National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1022

Chapter 1022 Project: Kidnap The Almighty

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Qin Mo couldnt see through her thoughts. Thus, he simply smiled and pushed her down, his voice calm and seductive. Doctor Qin is still here, no matter how big the urge is, you will have to control your desires. Understand?

Bo Jiu: All she did was just to feed him the pills, why did it seem risky? Besides, what was up with the Almightys hands? Why wasnt he releasing her?

Doctor Qin got the message, knowing it was time to leave. However, his young master was badly injured. Therefore, he was debating whether or not to tell his bosses. He would also have to remind Young Master Fu to restrain himself because his young masters wrist didnt seem to be looking good.

After Doctor Qin made his diagnosis, he wanted to elaborate but was stopped by Qin Mos warning gaze.

Doctor Qin forced the words down his throat.

Bo Jiu asked, Doctor Qin, how is Brother Mos wrist?

Doctor Qin chuckled. It isnt anything serious but he has to be careful while doing certain actions and watch his appetite. He should drink more soup for the bones. Ill let Madam Zhang know about it.

Oh?It wasnt anything serious?Bo Jiu watched Doctor Qins tilting head and broke into another smile. Im glad its nothing serious.

Doctor Qin kept his things and left the room. While he was making a call, he hadnt realized that the youngster had been standing behind him.

When he turned, the youngster was looking at him with a devilish smile. I dont think doctors should be lying, right?

Doctor Qin smiled. And I dont think an esports Almighty should be eavesdropping, Young Master Jiu. What do you think?

Bo Jiu nodded. Doctor Qin is right.

Doctor Qin watched as the silver-haired youngster took another step forward, a taunting smile on her face. Fortunately, I hadnt been trying to hide it.

Doctor Qin: Where was your shame?

What exactly is the condition of Brother Mos hand? I want to hear the true account to prepare for the worst. Bo Jiu looked at him seriously. Or perhaps, what are the chances of his wrist recovering?

Since the youngster had gone so far to stop him and had even eavesdropped on the conversation, it wouldnt be easy to brush him off.

His young master had never allowed anyone to take care of him in the past. But now, after much difficulty, there was someone around him. It would probably be a good idea to tell the youngster about it.

With that, Doctor Qin decided to confess. Since you put it like that, there isnt a need to hide it anymore. His wrist is an old injury and isnt something that can be treated easily. The specialist in America once emphasized the importance of the aftercare but with the competition, the impact on his wrist has been increasing every single day. I can temporarily reduce the swelling and stop it from worsening but for his arm to fully recover, he will have to avoid the computer for a while and will have to seek out the specialist in America. However, the specialist has been under the radar for the past few years. There are rumors of him converting to family medicine but no one can be sure.

What is the specialists name? Bo Jiu asked.

Doctor Qin replied, Robertson.

What What did you say? Bo Jiu paused slightly, reconfirming the name.

Doctor Qin repeated, Robertson, he is an old specialist, you probably havent heard of him before.

Bo Jiu caressed her nose in silence, her lips lifting slightly.

Doctor Qin wasnt sure what Young Master Fu was laughing about. From then, the youngster diverted to another topic.

Speaking of which, Doctor Qin must know about Brother Mos accident back then. How did it happen?

Doctor Qin paused, his smile lingering. Im just treating his illness, I dont know about other things.

Bo Jiu wasnt convinced but if she hadnt guessed wrongly, Doctor Qin must come from the army as well and should be a doctor of high rank. That explained his earlier phone call. Although Bo Jiu wasnt as sensitive to detail as the Almighty, she could still see the difference in Doctor Qins actions. Only those from the army would walk with their back straight. And even the way he stretched his arm was different.

She couldnt force him to say anything he wasnt willing. Anyways, it was enough.

Her greatest desire was to kidnap the Almighty. Prior to their conversation, she hadnt had a reason but now she had an excuse because Robertson was her butler.

Back when Bo Jiu had operated alone, she had often been injured but never serious enough to return home for treatment.

She wasnt going to contact her main family before she uncovered the person trying to harm her and it was fairly normal for her to be uncontactable for up to half a year.

Her butler was the only one left in her main family and contacting him would only bring him trouble.

Right now, she could kidnap the Almighty when she left Jiang City since he required treatment. With such an excuse, Bo Jiu couldnt suppress the radiant smile on her face.

