Naruto: The Shinobi Genius Book 1 Chapter 74

Volume 1 Chapter 74

[1 day later]

I'm traveling through space. I'm just looking for something new I can find. There are a lot of empty planets. Some look like they had the life sucked out of them. I guess that is what happens when a god tree manages to take away all the life energy of a planet.

'What are you doing here!?'

I suddenly heard someone talking in my head.

"Who are you?"

'You dare enter my solar system and ask me who I am!?'

I closed my eyes and started sensing everything around me when I sensed a presence on an empty planet. I disappeared and appeared behind that presence.



He jumped back.

"How did you appear behind me!?"

"Who are you?"

"F*ck you!"

I appeared in front of him and punched him in his gut or that is what I though. My fist went right through him. It looked like I punched through fire. I jumped back.

"Did you eat a logia devil fruit or something?"

"What is this devil fruit you're speaking of?"

"Forget it."

I hit him and he got send flying back.

"How did you hit me!?"

"Are you stupid? Water beats fire you, idiot."

A sword made out of water appeared in my hand.


Suddenly I got surrounded by at least twenty people.

"Why should I listen to you?"

"I am Isoshi from the Miyashiro clan. I am the patriarch and this is my son, Hayato Miyashiro. I'm sorry if my son has offended you in any type of way, but please let him go."

He went on his knees and bowed his head.

"Patriarch what are you doing!? You can't just bow like that!" said an old man beside him

'He looks like the gullible idiot type. Kinda like Hashirama.'

The sword in my hand disappeared.

"I guess I can let him go."

"Are you perhaps from the Watanuki clan?" asked Isoshi

"Who are they?"

"The clan that is able to control water."

"So there are other people like you."

"You must not be from around here. There are multiple clans in this solar system. Every clan has an element that they can control. Like our Miyashiro clan can control fire and the Watanuki clan can control water."

"I see. But what's up with that telepathy?"

"That is something that every clan can do since the moment they are born."

'So there are at least 5 clans and every clan can control only one element. That means that each clan theoretically can only beat one clan. That means that they balance each other out. If they attack someone who they are strong against someone who is strong against them will attack them.'

"You haven't told us your name yet, sir."

"Naruto Uzumaki."

"Uzumaki? I have never heard of a clan going by that name."

"Just know that you won't survive if you piss us off."

"The audacity! How dare you talk to the patriarch like that!" screamed the old man

"Shut up before you get a heart attack. Old people like you should take it easy."

"I see, you have chosen death."

His arm turned into lightning.

"Stop it old man!" screamed the patriarch

"I can't take this humiliation! When I accepted your offer you promised me that I can kill whoever offends me."

"Are you sure that you want to raise your hand against me?"

He disappeared.

'For an old man, he is really fast. My eyes are having trouble keeping up with him.'


He fell on the ground headless.

Even if he is fast, his pattern is so predictable. I made a blade of wind and cut his head off without anyone releasing what I did.

"OLD MAN!" screamed the patriarch

Everyone around me got ready to fight.

"STOP! It was the old man's fault. Sir here was just protecting himself."

"It's good that you have a brain up there. I will take it as the old man acting alone and you having nothing to do with it."

"Thank you, sir. Please let me invite you for dinner."

"Sure, why not. And you can just call me Naruto."

"Alright Naruto, just follow us."

We started flying through space when we arrived on a normal looking planet.

'I was expecting it to be completely made of fire.'

We arrived at a small mansion and he dismissed his guards.

"Is this your house?"

"Yes. Is there something wrong with it?"

"Nah, I was just expecting you to have a bigger house."

"I only live here with my wife and son so I don't need a bigger house."

We entered his house and it looked completely normal. It was just like a mansion in Konoha.

"Who is this handsome young man?"

She gave me a wink.

"Mom!" screamed Hayato

"I'm just playing."

"So I'm not handsome?"

"No, you are really handsome!"

"Haha, thank you. But maybe you shouldn't say that when your husband is standing next to you."

"He knows that he is the best looking guy to have ever existed."

Isoshi had a smug smile.

"Too bad he has a small d.i.c.k."

"How did you know!?" asked Isoshi

"I didn't but now I know."

He was frozen stiff and his son was looking at him angrily.

'I bet he has a small d.i.c.k too, that is why he is looking at him like that.'

"Follow me to the dinner table." said his wife

I followed her and the table was completely filled with food. I sat down and a little bit later everyone was sitting at the dinner table.

"Please dig in." said his wife

"Thank you for the food."

Everyone started eating.

"This is really good."

"I bet this is the best food you have ever tasted." said Isoshi

"Nah, my girlfriend's food is still better, but it isn't fair to compare a mortal to a goddess."

"So how does my food compare to the food you have eaten before?"

"It's in fourth place."

"How can it be in fourth place. My wife's cooking is the best in the solar system. Even the other clans have said that her cooking is the best."

"In first place is my cooking. In second place is my girlfriends cooking and in third place is Ichiraku Ramen."

"Are you saying that you are better at cooking than me!? You are too young to be criticizing my cooking."

I stood up and went to the kitchen.

"I'll show you what the heavens taste like."

[30 minutes later]

I gave them a plate of rice curry.

"Are you saying that this food tastes like heaven? It looks so plain." said Isoshi

"Just eat it."

They all took a spoonful and put it in their mouth.

"What is this!? It's amazing!" said Hayato

"I've never tasted something as delicious as this." said Isoshi

"Fine, I give up. Your food is way better than mine."

"It's good that you finally know your place."

She gave me a death glare.

"Hahaha, I'm kidding. I'm really thankful for your hospitality, but I need to go back home before my girlfriend gets worried about me. I'll come back and visit you guys for some more delicious food."

"You're always welcome here, Naruto." said Isoshi


I appeared in Konoha.

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