National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1029

Chapter 1029 Lin Feng

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Yun Hu sat in the same spot for a long while before answering the call that had been going on endlessly. He glanced out the window. Hello, help me with it. No, just one ticket. Yes, I dont need two anymore.

Why one ticket? Isnt there someone else coming with you?

Yun Hu tightened his grip as though mocking himself. No one is going over with me.

After todays incident, that person would no longer be awkward with him. And from today onwards, there was no longer any possibility between them.

Even though he might be naive, it was mostly because he didnt keep tabs, which was weird for a guy.

Ever since they had been young, Lin Feng had been sure that he would marry a lady and treat her well. Recently, many girls didnt feel secure and thus he made the promise to focus on just one person and remain faithful for the rest of his life.

There were others around when he said that. Yun Hu was the only one who was envious of the person he was going to fall for.

Faithful for the rest of his life.

It sounded comforting. But it was a pity it would never be faithful to him.

Such a pure person would never accept his behavior.

Yun Hu lowered his head and reached out his hand to shield his expression.

On the other end, the person asked, Whats wrong with your voice? It doesnt sound right. Are you feeling alright? Yun Hu, Yun Hu

There wasnt a reply.

The person paused lightly before asking, Yun Hu, are you-you crying?

How is that possible. Yun Hu chuckled, his lips lifted slightly but his voice was hoarse. How can I be crying? Youre thinking too much. Im going to hang up


His phone locked, the screen darkening. His eyes dimmed along with the screen

Time trickled by.

In the end, Lin Feng still hadnt called Little Spade.

There were some things he had to deal with himself or he would start to despise himself.

Besides, it would be difficult to explain the reason behind his gastric problem. He couldnt possibly tell him he was delivering himself to Yun Hu but ended up failing. That would be embarrassing.

Moreover, he had to head home. He couldnt allow his mother to move by herself.

He sat in the cab, his head spinning the entire time.

The cab driver advised, You youngsters are always drinking from heartbreak. Dont drink so much, think about your parents. At the end, it isnt going to be anything important.

Mmh, Lin Feng replied, looking out of the window.

The driver glanced over at him. It seemed as though he was a well-behaved child. Thus, the driver reached over to adjust the temperature.

Lin Feng had one strong point, he could put on a full act and would never allow his mother to see through him. This time, it was the same.

Mother Lin was massaging her back as she spoke on the phone, Yes, were going into business. It isnt bad since Lin Feng isnt suited for politics.

Lin Feng walked over and helped to massage her shoulders.

Youre back? Mother Lin turned around. She paused when she caught a whiff of the alcohol. Did you drink a lot?

Lin Feng broke into a radiant smile. Supreme Alliance won the championship, it was worth the drinks.

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