National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1004

Chapter 1004 Lin Fengs Potent Burst

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Lin Feng was thinking of how to win. Yes, ever since the start, all he thought about was how to win.

When he had first encountered such a remark, he had explained himself, the game, and how he would stop being a burden to Yun Hu.

But by the hundredth time, all he had told himself was to never let that person lose. Or perhaps, he would dismiss the comments. He was the most affected if they lost. He was a straight guy after all, so who cared about the CP? He would doubt himself, wondering if he was indeed a burden.

By the thousandth time, he had sat in front of his laptop, practicing for eight hours straight. He would train harder if he couldnt catch up.

That was how he coped since young. He had to spend three hours or even up to a day to memorize notes Yun Hu did in an hour.

If it hadnt been for his presence, to constantly remind him to strive harder, he probably wouldnt become someone worthy.

And now, all he wanted was to win.

It wasnt because of him. If he lost, he would let his teammates down; Yaoyao with her dreams to become better, Uncle Yun, who wanted to return to his roots, Baby Feng, who trained hard for a month, and Little Spade, who had yet to compete.

For the sake of them, he couldnt become anyones burden.

Lin Feng moved his mouse swiftly, his map cutting to Yun Hus view. As compared to Lin Fengs side, there seemed to be more going on over at the other map.

Yun Hu was going strong, his movement and speed perfectly executed, which was the reason the audience started to question Lin Fengs ability.Why wasnt he going over to provide assistance, didnt he know their Almighty Yun was severely hurt?

Just as the fans complained, a string of comments flashed across the screen.

The Tyrant King is killed.

Tyrant King?!

The Xiangnan twins paused, clicking onto the map.

That was when they realized Lin Feng didnt just kill the Tyrant King, he had also wiped out the soldiers and beasts in the bottom and middle lane.

That wasnt all.

Just as they clicked into the map, a figure flashed past them. It was the warrior Lin Feng was commanding. He struck the main attacker and with a leap, came down with a big move.

He moved quickly, his finances the highest in the game.

In a game like Hero, the maneuvering was indeed important but there was something else that mattered, the finances. A robust finance meant better equipment and stronger attack power.

With the same moves, the one with higher finances would basically be the winner.

Xiangnan activated their defenses too late. In close combat, the far-range attacker would be at a disadvantage. Besides, Lin Feng leaped over, not giving them any chance to react. Everything happened to quickly.

That wasnt all, Lin Feng seemed to have waited for them to finish their big move before striking. With that, even the highly skilled Xiangnan players were helpless as the music announcedK.O!

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