National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1025

Chapter 1025 Fengyun

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Lin Feng paused. His face was slightly dazed. But very quickly, he managed to snap back to his senses. He wouldnt be able to leave if either of them caught sight of him because his mother could spend an entire day just talking about the son next door.

Lin Feng was still hesitant after leaving his home. He wasnt excited about being suppressed.

He lit a cigarette and smoked while leaning against the wall. After a moments thought, he took out his phone to research. What should a man do during his first time?

F*ck, whats up with this? Its all drug advertisements. Lin Feng cursed as he scrolled through the search results.Geez, there wasnt a need for meds with his virile body.

Hu He probably wouldnt need it as well. More importantly, he would be at a disadvantage if he got the medicine. It seemed like Baidu wasnt all the reliable.

He switched over to Bilibili. With another swipe, he entered another site. This time, there were more results. But the results were steered towards a heterosexual relationship, which wasnt applicable to him.

He decided to post a question. Once he was done, he added the words, two males.

The moment the question was uploaded, it went viral. Countless netizens volunteered their inputs.

Youll have to prepare everything, dont you know?

Lin Feng asked, Cant you provide a more constructive advice? He obviously prepared the condoms.

The foreplay has to be done adequately so that the other party is comfortable. Oh right, both of you should get tested.

Lin Feng didnt hesitate. Its our first time, there wont be a problem.

Youll have to be gentle or your partner might be painful.

Lin Feng grasped the main point. Pain? How painful would it be?

Extremely painful, since you know.

He was a straight guy; how would he know such things? Moreover, why were they being so vague, couldnt they just go straight to the point?

Why isnt the questioner saying anything?

Honestly, I have a suspicion. Are you the one at the bottom?

It seems pretty accurate!

Questioner, please reply!

Lin Feng wasnt going to embarrass himself by replying. Once he had found out it would hurt, he started researching another topic. In the end, he bought a small bottle of alcohol. Simply said, once he was drunk, he would be able to live through the pain.

Besides, he was drunk the previous time he did it. Basically, he didnt have any memory of that past.

It wasnt such a bad thing since the memory would probably end up as a dark history. It was best to stay muddled.

Yes, there was nothing wrong.

Bottoms up!

F*ck, it burns! Lin Feng complained bitterly before calling Yun Hu. Im at the convenience store in our neighborhood, come out. I brought my identification card with me, lets go to the hotel.

Im already in the hotel. His voice was calmer than ever but beneath the calmness was an emotion he couldnt explain.

Just as Lin Feng was trying to decipher the emotion, Yun Hu gave him the address. Sheraton, 1821. Come over.

That fast? Werent they supposed to go together?

Lin Feng drank another mouthful of alcohol. The taste was growing on him as his body heated up. Once he was about to be done, Lin Feng hailed a cab to the hotel. He would need the courage for such things

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