Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? Book 5 Chapter 352

Volume 5 Chapter 352 Enhanced Pills

Storing the pills away in her inventory, Shiro talked to Keomi some more.

"So when are you going to go to Japan and what does the faction want to do with this country?" Shiro asked curiously.

"Well I've already submitted some files and Keiko has said to just let the country recover for now. Due to the fight, it has already suffered quite a bit of damage so we're going to be pulling back after helping it with some of the recovery process." Keomi replied with a smile.

"Oh? That's quite thoughtful of her." Shiro raised an eyebrow.

"Mn. I'm not too sure as to why she told us to retreat after helping out but it is what it is. Plus, we're literally neighbours with this country so it's rather easy for us to come again." Keomi shrugged.

"But what about you big sis? Is there anything else you need to do in this country?"

"Hmm not really. I kind of want to take care of the second prince if possible. But if not, I'll just enhance the pills then make my way back to Winter's Grace." Shiro shrugged since she had already finished quite a bit of her tasks in this country.

"I see."

Continuing to talk to Keomi for a bit longer, she eventually bid her goodbye and left the building.

'I suppose the next time I'll meet her is in Japan. If I'm lucky, I should be able to sort it out relatively quickly and see her within a month give or take.' Shiro thought to herself.

{You seem to like Keomi quite a bit despite her not being your actual sister.} Nimue raised an eyebrow.

{Eh? You mean to tell me that they're not blood related? But I thought they looked somewhat similar though} Iziuel asked curiously.

'Well I wouldn't say not related. You see, I began as a snow girl. Snow girls either get their forms from the ambient mana or the vengeful thoughts of an individual. I happened to get Keomi's sisters and her body was reconstructed into my vessel.' Shiro replied with a shrug.

'However, that does not mean Kuromi, Keomi's sister, is gone. That's because I'm still sharing her body with her in one way or another. A piece of her soul is still here, we just can't see or interact with it.'

{Ah, I see} Iziuel nodded.

After staying in Shiro's mana realm for just a day, her voice seems to sound much livelier. This was good news since it means that Iziuel is recovering steadily.

Arriving back in her room, Shiro locked the door before pulling out her pills and Yin's blood.

However, she paused in her steps since she realised that she had no idea on how she should go about enhancing the pills.

"Er this is a slight problem isn't it?" Shiro muttered while pulling out her phone. Searching for the best way to enhance a pill using a new material, she found a few solutions on the internet.

Browsing through them all, she chose the one that seems to be the easiest.

"Hmm so I need to set the pill in the centre of a formation before infusing the formation with the new material. The success depends on how much is absorbed and how well I can control the mana flow. Once that is done, I'll need to redirect everything so that it will slowly surround the pill with a thin layer that will slowly merge together. The initial process should take around 20 to 30 minutes give or take and the merging process will take 1 hour to 2 hours." Shiro muttered while placing the pill in front of her.

Pressing her fingers against the ground, a magic circle slowly expanded out as she made sure to adjust it so that it fits the diagram shown on the phone.

Normally, one would have a clear visualisation of the formation before actually creating it. But with her control over mana, changing it mid way was actually quite easy for her.

"Done. Now I need to infuse Yin's blood with the formation."

Opening the bottle cap, she wondered how many drops she should use. Apparently, phoenix blood is very volatile when used in medicine making so a few drops should do.

Tilting the bottle carefully, she dripped 3 drops of phoenix blood into the formation.

Letting off a soft hum, the initially blue magic circle turned into a vermillion red in an instant.

Understanding that she needed the blood to fuse together with the formation, she controlled the mana to wrap around the new foreign traces of mana.

Doing this for a few times, she determined that it should be ready.

"Right then, I now need to condense it and coat the pill with it." Shiro muttered with narrowed eyes.

Slowly clutching her hand into a fist, the magic circle started to shrink and wrap around the pill. As this was happening, pulses of energy would be emitted by the circle and cause her hair to flutter behind her.

Unfortunately, before the coating could fully condense, Shiro felt the existence of a barrier of sorts that rejected the process. No matter how much she wanted to condense it, the barrier would not budge.

"Tch, annoying." She clicked her tongue.

Slowing down the process, she had the coating slowly nudge itself towards the pill little by little.

This seemed to work much better since it was eating away at the barrier, making it easier to progress.

'Seems like I have to be delicate with this part. The more force I put, the harder it will resist.'

After a short while, the coating finally made contact with the pill.


A red light filled her vision as the pill was set on fire. At first, she was worried but she then noticed patterns being carved into the pill within the fire and understood that it must be part of the process.

Setting the pill aside to do whatever it needed, since it was in the merging process, Shiro started to enhance the next few pills.

Since she only had 6 of the lowest grade pills she wanted to save 3 of them so that she could bring her repair up to 10%.

After finishing the third pill, she decided to take a break and see how they turn out. She didn't want to waste the better grade pills after all.

Looking at the three unenhanced pills in her hand, she threw them into her mouth and closed her eyes.

By eating these three, her links should be repaired to 10%.

Sweat dripped off her face as she could feel a burning sensation being spread through her body. It slowly travelled through her veins before reaching her links.

{Wow her pain tolerance is quite amazing isn't it?} Iziuel muttered in surprise. Despite her not feeling the pain that Shiro was feeling, just watching it do its job was quite painful since the fire would completely shred a part of her links before fusing them back together.

{If you understood what she had gone through before, you'll understand that this is nothing for her.} Nimue smiled while watching this happen.

With her links being repaired to 10% and 6 more pills left to consume, 3 enhanced and 3 higher grade pills, there is a good chance that she'll reach 25% or maybe higher. Hell, if she succeeds in enhancing the 3 higher grade pills, she may even get to 30% recovery. Once that happens, there is no doubt that she'll be able to dominate people that are higher level than her easily.

After all, she was able to kill level 100's as a level 80 at just 7% recovery. If she had 30%, they would just be cannon fodder to her.

"Fu" Breathing out slowly, Shiro opened her eyes.

Glancing at the time, she understood that the pills should have finished merging.

Standing up, she realised that her body felt much more active. If she had to describe it, it would be like how one would feel when they've finally got out of bed and did a good stretch.

"Hmm If this is the feeling that I have at 10%, I wonder how 100% feels." Shiro mused curiously.

Shaking her head, she looked over at the pills and noticed that the fire had died down.

Inscribed on the surface of the pills were golden patterns and runes of which Shiro weren't familiar with.

[Enhanced Phoenix Rebirth Pills Red]

Enhanced with the blood of a true phoenix, the dormant medicinal properties have been brought out. Unfortunately, due to the low quality of the base material, it can only repair your body by 5%.

Seeing that the pills were a match for the next grade of pills with a single enhancement, Shiro couldn't help but wonder how much the 4% pills would improve should she enhance them as well.

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