National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1023

Chapter 1023 Hugging Bolster

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Bo Jiu was about to adjust her position when a hoarse voice came from above. Stop fidgeting. Are you trying to test my patience?

That single line was enough to stop her mid-action; the air radiating off him had indeed heated up.

As her ears were pressed against his chest, his strong heartbeat was taking over her senses.

Thump, thump, thump.The rhythmic beat was calming her and letting her feel secure, just like when they had been kids.

On summer day at the Wall Street, the trees in the courtyard had been blossoming brilliantly. Back then, she had been better at climbing walls. Once she had been free off all obstacles, she had started heading over more often. She had got tired after a short while. Since she had been young and had to grow, her biological clock had to be maintained.

They had taken afternoon naps together in the same stance they were in right now.

Back then, she had been aware of his cleanliness. Even then, she still couldnt resist the urge to roll around in his bed while he had watched with a sullen expression, wrapping her in a large towel to secure her in place. But he had never been as dangerous as he was right now.

Bo Jiu remained still but could feel a certain part of his body pressing against her.

Stop looking, Im not going to touch you, he assured in a voice warmer than usual.

Bo Jiu retracted her gaze as a wave of drowsiness hit her. She was here to nurse him back to health though, not to nap. She held onto her resolve. She wrapped an arm around his waist and used the other to protect his injured wrist in fear of touching it.

Doctor Qin hadnt been wrong, Bo Jiu was treating him like a porcelain doll.

In order to keep herself awake, Bo Jiu found a safe topic. Movie Queen An told me you have problems sleeping but somehow, I managed to cure your insomnia. Brother Mo, please treat your human bolster with more care.

Qin Mo watched the person lying next to him. Even her topic was so inappropriate. He reached out and swept the stray wisps off her forehead, kissing her lightly. Alright.

Because of his promise, or perhaps his warmth and smell was too alluring, she started to relax and gradually fall asleep.

Qin Mo caressed her face. He had never once imagined being so intimate with someone.

He couldnt sleep well due to the endless nightmares.

One time, he had dreamt about water which was so deep he could barely see the end.

As a criminal psychologist, he knew it was a psychological issue. But even his knowledge wasnt enough to solve the problem.

Whenever he woke up, it wasnt the water that tortured him but the emptiness he felt when he reached out.

At the beginning, he couldnt understand the tears on his face.

Had he disappointed someone? Had he falsely accused that person?

But until this day, he still couldnt put a name to the person. This was also the reason he had stopped his investigation work.

But the emptiness remained. It seemed as though he had misplaced something valuable. It wasnt until she had appeared

Qin Mo lowered his lids, watching as she breathed lightly, her sleeping position all over the place. Even then, she still hadnt forgotten to protect his wrist. His thin lips landed on the top of her head.

She seemed to be speaking. He inched closer and heard a name:Hoshino

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