Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? Book 5 Chapter 355

Volume 5 Chapter 355 Raoul

Walking through the gates, Shiro showed the gatekeeper her old ID card.

"Ohya? Seems like miss celebrity has come back. You know, even after you've left for so long, a lot of the students still remembers you. Same goes with me, I kind of become your fan after you fought against the disciples that belonged to winter's grace." The gatekeeper laughed since he could still remember that moment he saw a beautiful mute girl being led into the school.

"Haha is that so? I'm surprised that you have become my fan. Keep up the good work, I won't be staying here for long since I'm going back to the faction branch soon." Shiro smiled and gave him a small wave before leaving.

"Miss celebrity huh? You even made a gatekeeper your fan." Chen Yu raised an eyebrow.

Rolling her eyes, Shiro ignored their stares and made her way towards the training hall. From what Silvia had told her, Jonas spends most of his days staying in the training hall helping any student that come for his help.

Opening the doors to the training hall, she was surprised to see the bed giving kid training with Jonas. Compared to before, his physique was much stronger and he seemed to have a righteous aura about him.

But compared to the hypocritical aura that the light hero had, it was something more soothing than that.

'Could he be potentially a hero class candidate?' Shiro wondered to herself since she wouldn't be surprised if that did happen.

Of course, this was just through judging his aura and current state of mind. She doesn't know him personally so she couldn't say for sure.

"Yo, you seem to be busy, Should I come back later or just watch for now?" Shiro called out with a smile after the two made some distance with each other.

"Just give me a moment, I'll f- Wait, Silvia! Shiro! Haha, it's been a while." Jonas called out but paused half way when he realised who was calling out to them.

As for the bed giving kid, when he heard the name Shiro, he instantly perked his ears up and looked over. Seeing Shiro's more mature appearance, he couldn't help but be attracted at first sight.

In addition to this, her confident smile and battle ready aura was his main inspiration for coming out of his shell of being that shy kid. Seeing a young girl being more open and powerful than him gave him that drive to become better. Even if she didn't notice him, it would be fine.

"It's been a while Jonas. Seems like you've taken a liking to being a teacher. And as for you, I almost didn't recognise you. Thanks for offering that bed haha." Shiro chuckled while giving him a small wave.

"Ah, er um You're welcome." He replied while hiding his face a little behind his sword.

"Hahaha, Raoul, when did you become such a shy senior? Weren't you always the strong silent heroic type that the girls are going for now?" Jonas grinned as Raoul became embarrassed.

"Or could it be that you've been smitten by this little ass freak haha, your future looks bleak." He chuckled.

"Tch, Jonas, I'm still here you know. And plus, I'll have you know, I'm not an ass freak. I'm just an avid weakness exploiter. So anyways, how have you two been? You guys seem to be quite close." Shiro smiled.

"I've been quite good. To be honest, life as an instructor is pretty relaxed. Not really any pressure to do dungeons. That being said, you're already at level 100 huh? Goodness your levelling speed is insane." Jonas replied while gesturing for everyone to sit over at one of the resting benches for now.

"Well I just had some fortunate opportunities. What about you Raoul? How have you been?"

Talking to each other for a bit more, Jonas asked if Shiro wanted a little spar since it's been a while since he's last seen her fight.

"Hou~ Are you sure?" Shiro raised an eyebrow. She wasn't trying to be arrogant but if she went serious on Jonas, there was no way he wasn't leaving without a broken bone. That being said, holding back too much would just seem like she's belittling him.

"Oh don't worry. This set of old bones need a serious workout from time to time." Jonas chuckled.

"You mean beatdown?" Silvia added with a 'pure' smile.

". . .Silvia, why has your tongue become so sharp since the last time I saw you. Your old man's gonna be mad at me if he realised that his daughter has become like this haha." Jonas joked around.

"What do you mean? I'm still just a harmless support class." Silvia bluffed as the party instantly turned to her with a distrustful expression.

"Would a harmless support bite the head off a rabbit?" Madison raised her eyebrow while the other members nodded their heads.

"I don't know what you're on about. Chen Yu, you seem to want to nod. Don't worry, I won't judge. Of course, you know that I'm such a harmless support class right?" Silvia 'smiled' at Chen Yu.

Shivering for a moment, Chen Yu nodded his head obediently.

'Pft, he's like an obedient rabbit. At least he won't get his head torn off by her.' Shiro thought with a chuckle.

As for Jonas, after seeing how Chen Yu and Silvia acted around each other, he couldn't help but have a proud smile.

'Old friend, your daughter's all grown up. She's even got a party of friends and a boy who she seems to be in a good relationship with. I wish you could be here to see this.' He thought with a soft smile.

Joking around for a short moment, Shiro made an ice spear and twirled it around her body before getting into stance.

"You ready?" Shiro asked with a smile.

"Ready as I'll ever be. Just don't pierce my ass and I'll be fine." Jonas chuckled as Shiro nodded her head.

Twirling her spear, she stabbed it into the ground and vaulted towards Jonas.

Twisting her body, she slammed the spear downwards.

'I'll restrain the use of the rift since that would be unfair for him.' She thought to herself while observing Jonas' movements.

Stepping slightly to the side, he parried Shiro's attack and redirected it to the ground.

Unfortunately for him, Shiro adapted to his movements and used the spear as a pivot to roundhouse kick him in the head, sending him flying across the ground, leaving a trail of dust and smoke.

"Oh sh*t!" Shiro widened her eyes since she hadn't controlled her power properly. Since her titles and passive bonuses gave her extra power against those that are weaker than her, even after restraining her strength each hit would still be monstrous.

Thawing her spear, she quickly rushed over to him to check if he's fine.

"Ah sorry about that, I didn't expect my passive skills to boost my strength so much even after I restrained myself." Shiro apologised as Jonas only waved it off.

"Haha, it's fine. I expected this outcome but didn't expect that the difference was so big." Jonas chuckled.

"You know, she's a freak even among peak C class ya know? There are only a handful of people that can kill those in the B class as easily as she could. Hell, she even faced off against several level 100's when she was just level 80." Silvia glanced over at Shiro before back at Jonas.

"I see. Well if she could do that, I'm sure dealing with something low level like me would be a walk in the park. Anyways, the goal of this spar was to see what your fighting style is like. If possible, I want you to spar with Raoul here so that he can get some more experience." Jonas asked as he stood up.

"Hou? So you want me to help you train him?" Shiro raised an eyebrow and glanced over at Raoul.

"Sure, I don't see why not. I'll be here for a day anyways. So how do you want to do this Raoul? Shall I attack and you defend or the other way around? Magic or no magic?" She asked with a smile.

"It may not be very manly to say this but would it be ok if I attacked and you defend? As for magic, you can use it if you wish. Just be easy on me haha." Raoul scratched his hair in embarrassment. If possible, he wanted to try to face her fair and square but after seeing how she dealt with his trainer, that was definitely out of the question since he'd lose instantly.

"Very well. In that case, I'll use these and a mix of Ice magic since that's my specialty." Shiro chuckled while making some ice chains that wrapped around her wrists.

Swinging them around a little, Shiro stood in a casual stance and gestured for him to attack her.

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