National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1008

Chapter 1008 Untitled

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It was a simple sentence but once the words appeared on the screen, some of the Spade fans couldnt help tightening their grip over the cola cans in their hands.

It was about to begin!

All their emotions were projected into that sentence, their hearts racing.

The youngster shook the mouse gently before entering the battle. She moved so calmly that those that werent aware would have thought she was playing an average game.

The youngster probably wasnt the serious type because she was smiling at the screen, seemingly thinking of how to end this quickly. But choosing her character was considered one of the most crucial parts of the competition.

The shoutcaster held his mic. Come, let us look at how their choices are coming along. Supreme Alliance seems the same as before and has picked the double assassin route while Xiangnan is going for a full formation.

With that, the other shoutcaster added, For the past two years, Xiangnan has rarely gone for a full formation.

Indeed, this isnt going to be an easy battle. From the screen, we can see that Xiangnan picked characters that are best against Supreme Alliances choice. Its not going to be easy for Supreme Alliance if they use the double assassin route

As he continued the commentary, the map opened up into the game.

Everyone entered the map at the same time, separated into a blue and red side. Supreme Alliance took the red while Xiangnan took the blue. With that, the team battle began!

Everyone focused on the screen with an intensity unlike before. Both the audience watching the live match and the esports fans that gathered in internet cafes were extremely quiet.

Come to think about it, the usually boisterous internet cafe fell silent, only the special effects from the speakers could be heard.

The audience was shown Qin Mos angle, it shifted over to Xiao Jing briefly before switching back to Qin Mo.

Almighty Qin is using the same tactic as before, starting off with the blue beasts.

Assassins requires high magic points, the best way for them to win is to accumulate more magic points by killing blue beasts.

Wait a moment, there is someone in the bushes?

There really is, Almighty Qin seems to have realized!

Qin Mo was aware. Hence, he took a step back, which was the best tactic against someone stealing his beasts.

But the moment he took a step back, Zhao Sanpang came over on his horse, striking Qin Mo.

Qin Mo went straight into action, his left hands flying across the keyboard swiftly, successfully taking a left turn to avoid that fatal attack.

No one, however. expected the two other reinforcements behind Zhao Sanpang, Beauty Luo and the aid from Xiangnan.

A far-range attack and a hypnotizing attack came from both sides.

Qin Mo dodged one of them but couldnt avoid the hypnotizing spell and thus was trapped.

Beauty Luo held a cannon on her shoulders, rolled forward, and attacked.

In that instance, Qin Mos HP fell by a quarter.

At this moment, a galloping sound could be heard. It was Zhao Sanpang. He lifted his big knife and went straight for Qin Mo!

As the attack power was both sharp and smooth, even the fastest assassin wouldnt be able to avoid that attack.

Just as the shoutcasters had said, the characters chosen by Xiangnan were specifically to suppress the Supreme Alliance

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