National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1020

Chapter 1020 Spreading Candies

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It wasnt just the audience that was confused, even the shoutcasters hadnt understood what he meant. The audience watched Qin Mo with wide eyes.He was back at the borders of Xiangnans city lake?!


He is back!

Lin Chentao focused on the screens, his pupils faltering. Qin Mo did that on purpose, even that series of maneuvering, it was all to trick Beauty Luo outwards! Because of the lack of time, just the flying dragon alone wouldnt be enough to push down the city. No, thats not right. Scratch that. This has always been his motive, even if something went wrong, it was a deliberate mistake.

The audience were at a loss for words.

Could you imagine that the person that had been running suddenly returned back to his original position before appearing behind, all while his opponent chased behind? Everything had been part of his plan.

There wasnt enough time for Luoluo to return and there were five seconds left before Xiao Jing revived.

Qin Mo seemed to have noticed the time because he flashed his long sword without hesitation. The Three Thousand Knife Cutting reappeared on the screen, along with the help of the flying dragon, he slammed straight at the crystal in the middle of Xiangnans city.

Bright lights flashed through the sky while the person wielding the long sword stood tall and regal. A large word appeared on the screen along with the heart-palpating sound effect Victory!

The screens over at Xiangnans side dimmed. Even their team name had dimmed. Only Supreme Alliances name was left on the screens!

It was obvious what that meant! Feng Shang was the first to dash out, hugging Lin Feng!

Brother Feng, we won, we really won!

Yun Hu glanced down at his empty hand before turning towards Feng Shang. He reached out and tugged Lin Feng over, holding him tight in his embrace.

His intentions were clear. It was as if he was saying,he is mine, you can hug someone else.

Feng Shang no longer stuttered and turned to find someone else. Brother, we won, we really won!

Feng Yi was still focused on the screens, his pupils shivering. He was seemingly still in a daze from the moment before.

If the media caught sight of his expression, it would have been chaos since such an expression was rarely seen on the smiling prince.

But right at this moment, all he could hear was the voice beside him.They won! They really won!

The cheers intensified along with the victorious music that blast through the speakers!

Lin Feng was so happy he wasnt sure how to express himself. He pulled open his uniform and tossed it at the audience, his face bright and glowing and his smile wide and radiant. He reached out and hugged Yun Hu without a care in the world.

Xue Yaoyao and Coco sat on their chair in a daze.

Yin Wuyao froze for a while before hanging his head, his charismatic uncle smile spreading across his face.

Lin Feng and the others had bolted over.

The entire Supreme Alliance was standing in the same place. Under the spotlights, the gleam in their eyes shone bright.

All these years, they had walked through glory and failure. They had been looked down upon, insulted by anti-fans, and forgotten by the masses.

Today, they were finally standing at the top where they belonged. The National Champions!

The defeated Xiangnan didnt have much to say.

Zhao Sanpang wasnt pleased but he didnt express it outwardly, blaming himself for not trying hard enough.

Beauty Luo stood at the side, her voice lowered. Im sorry, I never expected Qin Mo to do that. I underestimated him. He isnt someone who would mess up just because his wrist is injured.

Xiao Jing stood up, a hand stuffed into his pocket, another reached out to caress Beauty Luos head. You werent the only one, I never expected that from him either.

Beauty Luo paused slightly but she still couldnt lighten up.

Zhao Sanpang activated his nagging mode. Qin Mo has always been despicable, we just couldnt beat him in that.

But it was cool. Beauty Luo glanced up. It seemed as though the past him is back.

Zhao Sanpang was rendered speechless.How did she end up as everyones goddess when she wouldnt even side with her own team!

Although Xiangnan had lost, they maintained their usual poise. Xiao Jing was glum for just a short while before he led his team to Supreme Alliance, his calm demeanor chasing away all the disappointment.

The hard work from each and every team was real. Xiangnan was no different. The loss would definitely upset the teammates but a loss was a loss. Xiangnan wouldnt find excuses for themselves.

Xiao Jing glanced over at Qin Mos wrist.

The captain for both teams were brushing past each other.

Xiao Jing spoke first. Next year, the champions will definitely be Xiangnan.

Is that so? Qin Mo replied calmly, looking aristocratic albeit pale. He still had a formidable aura around him.

That was the reason Zhao Sanpang hated talking to him. Even though it were just three words, it carried other intentions. But they had indeed lost to Supreme Alliance, that was a fact.

Xiangnan glanced back at the audience.

Next was the prize presentation.

But at this moment, the youngster grabbed onto Qin Mos right hand. Manager Feng will receive the prize.

Under the scrutiny of the entire arena, she dragged him out, without a care for the world.

But because of that, for her to pull him away without regard, dressed in her cool uniform and a head full of ruffled silver hair made her all the more ravishing.

Almighty Qin froze slightly, prepared to say something but the youngster glared back at him sharply. Qin Mo shut his mouth, looking extremely docile.

This was there a role reversal in this CP?But the fans loved it, clenching their faces as they basked in their lovingness.

They managed to satisfy their fans. Both the youngster and Almighty Qin never cared about how others viewed their relationship.

Unbeknownst to their fans, Bo Jiu was furious. More than furious.

However, she knew that Qin Mo would never release the mouse, regardless of how painful his wrist was; even for a second.

He would always shoulder the responsibility. He never uttered a word despite the pain he must have felt.

Bo Jiu regretted. Back when they exchanged hands, even though she had deliberately avoided his wrist, there were times she slammed into. At that moment, she couldnt help the guilt and frustration that ran through her.

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