Qin Mo watched her from the bed and arched a brow. Care to share the good news?

Bo Jiu immediately kept her smile.How could she tell the victim she was going to kidnap him?She leaped over, pulled a chair over, and sat down suavely, supporting her chin with her hands. Its nothing. Brother Mo, try not to move your hands, you can tell me if you need anything.

Qin Mo placed the magazine aside and asked slowly, You can do anything?

Bo Jiu sensed a trap. Unless its not suited for kids.

What are you thinking? Qin Mo diverted the topic easily. Speaking of which, shouldnt you be explaining who allowed you to stay in school when theres a bunch of naked guys walking around?

Bo Jiu never expected the Almighty to harp on this topic after the National League was over. She took a moment to ponder through before replying seriously, Im in my third grade, its time to pay attention to my studies and the best way is by staying in campus.

With that, Qin Mo broke into a chuckle. He tossed her phone towards her.

Bo Jiu tapped the screen, it was the No.1 Middle School webpage with the headline School Hunk Frog Jump Punishment in red splashed across the screen.

She did frog jumps in the stadium with her hands fastened behind her head, the sight seemed rather ridiculous and more importantly, the head master was standing right beside her.

Pay attention to your studies? Qin Mo smirked. Or getting yourself into trouble?

Bo Jiu kept the phone. The headmaster was jealous of my good looks, this couldnt have been avoided. But the passion to learn is there.

Since you are so determined, bring the physics book over, Qin Mo replied faintly.

Bo Jiu wasnt sure what he was up to or whether he still suspected her but she knew what she had to do now. The National League just ended so my physics grade doesnt matter anymore.More importantly, the physics book made her sleepy.

Qin Mo glanced at her, his voice calm. How can my student fail?

Brother Mo, you shouldnt be so superficial. Bo Jiu didnt want to take the physic book. When she saw the cigarette on the table, she felt her urge kick in.

Qin Mo reached out his left hand, putting the cigarette aside. Take your candy.

I dont have anymore. She wouldnt have wanted to smoke if she had her candy. Every time she thought about her plans to kidnap the Almighty, she wanted a cigarette to celebrate the moment.

Qin Mo placed the cigarette aside. From now onwards, you cant smoke even if there isnt candy.

Brother Mo, are you getting me to quit smoking? Brother Mo frowned. You smoke too.

Qin Mo knew he had to set a good example in order to teach a certain someone. From now on, I wont smoke when youre around.

Lets quit together, Bo Jiu retorted. Then its fair.

Qin Mo arched a brow.This kid must be betting on his smoking addiction.Sure.

Bo Jiu paused, seemingly caught off guard by his response. She slouched lazily and asked, Are we really quitting?The Almightys addiction was much stronger than hers, it wouldnt be easy for him to quit.

As the nations school hunk, you should manage your public image. Qin Mo lifted her chin. More importantly, you should take care of your health. How can you smoke when you have asthma, mmh?

Bo Jiu remained silent since this condition came along with this body and she hadnt thought much about it after taking over her body.

The youngsters silence rattled Qin Mo. He sighed heavily. Little Fu Jiu, speak.

When she heard the term Fu Jiu, Bo Jiu couldnt help the heaviness in her chest.

Her surname wasnt Fu. More importantly, she couldnt tell the Almighty her real surname

Dont call me that.

He hadnt expected her to dislike the name that much. Then what should I call you? Qin Mo tapped her chin lightly.

Bo Jiu thought through it. Sugar Daddy sounded good. Actually, he could call her anything but Little Fu Jiu.After all, he used such an affectionate tone but it wasnt directed at her

Bo Jiu tilted over, not understanding her emotions.

Qin Mo watched her tilted face, the silvery hair splashed across her forehead. He reached over and pulled her towards him. Bo Jiu was once again sprawled across his chest. Just then, a warm and gentle voice called out, Mrs Qin.

Bo Jiu stiffened, her heart shifting.Mrs Qin?

What is it? Qin Mo glanced down, watching the shocked expression on a certain someone. His voice was casual as he said, Arent you going to take responsibility for sleeping with me?

You wouldnt want me to take responsibility after I kidnap you.

Bo Jiu restrained herself, not allowing the words to flow out. She reached out, trying to lift herself.

Qin Mo used the hand that wasnt injured to press against her back, his eyes closed. Sleep with me.

In this position?

Bo Jiu arched a brow.

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