National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1016

Chapter 1016 Game

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But to end in such a manner seemed like a pity.

Lin Chentao watched Feng Yi as he walked to the panel of judges, prepared to speak to the person in charge.


The youngster in front of the computer pressed onto Qin Mos wrist the second time.

But this time, Bo Jiu didnt use her other hand to release the pressure on his hand because it wasnt allowed.

Brother Mo, do you trust me?

It was her voice, calm with a hint of her unique deepness, blasting through the speakers.

Yes, Qin Mo replied firmly, his deep gaze landing on her before turning to the hand resting on his wrist.

Bo Jiu pressed his hand, turning her gaze. Then do as you have said, let me bring up Supreme Alliances tempo, Ill defeat them and make Sanpang call me Daddy. Dont worry.

The youngster spoke sincerely, her silver hair a mess. Qin Mo suddenly relaxed his wrist. Alright.

What did you mean?Zhao Sanpang was infuriated.Who was going to call that bast*rd daddy? Little Spade was itching for a beating! He was going to make him pay!

Xiangnan dashed out.

Bo Jiu tilted her head, her silver hair drooping forward. Her face looked ravishing as she glanced in Feng Yis direction.

Feng Yi paused. When he caught her gaze, he chuckled.Was Little Spade telling him to stop moving?

The organizer glanced over at Feng Yi with an arched brow. Is there something up with Supreme Alliance?

No. Feng Yi had a presentable smile on his face. Even though the judges were eyeing him weirdly, he remained firm, not prepared to give up on them.

Supreme Alliance was obviously on the losing end because their finances couldnt catch up and there was only one defense tower in the middle lane left.

There wasnt much tempo to carry in this game. Besides, they were up against Xiao Jing, the man who could never relax.

There was a theory in Hero. The one who controlled the wilderness would also control the game. Hence, Xiao Jing never stopped hunting.

He wasnt going to give Supreme Alliance any chance. Thus, he stationed below the defense tower, not giving them a chance to move. He had the upper hand.

Another team battle was brewing in the middle lane. At this moment, both teams barely had any defense towers left.

Other than Xiao Jing, Luoluo, Bo Jiu, and Qin Mo, everyone else have died twice. One more death and they would be disqualified.

Hence, the three-men joint battle had to happen.

Everyone was skilled but Xiangnan was clearly more aggressive. Even though they were under the defense tower, Supreme Alliance didnt let their guard down. Moreover, they still had troops.

The audience watched with bated breath, their hands clenched tightly. Things werent looking good for Supreme Alliance.

Sometimes, instincts were accurate.

Zhao Sanpang struck with a big move, splitting Xue Yaoyaos rain formation and successfully cutting her HP by half.

With his attack, the tank came in to pounce on Xue Yaoyao while Beauty Luo struck her with a cannon ball.

Blood splattered in all directions as Xue Yaoyaos screen was covered with a depressing grey color.

Supreme Alliance was really going to lose. There didnt seem to be enough time for Bo Jiu to bring up the tempo.

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