National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1027

Chapter 1027 Yun Hu

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Also, youll have to pay more attention if youre going to find a girlfriend. Not everyone is going to approach you with a clear conscience and pure intention. Back when we were in school, they used you as an outlet to reach me. But not all of them did that, you just couldnt sieve them apart. Yun Hu chuckled. Ill have to head back soon. You might not be used to it but there isnt a remedy, I cant go back.

Lin Feng was starting to feel unnecessary. Then Ill leave.

Mmh, Yun Hu replied tightly and squeezed his left hand, trying to suppress himself.

Lin Feng remained stationary. He couldnt explain his reluctance. He shouldnt have drunk. It was obvious he was in the way of their affair.

His good brother had said that they were going to study abroad together. That wasnt so bad, he should be finding someone similar. There wasnt any meaning in persisting.

He reached out, tapping Yun Hus shoulder like brothers did. Go on in, Ill leave.

Alright. Yun Hu watched him leave, feeling as though his heart was being ripped apart.

Lin Feng smiled but he didnt know why he was laughing. It was probably as Yun Hu had said, it was time for him to smarten up.

His stomach started to hurt as the alcohol was piercing through his gut.

He must have interrupted their moment. Thus, it was best to just leave.

Lin Feng! the person behind called out.

Lin Feng didnt turn back, he didnt want him to see him in such a pathetic state. What is it?

Are we still brothers? he asked, a faint laughter in his voice.

Lin Feng chuckled, waving his hand dismissively. Stop your nonsense, brothers forever. Go on in, Ill be off now.

In reality, Lin Feng had the impression that Yun Hus love was largely because of how familiar they were with each other, causing him to fall for him when he had started becoming aware of such things.

And now he had managed to verify his point. Fortunately, he hadnt directly gone in.

But Yun Hu had been right about something. He couldnt differentiate other peoples intentions. He had taken just simple confession so seriously, heh

Lin Feng reached out to press the button to close the elevator door.

Once he entered, he lowered his back, a piercing pain cutting through his gut. He reached out and held the railing for support.

Even with the pain, it was still less painful than the moment before.

He wasnt very smart. In the future, he was going to bash up anyone who gave false claims about alcohol! The aftereffects were way too strong.

He slid down the wall, collapsing on the ground.

Lin Feng managed to hold onto his sanity, knowing not to impose on Feng Yi right after Supreme Alliance obtained the champion title.

The reports werent going to be pretty if anyone managed to photograph him in such a state.

He took out his phone and called Little Spade. But the moment he took out his phone, he froze. A drop of water splashed onto the screen. It streamed down his face.

Lin Feng was struck, his eyes shaking

He sat there frozen, not making the call.

Instead, he reached out to cover his face, his hair falling across his forehead to shield his expression. Very softly, he cursed himself. Dummy.

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