National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1031

Chapter 1031 Almighty Qin Knows

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Hear me out, the film starts of The international director was a movie addict and thus started switching to English in his excitement. At the end, it he seemed to have realized it and turned towards Bo Jiu. Ah, I forgot to speak in Chinese, let me repeat it.

Bo Jiu:

Movie Queen An stood at the side laughing at the youngster. His repressed expression was simply adorable. She wanted to reach out and pinch the tender white skin.

Why wasnt Jiu her son? But it was alright, it would be the same once Mo had married him.

Still, she couldnt help but worry because she had never seen her son act so stubbornly over anyone. Therefore, she wasnt sure if things were going to work out in the end

Outside the windows, the sky started to dim.

Inside the Qin familys study room, Qin Mos eyes darkened. There was barely any warmth left in his eyes. He has been preparing to go overseas?

Yes, Young Master. The special forces soldier swiped through the information on his laptop, his voice deep. Young Master Jiu is very smart, even though he is just a high school student. On the outside, he is an esports player but he seems to have a part in many things, even his father Fu Zhongyi was tricked by him.

Qin Mo replied calmly, Its a natural instinct to take back what had been stolen, Fu Zhongyi deserves to be schemed against.

The special forces soldier: Cough, he seemed to have forgotten Young Masters obsession over a certain youngster. Even so, couldnt he craft a better excuse?

Young Master Jius father is horrible. He prepared dirt on Young Master Jiu and is preparing to expose the information during the shareholders meeting in order to take the company back.

Qin Mo tapped the table. What sort of dirt?

A photo of Young Master Jiu confessing to another guy. The special forces soldier shared this cautiously since his boss clearly wasnt in a good mood.

As expected, a lighter could be heard from the other end of the call. The next second, an emotionless voice came through. Who gave him the photos? Arrange a meeting with them.

The special forces soldier knew, nothing good ever came out from such meetings.

What else have you found out? Qin Mo wanted a cigarette but the moment he tilted his head, he seemed to have remembered something. He frowned and tossed the silver lighter back onto his desk.

The special forces soldier didnt understand.What else could there be?Theres nothing else.

Qin Mo glanced up. Did he contact Hoshino?

No. The special forces soldier replied firmly since this had always been the main direction of his investigation. They dont seem to know each other.

That wasnt possible. It couldnt be something simple for her to hide it so deeply. Hoshino must be the childhood sweetheart she had mentioned.

Qin Mo never bothered about her past relationships but she had actually muttered his name in her sleep.

Qin Mos fingers slipped, his voice cold and steely. Why is he preparing to go overseas?

I couldnt find the reason. Strangely, Young Master Jius mother doesnt seem to be aware of his decision. The last sentence was spoken subconsciously.

Qin Mo caught it instantly, his eyes deepening. Even He Honghua isnt aware?

Yes. The special forces soldier glanced down at the information.

Qin Mos voice hardened. How long is he going to stay overseas?

This The special forces soldier hesitated slightly. Young Master Jiu bought a one-way ticket, he probably hasnt decided on the return date.

A one-way ticket?

All the warmth left his body, his voice hardened and became emotionless. It isnt because he hasnt decided on the return date, he has no intention of coming back.

The special forces soldier paused.What did his boss mean?He wanted to probe but the line was cut off. However, before that, he could hear things being shattered.

The entire study room darkened. One of his hand was wrapped in a bandage.

He didnt seem to be in the right state.

Even up to this day, she still hadnt thought of their future.

Qin Mos hair fell across his face, his lips were curved but there wasnt any laughter in his eyes.

His wrist was aching but he was oblivious to the pain until Madam Zhang woke in and caught sight of the opened bandage. She gasped. Young Master, your hand!

Qin Mo glanced down slowly before he reached out and fastened the bandage into place before asking faintly, What is it?

Madam Zhang noticed the hostility radiating from her young master but she couldnt tell what had happened. She walked forward to pick up his phone, placing it on the desk. Madam wanted me to inform you that dinner is ready. Young Master Jiu is joining for dinner.

I understand. Qin Mo didnt seem focused, dismissing her without much thought.

Madam Zhang glanced over to the sight and paused. This mask, Young Master, didnt you put it on the coffee table? Why is there another one here?

Qin Mo frowned. The coffee table outside?

Thats right, I kept it for you previously. Werent you very fond of it?

Madam Zhang was right, Qin Mo was indeed fond of the mask. There wasnt anything special about it. The only special point was the person who had given it to him.

Naturally, it wasnt cherished on the same level as the USB lighter but since it was a present from Bo Jiu, it would be treated differently even if it was just a black mask.

That aside, Qin Mo was sure the mask had been placed in the study room the entire time.

But then, what had Madam Zhang seen outside?

Qin Mo narrowed his eyes. Madam Zhang, where did you put that mask?

Its on the coffee table outside. Young Master, didnt you take it? Madam Zhang asked in confusion.

Qin Mo stood up immediately and walked out the study room towards the coffee table. He stood tall and upright, his arm in a cast and his face pale, making him look like a sickly king.

Here? Qin Mo asked.

Madam Zhang nodded. Its in the small cabinet under the coffee table.

Qin Mo reached out and pulled open the cabinet. In his other palm was another black mask.

ThisMadam Zhang examined the mask in his hand before turning to look at the one in the cabinet. Its the same mask. Why is it the same?

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