National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1011

Chapter 1011 Untitled

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F*ck! That was Zhao Sanpangs first reaction because his attack couldnt be unleashed.Little Spade, did you have to be so despicable?He had hidden in the bushes for five whole minutes just to ambush him!

But that wasnt the end, as a sharp rifle came piercing at him. She wasnt going to let him off easily. Their numbers were adding up. Coco executed a far-range attack, sending Zhao Sanpangs HP down to a third.

When he finally thought he was free and could escape, Qin Mo came close and with a wave of his long sword, his speed was reduced.

But Zhao Sanpang wasnt afraid, his horse giving him an edge. After he escaped the electric current though, a figure glided through the bushes and leaped past the wall. With a jump, he was sent into the sky once more.

Beauty Luos assistance wasnt very useful. It wasnt just because of Qin Mos obstruction, it was also because the figure managed to dodge all the attacks.


The silver-haired youngster continued to tap swiftly as she sucked on her lollipop, her fingers agile and flexible. Her right hand was curving as she maneuvered the mouse.

The long sword waved, reflecting light and casting sparks in the sky. The music played was sharp and loudK.O!

The first kill! It was an impressive one!

The cheers from the audience soared through the roof. In that instant, Zhao Sanpang had a blank expression on his face while the shoutcasters couldnt believe their eyes. Spade Z managed to take the first kill even in such a situation. It was way too cool!

The youngster pressed onto to public microphone while she continued to take beasts, her lips upturned. This is repayment for the joint attack. Compared to taking red, I much prefer the blue you took from my side.

After just a second, Zhao Sanpang cursed. F*ck!

The youngster remained unruffled. Thats for attacking my Brother Mo.

Zhao Sanpang was left speechless, it felt as though he was being punished for bullying his little wife.

This first kill felt unfair!

Its fine to form CP but dont bring your personal feelings into the competition!

The youngster replied lazily, Stop sprouting rubbish, it doesnt matter since youre already dead.

Zhao Sanpang was infuriated as Xiao Jing moved his fingers. Clear the troops, dont be affected by his words.

That was when Zhao Sanpang realized that he hadnt kept his emotions in check. More importantly, no one knew Little Spade was taking blue and not red. It had obviously been a personal vendetta!

Just as the shoutcaster was prepared to flash the playback, the director suddenly cut into another scene. In the middle lane, Xiao Jing stabbed Xue Yaoyao while using his invisibility. He came close and held onto her. Xue Yaoyao wasnt a bad player but had no way to escape his clutches because he was Xiao Jing. In a 1v1, it wasnt possible for Xue Yaoyao to win against him.

Very quickly, the music blasted through the speakers!

Xue Yaoyaos corpse laid on the ground, three seconds after Spade Zs first kill.

The scores were tied but Xiao Jings finances rose to the highest in the game and Supreme Alliances first kill advantage was taken away.

The middle lane troops fell drastically. In reality, the gap had widened ever since the joint attack in the middle lane

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