National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014 Dragons Have Scales

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The youngsters pause caught everyones attention.

Lin Feng opened his mouth but nothing came out. Just then, with a loud ka-cha, she shoved the keyboard to the left. The sound was sharp and clean.

She continued to maneuver her character with one hand and pressed the other onto her captains wrist.

Qin Mo paused, glancing up at her.

Bo Jiu remained silent, her fingers gliding over, landing on Qin Mos keyboard.

What What is going on here?!

Spade Z is helping to maneuver Almighty Qins character?

That could reduce the stress placed on Almighty Qins speed?

But that isnt logical, how can you play in this manner? It might be alright to move the character with just the keyboard but he needs the mouse to confirm the attack, Spade Z, how can he

The confirmation can be done on the keyboard, look at Spade Zs hands.

The cameras zoomed in on the youngster. Both hands were placed on separate keyboards but every time she lifted her hand, it was so fast they could barely see the movements.

Many would use their left hand to operate the keyboard and their right to move the mouse but this was the first time anyone could play so flexibly with both hands in a professional match.

Feng Shang felt his eyes growing redder and even Yin Wuyao had turned to glance over.

They sat shoulder to shoulder. It seemed very much like, If there comes a day you were to lose your most prized possession, I will go to all means in order to safeguard your position.

Little Captains playing style

She pressed her lips tight, her heartache towards Captain Qin expressed through her actions.

Yin Wuyao chuckled, his voice travelling through the headphones towards Coco and Xue Yaoyao. Its time for us to work harder.

Yes, it was time for them to work hard.

For the sake of the man that had been carrying them on his shoulders ever since the beginning. Even if they didnt win, they had to give it their all.

When Zhao Sanpang caught sight of them, his mouth fell. Xiao Jing paused slightly before unleashing another attack. Continue.

Zhao Sanpangs voice turned hoarse. Little Spade is giving his all to protect Qin Mo, he must be crazy. But deep inside, he was filled with respect. It was a heartfelt passion he felt for his rival.

Little Spade, we wont show any mercy even if you act out a melodrama, Zhao Sanpang howled, as he unleashed yet another sword frenzy. His eyes lit up, brighter than before.

The moment her fingers fell, the youngster entered the wilderness, her voice lazy as always as she said, Heh, what melodrama? Its a romance, cant you tell? As expected of someone unattached. Brother Mo, dont be affected by Zhao Sanpang, do you want these blue beasts? Ill get it for you.

Zhao Sanpang: F*ck, why did he feel touched? This person was itching for a beating!

At this moment, someone mentioned, Spade Z is really cool but he cant compete in such a manner.

Indeed, ever since the youngster had taken over Qin Mos character, the shoutcasters eyed each other and turned their attention towards the judges. The judges had never faced such a unique situation and thus went into a brief discussion. Less than half a minute later, they shook their heads at the shoutcasters.

The next second, the announcement was made. Warning given to Supreme Alliances member, please follow the games normal procedures, this is an esports arena.

They didnt have to specify the player, it was clear in everyones heart.

In reality, this wasnt easy as it didnt just challenge a persons hand speed, it also tested their calculation and judgement, which would slow her progress.

But Bo Jiu would rather slow down, while keeping things steady.

In the past, she did things swiftly. Now, she no longer felt the same way. She wanted him to remain unscathed and Almighty Qin should always be cherished.

Bo Jiu didnt wish to take her hands back. Seeing this, Qin Mo turned towards the youngster, his lips lifted into a smile with probably all the tenderness he had in this lifetime. Are you misbehaving because there isnt any more candy?

Bo Jiu had always been like a fox with a unique stubbornness.

Have you forgotten what you promised me yesterday? Qin Mos eyes deepened. You were supposed to control Supreme Alliances tempo.

All of a sudden, Bo Jiu paused. Qin Mo moved in that instant, pushing his keyboard back to position.

Spade Zs character remained stationary for just one second. The next moment, she hurriedly went to kill beasts and troops.

If Bo Jiu was building up her own finances before, the Bo Jiu right now had slowed down but managed to perfect the coordination with her teammates on every lane.

Rao Rong broke into a sudden laughter. Spade Zs only flaw has been eliminated, its going to be hard for Xiangnan to continue suppressing Supreme Alliance.

The only flaw? Lin Chentao didnt understand what flaws Little Spade had since he had been feared ever since the start of the competition.

Rao Rong pointed to the side. Previously, Spade Z was too fast during the cooperation and sometimes, when the assassin is too fast, it separates him from the team. They wont be able to match up when assistance is needed, which is a fatal flaw during a team battle. Right now, Spade Z has learnt to gather his teammates during his individual battles. He has slowed down to the perfect speed. A deadly assassin may be important but an assassin that understands his members and makes accurate attacks is much stronger. Spade Z doesnt just have Qin Mos ability to scheme, he has something else. Hero has never been an individual game.

As if to justify Rao Rongs words, a battle opened up on the top lane. It wasnt just the experienced North of the Yin Mountain that came in time for support, Xue Yaoyao used her lighting skills to unleash a rain spell, successfully taking down one of their heads.

Everyone could sense the difference; Supreme Alliance was no longer the same. Compared to the start of the game No, even compared to a moment ago, they had completely changed in terms of their skills, hand speed, game instinct, and cooperation.

This team was much stronger than before.

The scores tightened up once again. The collapsing top lane was salvaged just in time and thus the tempo was brought back to Supreme Alliance.

