier pigeon flew out of nowhere and gently landed on Dean Shaw’s shoulder.

With a boom, the white carrier pigeon instantly exploded into white powder pieces, which then automatically reorganized in the air and turned into a white letterhead paper. It gently fell onto Shaw’s opened palm.

After taking a quick look at it, Shaw toss the notepaper into the hands of the other two.

When both of them read it, their facial expression changed slightly.

“Central Academy is sending somebody over…” Babar mumbled with a solemn face.

“As the leader of the academy alliance, it was impossible for them to not have any response until now.” Simis nodded. “What surprised me was that they actually sent Sun Scorch. That’s their strongest elite organization strength.”

“Just relying on Black Star and the others, I’m afraid…” Babar had just resented the force sent out by the chief dean was too powerful. Now, he was worried that they would be too weak and be supressed by Central Academy.

“It doesn’t matter.” Shaw maintained her composure. “Let them hone themselves. It would be best if they can grab the core. If they can’t, there’s no need to force it…”

The notepaper flew back into her hands, silently breaking into a whole lot of white powder and disappearing into the air.

How easily said by the old woman!

The other two were scolding in their hearts.

“Who from Sun Scorch is coming?” Simis asked.

“It is still unclear,” the electronic female voice replied. “But the intelligence department analyzed that it is most likely to be led by Sun Scorch Hunter Whale Harpoon.”

“How troublesomeThe position of Hunter Whale Harpoon has always been known for its strength and range of attack. The effect of clearing the site is terrible…” Simis frowned.

“Don’t worry about it. Encountering such a situation when going out for missions are inevitable.” Shaw shook her head. “Alright, that will be all for today. Dismiss.” Her body dispersed in one shot and disappeared from the projection stage.

“Must send back-up!” Simis said firmly.

“The question is who?” Babar shook his head slightly. “We can’t compare with Central Academy…”

“Then ask Royal Region. The strength of Central Academy is too strong. We can only go against them if we join forces together,” Simis said coldly. “This is the territory of our four major regions. We can temporarily suspend the battle with White Light.”

“That will do too,” Babar agreed.



A number of white Mechs produced twisted fluctuations as they dashed across the blue sky. They were in a natural herringbone formation and they uniformly emitted blue flames behind them.

They were headed by a white Mech whose arms were crossed in front of his chest. He had behind him a spiked tail like a lizard and his forehead was inlaid with a green diamond crystal. He looked mysterious and powerful. The rest of the white Mechs were shockingly a large group of Great Light Mechs. All of them were actually the most powerful Inherited Level pilots from White Light Organization!

At the white machine base below, the White Light workers at work looked up at the Mechs flying across the sky.

“Oh wow! What a vast battle array…” A staff dressed in a white suit who was tightening a screw could not help but sighed. “Six Great Light Mechs, even Lord of Lights has been dispatched…”

“Focus and do your job well! We are not qualified to know the matters above!” Another foreman came over to pat him on the shoulder.

“Looking at their direction, it seems that they are preparing to go out into the radiation belt… Looks like a battle is about to begin again…” The foreman sighed and turned to continue his patrol.


Outer space

In the starry black sky, a silver metallic aircraft like a hedgehog was slowly encircling around Mother Planet. On top of it, spots of silver light flashed from time to time.

On the side of the aircraft, a pop-up metal plate was projecting the ground conditions of the Mother Planet below. The image of the entire Mother Planet rotated slowly on the metal plate and a red dot was clearly shining on it. This dot was continuously sending out water-like ripples to its surrounding.

The location of the little dot was the Seventh Ruins where Clint and others had entered…


Special ability space

Garen pushed the Cultivation Sphere skillfully away from his hands. A hint of fatigue flashed across his face.

Looking at the finished cultivated new Wild Wolf Energy Machine Imprint in the Cultivation Sphere, there was a satisfying look on his face.

“Not bad. This is the fifth imprint you have successfully produced this week.” Mincar nodded by the side and smiled. He had always had an apathetic and distant stone face. But upon seeing Garen’s achievements, he gradually began to show more and more smiles.

This made Garen, who had purposely slacked off a little, knew that he might have still somewhat overdid it.

Mincar reached for the Cultivation Sphere that Garen had finished nurturing and opened it. He then gently removed the Energy Machine Imprint from the inside.

“As a novice Energy Machinist, you have done well enough, Garen. At least in my past several years as an Energy Machinist, I have only met a dozen or so talents like you.”

“A dozen or so?” Garen was a little surprised. He could only acquire such terrific computing power through adding points to his intelligence, but others would not have such a good condition. Even so, there were more than a dozen of them? This world of Energy Machinist was no ordinary deep!

“Yea, I only saw one or two in a year during the most glorious time in my teacher’s shop. Not to mention now, after so many years it’s just you alone,” Mincar mused. “Our point is just a virtual little point in the special ability space. Your talent shouldn’t be buried at our place here. You should go to a bigger place to showcase your talent. I had originally planned to have you stay with us. But now, I know that asking you to stay will only be holding you back,” Mincar said sincerely.

Patting the shoulders of Garen, the two had gotten along well with each other during this period of working together. And so, these small moves also appeared natural.

“Come with me. As you’re a newcomer, I’ll tell you the true side of the special ability space…” He turned around and headed out of the lab.

“The true side?” Garen narrowed his eyes and followed.

The two men walked along the corridor and went deeper into it.

While walking, Mincar explained quietly.

“The special ability space is a huge overall space that is formed by units of space points. The space point is the basic unit of the whole special ability space. Ours is the smallest type of space point and there are more advanced virtual space points, even the highest level of real space point!”

“Real space point?”

“Yes, it simply means that that space had actually left the scope of virtual network and had become a real, massive dimensional space which can be inhabited by human beings. Everything in it is real. If you wanted to go in, your physical body has to enter together as well, unlike the virtual points like ours which only need our mental essence.” Mincar nodded as he explained and continued to walk forward.

“There actually exist a real special ability space that can be occupied by people?” Garen was astounded. This was equivalent to the technology of turning unreality into reality. Only those who really understood the difficulty of it can understand how terrific the technology is needed for it.

“Yeah… Historically, the two Energy Machinist Master who claimed to be the strongest in history have opened up and discovered this strange space. They then altered and modified it to finally form a special space unique to us Energy Machinist — special ability.” Mincar quickly crossed the corridor and entered into a cloister which had a pool fountain.

“Also, apart from us, pilots have a space that is entirely theirs. This you will know eventually. No need to mention it here. Simply put, from any of the points that are covered by the special ability space, regardless of any virtual points, you can enter into the real point, which is the real existence of the special ability space, at any time.”

“Entering the real point…”

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