National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1019

Chapter 1019 Game

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In that instant, Feng Yi had a glimpse of the noble war god from before. It was exactly how Qin Mo had been like back in his heydays.

Watching him game was like watching a feast. The passion from before surged through him all at once. In that instant, the crowd was cheering in unison, Supreme Alliance!

With that, no one believed they would lose. It seemed like a miracle. And this miracle was created by the youngster.

Xiao Jings right hand was still on the mouse. He watched as the revival timer counted down, leaving Luoluo with two words. Protect it.

It was a crucial moment for both teams. The moment Luoluo revived, the three other teammates had died the second time and were no longer qualified.

But it wasnt too late. After Luoluo revived, they still stood a chance.

That was the belief every Xiangnan member had at the moment. However, in the next second, a white figure broke their plans.

Qin Mo!

Isnt Almighty Qins hand injured? Is he going to face off against her?

The white-robed figure on the screen answered their questions.

Luoluo gripped her mouse. When she rolled out, the last defense tower had been destroyed.

Qin Mo flew over on a dragon, heading straight for the highlands.

Luoluo narrowed her eyes. She held her cannon and aimed straight at Qin Mo.

The flames separated, Qin Mo sprang into action, avoiding the attack. He glided to the left, his long sword gliding through the air and casting an electric spell. Luoluo slowed down drastically. She made use of her agile maneuvering and rolled to the left. With her cannon positioned, she fired straight at Qin Mo.

Seems like his injury has started to affect his maneuvering.

Xiao Jing is going to revive in fifteen seconds. Qin Mos attack isnt going to work out even with the flying dragon. It isnt that easy to break through such a highly secured area.

With Qin Mos maneuvering, he might even be killed by Beauty Luo.

In the next second, Qin Mo was left with half of his HP. Even the flying dragons couldnt help to lessen the impact of the decline in his maneuvering.

The youngster glanced over abruptly and realized how swollen his wrists were.

Bo Jiu clenched onto her mouse, wishing for the revival countdown to speed up.

The audience watched with regret, including the OG fans that were watching in the internet cafe. That poor maneuvering together with Qin Mos ID made them feel a sharp ache. Qin Mo wasnt like others, even to the fans from other teams

Is Almighty Qin really going to be killed? a Supreme Alliance fan asked the person beside him.

No one replied, the atmosphere tense and heavy.

The audience was glued to the screen. They watched as the severely injured Qin Mo retreated back to the city.

Beauty Luo didnt give up on the opportunity, rolling in Qin Mos direction.

The audience turned to the side, unwilling to witness the scene.

You Sixin stood up, his fingers clenching onto the railing in front of him, a sharp glint flashing in his eyes. Xiangnan fell into his trap.

Trap? What did that mean?

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