National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1009

Chapter 1009 Untitled

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No one expected the three Almighties to appear together since Luoluo was hidden from the start. This was clearly a calculated scheme to ambush Almighty Qin.

Hero players were all aware that assassins had weak attack power at the start of the game and would not be able to fend off three attackers, regardless of how capable the player was.

There was still hope if the sorcerer in the middle lane arrived in time to provide assistance but Yaoyao wasnt experienced enough. She didnt have the habit of cutting the maps to observe the other areas and thus it would be too late by the time she noticed something amiss.

Middle lane and jungle attack, You Sixin remarked lazily, accurately describing the situation. It is indeed a tricky situation for Supreme Alliance. Xiangnan took advantage of this. If Qin Mo hadnt escaped in time, he would have been trapped but even if he managed to dodge that attack, he will still be trapped.

Zhao Sanpang hadnt expected Qin Mo to escape his explosive blow with a loud thud!

He was starting to doubt his captains suspicion. It wasnt possible for Qin Mos hand to still be injured. He was probably lying. Fortunately, he saw the reinforcements.

Beauty Luo struck him with a cannon! This time, there was no escape. Both the audience and the shoutcasters couldnt bear to watch the scene.

No one had the heart to see Qin Mo become the first kill.

But this was an opportunity as well and Beauty Luo was merciless. Her maneuvering was sharp and accurate. She seemed to have predicted he would dodge Zhao Sanpangs blow.

The cannon attack was detrimental. Qin Mo wasnt able to escape, regardless of how quickly he moved.

At this moment, a white figure flashed past. But instead of attacking, she dashed forward, climbing the tower to block Qin Mo, cushioning the cannon attack!

F*ck, Little Spade! Zhao Sanpang cursed, they were seconds away from taking the first kill and it would even have been a star player like Qin Mo. They had never killed Qin Mo before, this had been a one in a million opportunity and yet it was destroyed!

Where exactly did Little Spade come from?!

Come back after taking the blue beasts, Xiao Jing instructed.

Zhao Sanpang obliged, leaving swiftly.

The shoutcasters heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Spade Z came in time.

Thats right, the other shoutcaster chipped in. But Spade Z is indeed losing out, is isnt just their blue beasts that are taken away, their tempo was also broken. Both of them are assassins but look at the differences between Qin Mos and Xiangnans finances. Xiao Jing is left with just one area in their wilderness before the hunting is complete but look at Qin Mo and Spade Z, they are much slower than before when they grew rapidly. Xiangnans suppression seems to be working well. Currently, North of the Yin Mountain has the highest finances of Supreme Alliance but even he is lacking compared to Xiao Jing. But all these arent even the main point, it is understood that assassins need to hunt in order to bring up the tempo and Supreme Alliance is using a double assassin arrangement, reducing the resources in their wilderness and putting them at a disadvantage. Things arent looking too good the Supreme Alliance. Their glaring insufficiencies were exposed during the joint attack.

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