National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1003

Chapter 1003 The Start

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The atmosphere in the audience reached an all-time low. Especially the Supreme Alliance fans were no longer cheering as loudly as before. They had never seen the Feng Yun pairing so suppressed before.

Even until this moment, Yun Hu was still defending the tower.

Even those that werent well versed in battle tactics knew it would be hard for their favorite team to win this match.

The anxiety spread like a disease and in that moment, they started to doubt the Feng Yun pairing. If they had been sent out separately, they could stand a greater chance. But now, they were dragging each other down, neither of them helping the other. That was how the fans thought.

Feng Yi was right about something.

When the fangirls saw two handsome guys together, they may find the pairing adorable but when the pairing materialized, they would never give their blessings. Right now, the fans were starting to feel frustrated when Lin Feng didnt provide timely assistance to Yun Hu and had even separated themselves into individual versus the couple fans.

In reality, Lin Feng isnt that capable. He may be quick but if this match was headed by Almighty Yun and Almighty Qin, they would definitely emerge victorious. Lin Feng hasnt been in the game the entire time, lets not touch on his maneuvering, ever since before, he has relied on Almighty Yun to turn the tables. If we really start to pick on the nitty details, Lin Feng was brought up by Almighty Yun. In the past, I wouldnt have bothered about the CP pairing but now, its obvious he is dragging my Almighty Yun down.

The reporters zoomed in on the commenting fan, flashing it onto the screen for everyone to see.

Bo Jiu frowned because of the directors actions and because of the statement. Fans may start to view their idols as family members and never considered whether their actions were indeed beneficial towards their idols. They would step on another as a form of adoration.

If Yun Hu heard their remarks, he would definitely flip.

Some of the fans exploded, which meant the issue had been ongoing.

But Bo Jiu glanced up, her attention on the naive Lin Feng, who was still focusing on the game. Her lips turned upwards, he could digest the comments himself.

He probably never told Yun Hu how bad the situation was.

There were many CP fans, many of them supporting the adorable CP as even their daily interactions were filled with love. But once the fans found one party unworthy, they could make the cruelest comments.

Having experienced their wrath, Bo Jiu knew the sort of actions they would take. It wouldnt be outright, instead, they would secretly send out private messages, which she blocked immediately.

She wasnt sure how Lin Feng would deal with it.

It hadnt been long since she was paired with the Almighty and there were already so many fans wishing for her death.

Lin Feng had been experiencing it for so many years. How many of such messages had he received?

You arent worthy of my Almighty Yun! You game so badly, why would you drag my Almighty Yun down?

At that time, how did he feel?

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