Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? Book 5 Chapter 306

Volume 5 Chapter 306 Prototyping The Sniper

"So you have 12 million MP?" Madison asked after massaging her head.


". . . You know what? I'm surprised you don't have 100 million MP considering the things that we've fought." Madison shrugged since she knew of Shiro's identity as a monster.

Of all the monsters that they've fought up to now, most of them had massive amounts of MP. Naturally, they couldn't compare to Shiro in terms of combat standards but she had thought that Shiro would be the same. If that was the case, she'll become more monstrous than she is already.

"Well getting to 100 million EXP would be a pain after all." Shiro replied. If she wanted to get 100 million MP, she'll have to slaughter the crap out of people in order for her to do so.

"Why do you make it seem like it's plausible?" Aarim tilted her head in confusion.

"Well of course it's plausible. Have you not seen the people at higher levels?" Shiro replied with a smile.

Pausing for a moment, Aarim agreed with what she said.

"So what were you doing in a level 80 dungeon?" Madison asked.

"I was trying to get myself some armour. But I had to turn back early since I injured my links a bit." Shiro shrugged.

"Ah before I forget, here you go. I know you're a while from level 80 but this should come in hand when you reach that level." She said while pulling out the chest armour that she had received from the Grand Knight.

"Ehh!? What is this berserk skill!?" Madison widened her eyes when she saw that this skill boosted her most important stats by 20%. Not only that, it also cost 10% of her mana.

"Don't worry about it too much. I have several skills that boost by the percentage." Shiro shrugged as the Lyrica, Lisandra, Yin and Silvia nodded in agreement.

"Wait so you girls have already received a percentage based berserk skill?"

"Yup. While Silvia might have gotten one because she's a healer, mine focuses on INT." Shiro replied.

"For my berserk skill, it increases my healing by 100% but the backlash makes it so that after the period is over, my healing is reduced by 50%." Silvia replied honestly.

"There you go then." Shiro nodded.

Looking at her party members that seems to be quite acquainted with such skills, Madison could only massage her head.

"Goodness I feel like I'm so far behind in terms of knowledge it's not even funny." She admitted.

"Well don't worry about it too much. But if it really does get on your nerves, you should visit the library often and see what you find." Shiro suggested.

While the party was talking, the level 100 guards had reported back to the first prince.

Sat in his office, the first prince adjusted his glasses and frowned. His blond hair was tied into a low ponytail and his body was on the lean side. If one didn't know that his class was Ascended Sword Emperor, they would have thought that he was a mage type adventurer.

"You're telling me, a level 65 element sage walked into the level 80 dungeon without being detected by you and left before you could even capture her?" He asked, clearly displeased.

"*gulp* That is correct. I have no excuses." The guard nodded since he knew that the prince hated anyone that tried to make an excuse for their mistakes.

Narrowing his eyes, Neldor (First Prince) cupped his chin with his hand and crossed his legs.

"Can you tell me anything about her? Surely you can accomplish that right?" He asked with a frown.

"What do you wish to know?" The guard bowed.

"Name and appearance. I want to get a background check."

"Her name is Shiro. As for her appearance, it's better if you have a look at this." He said and pulled out a photo that was taken from the security cams during their last talk.

Looking at the picture of the girl, Neldor paused for a moment.

"Hmm do you know when she appeared in the city?" He asked curiously.

"No clue. We're looking into it right now and we should get an answer back soon."

"Good. I'll forgive you for now but know this, I'm disappointed that several level 100's are able to let a level 65 pass without detections. You can go to the disciplinary quarters and get yourself a level 2 punishment. Don't let this happen again." Neldor shook his head and gestured for him to leave.

"Thank you, your highness for your generosity." The guard bowed before leaving. Taking a deep breath in relief, he was glad that he only got a level 2 punishment rather than 4. At 4, that's when he'll be put under torture for a few hours.

Watching the guard left, the prince returned his gaze on the image.

"Interesting a level 65 that can bypass the guards. Not only that, she is also a top notch beauty. This emperor has never seen such a perfect beauty, I must obtain her one way or the other." He clutched his fist and muttered.

Reaching out for his laptop, he sent a few messages to his followers.


Tasking the party to continue their grind in the dungeons, Shiro prepared to experiment with her new sniper idea revolving around the spear throw EX skill.

While she couldn't make the product, she could sketch out as many blueprints as she wants in real life.

Sitting down near one of the laptops, she placed her finger on the side port and injected a small potion of nanobots.

Making herself a private server along with an app that has information regarding all of the pieces that she had in her database, she cracked her neck and started to get to work.

'First off, I need a spear launcher as the base. Otherwise, the skill wouldn't activate. Second, I need to think about whether or not the spear has to be 'thrown' or not. If it does, I'll need to make a different kind of weapon other than the sniper.' Shiro thought to herself while browsing through the list of base parts for the sniper.

Nimue wanted to chip in her thoughts but decided to hold it off for now after seeing how serious her face looked.

Tapping away at the keyboard and combining different parts and simulating their chances of success, Shiro was creating a new kind of sniper every few seconds.

If the government were to know of this, they'd do everything to get a hold on her. Of course, that wasn't including the fact that she is indeed a literal walking armoury with her Nanomancer class.

Once that was revealed, she was sure that she'll be hunted down by the majority of the world.

Finalising a few of the drafts, she set them up into a spare folder and continued to work on the other blueprints.

This continued for 3 days as on the third, Shiro finally stopped feeling pain from her links.

During this time, she had also levelled up to 73 due to Lisandra's efforts. While it could have been higher if she had tried, it was already a blessing that she was getting levels since she wasn't going into dungeons herself.

Plus, the party couldn't go for higher level dungeons just yet because they were quite a few levels behind her.

[Name: Shiro

Race: Mystic Fae

Level: 73

Class: Mystic Sylph Queen (SSS),

Ascendant Nanomancer (EX)

HP: 5,800,000/5,800,000

MP: 13,687,500/13,687,500

STR: 35,000 <+15,750>

VIT: 32,000 <+14,400>

INT: 73,000 <+32,850> {+3,650}

AGI: 40,000 <+18,000>

DEX: 33,000 <+14,850>

DEF: 20,000 <+9,000>

< > = Title Bonus (45%)

{Tears of the Sylph Queen +5% INT} (Armour)

Unassigned Points: 0]

Now that she had recovered her strength back to full and the fact that and her HP had hit a perfectly round 5.8 million points, which brought her great joy, she prepared to test out her blueprints in the dungeons.

Leaving the room, she followed the familiar path and used Rift Walker to enter the dungeon once more.

"Tsk! God damn it, that woman is back." The guards frowned. They didn't attempt to do anything since the prince had told them to leave her for now.


Upon entering the dungeon, Shiro's first action was to make the sniper.

Flexing her fingers, nanobots started to swarm out of her hands and slowly took the shape of a ballista type sniper. In other words, it looked like a mix of a crossbow and sniper.

As for the main way that the sniper was going to fire the spear, it was through the use of a pressure chamber that was artificially created with her elements. This allowed her to bump up the pressure within the chamber to ridiculous heights.

Recycling the spear weapon that she had got and embedded the sniper with the skill, she aimed towards the first monster she saw and hoped that it would work.

"Live test, don't kill me please." She muttered before pressing the trigger.


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