This was the first time Xiangnan reached a tie even after half an hour had passed. In the past, they had always managed to destroy the city center within 40 minutes with more kills on their side. Besides, it had been a long time since Xiangnan activated their full force.

Today, it was unlike before. Even those unfamiliar with the game had stopped outside the mall to watch the screen. Perhaps, it wasnt the skills that moved them but knowing that there are people around you amidst the exciting battle, regardless of the situation. In victory, they celebrated with joy. In loss, they strived for the next opportunity. Their presence brought courage to not abandon and not give up. That was the embodiment of youth.

An impressive battle. When a son was deeply immersed in the competition, a father smiled. It feels similar to the volleyball match I watched during my time. You shouldnt be learning their gaming, instead, you should learn their attitude towards life. Do you understand, you little rascal?

Time trickled by slowly. Everyone assumed Supreme Alliance would continue leading. But in just three minutes, a row of words appeared on the screen. Xiao Jing from the blue team killed the Shadow Master.

Whoever took down the biggest boss in the wilderness would be awarded with the flying dragons help.

The Shadow Master could be killed multiple times, with repeated appearance throughout the game.

As the game progressed, the support from the flying dragons would increase.

Xiao Jings kill placed the pressure back onto Supreme Alliance. That wasnt all, with just one big move, he managed to kill Coco, pulling their scores apart. Supreme Alliance might be after a team battle but right now, there wasnt any advantage.

This time, the top lane really collapsed.

It was unsalvageable.

Regardless of how capable Spade Z is, he still wont be able to save it.

Xiangnans suppression on Qin Mo is way too brutal.

Thats right, the middle lane collapsed from the start. Qin Mo wasnt able to grow and with his hand injury, the scores are continuously brought to a tie. On the surface, the outlook doesnt look skewed but in the end, Supreme Alliance will definitely lose since the finances are so different.

If Qin Mo doesnt come up, everything will be in vain.

Honestly, if it had been any other team, Supreme Alliance could still stand a chance. But their opponent wasnt any other team but Xiangnan, the reigning champions.

Beauty Luos ruthless cannon came up, flaunting her skills.

During the next team battle, even Little Spade had lost her life but she managed to take Xiao Jing along before she died. However, no one could vouch for such luck again.

Supreme Alliance wasnt the only growing in this battle, Xiangnan had grown as well.

Spade Z was the first person to kill Xiao Jing during a team battle. After they revived, they both dashed out. Amidst the battle in the middle lane, Spade Z fought against three others.

She used her second skill to lift the sorcerer. Once she was left with half of her HP, she returned to the city while the others chased behind.

Right at this moment, the youngster changed direction, leaping backwards to execute a big move on the sorcerer from Xiangnan.


Beautiful! the onlooking teams couldnt help complimenting her maneuvering. Especially when Xiangnan had wanted to block Spade Z, she glided to the side and leap across the wall back to her own wilderness.

The tank from Xiangnan chased behind tightly. Since Spade Z was left with only a few HP, just one big move would be able to kill her.

But where did she go?The player frowned. In such a circumstance, the player with insufficient HP would turn back to safety, moving at a fast speed. But it was obvious she wasnt escaping.

The audience watched as she hid in the bushes. Instead of returning to the city, she laid in wait.

Spade Z is waiting for his big move.

That cant be, Big Spade is planning on a counter-kill but he is a tank, they have many HP.

Continue watching.

Every one watched anxiously. When the tank from Xiangnan was about to reach Spade Z, inhales could be heard.

The tank seemed to have detected something and was about to strike the bushes. Just then, a figure clothed in white leaped out, sending him into the air with a second skill before executing an attack.

At this moment, the audience caught sight of the long rifle that the youngster was using, the silver lights reflecting off its blade. Every attack was an indication of its uniqueness.

No one expected Spade Z to have a weapon like this at such a late stage in the game. She wore an armor and had a white dragon in her hand, its spectacular outline casting a shadow on the floor.

But the appearance itself couldnt convince the crowd, they didnt think it was enough to kill the tank. The difference in their HP was too drastic, it seemed far-fetched even if she used the blood sucking ability.

But right at that moment, the youngster took a step back. Another figure glided past her and with a formation from his sword, he trapped the Xiangnan player.

She hadnt just been waiting for his big move, she had also been waiting for Qin Mo.

Once the time was ripe, the youngster went up and used her second skill to lift him into the air.

The heart palpating music rang once againDouble-kill! Double-kill with half of the HP left.Even though the description seemed rather lengthy, everything happened in seconds.

The rapid killings hyped up the arena.

Before the youngster returned to the city, a silver glow appeared in the middle lanes wilderness.

K.O! Double-kill!


The continuous string of announcements extinguished the excitement built up by Supreme Alliance.


Coco, Uncle Yin and Yaoyao all died twice. This also meant that Xiao Jing had started his massacre.

This is Xiangnans true formation, the next five minutes will be crucial to both teams, Rao Rong commented calmly. If Spade Z cant survive the next five minutes, if Qin Mo isnt going to raise up within the time frame and even Spade Zs balancing act wont be able to stop Xiao Jing now that he has reached his peak.

It wasnt just Rao Rong who saw that. The other teams that had battled against Xiangnan realized it as well.

This time, it would be hard for Supreme Alliance to turn the tables.

Within such a short time frame, it wouldnt be possible for Qin Mo But right when their thoughts were turning pessimistic, someone bolted upright, his eyes filled with a glow of disbelief. Quick, look at Almighty Qin!

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