National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1032

Chapter 1032 She Is Z

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Indeed, it was the same.

The quality, color, and brand were exactly the same. But one of it was a gift from a certain someone. The other one, the one that Madam Zhang had found was the one he had removed from Z on the day they had exchanged hands.

Qin Mo never believed in coincidence.

The suspicion he buried deep inside him was verified. That familiar way of execution. The similar hacking skills had indeed been suppressed. The reason he had noticed her the very first time they met was because of the familiarity.

And she stood upright in darkness, with her hands stained with blood and eyes shining bright. That fearlessness and stubborn will to speak for others. Her arrogance, self-centeredness, and professional disguise techniques. Even though she gave off a warm tenderness, underneath she held the craftiness of a sly fox.

All those were characteristics of Z. He knew but yet, he didnt wish to acknowledge any of it.

Qin Mo tightened his grip over the mask.

Madam Zhang wasnt sure what had happened. But for the very first time, she could see obvious turmoil on her young masters face.

His pupils shook. Right at that moment, the three that had finished their discussion came walking down the stairs.

Bo Jiu took the lead with her long legs. She had been searching for her Brother Mo since she woke up and when she caught sight of him, her eyes lit up, her face breaking into a radiant smile. Brother Mo.

That instant, the international director had an illusion. It was as though a tail had sprouted out from the youngsters back. The youngster has always seemed sly and mischievous but he had never been he was right now.

How should he describe this? A little puppy? It must have been his imagination!

But his imagination didnt fade with time, instead, it strengthened along with the silver-haired youngsters actions.

The youngster headed straight for Qin Mo, an indecipherable emotion within her chirpy voice. Brother Mo, what are you looking at?

Madam Zhang was just about to explain when Qin Mo glanced at her, shutting the cabinet. The mask had disappeared from his palm. When he straightened, there was no longer any emotion on his face. Nothing.

Bo Jiu arched a brow but didnt persist. She only had one thought left: After the Almighty had been kidnapped by her, he would definitely be angry.

But she could always coax him. Once they had reached her home, she would instruct her butler to make him good food.

HmmHer pet had always loved reading, she would have to prepare some books before their arrival since there wasnt anything cultural in that area. And freshly ground coffee.

This was something she could do.

But the Almightys skills were going to be an issue. In order to prevent any unhappiness, she would have to prepare some medicine. It didnt seem easy to coax him after all. Unlike her, she could be pleased by money but the Almighty couldnt be bought over.

Bo Jiu wasnt going to repeat the mistakes from her childhood. She had looked into things that he liked and had thought it through seriously.

Qin Mo watched her silently. He didnt bring up the face mask, acting as though nothing had happened. He reached out and pulled her over, taming her ruffled hair. His voice was calm. Are you hungry?

Mmh. Bo Jiu smiled.

The international director watched in shock, turning to eye Movie Queen An in search for an explanation.

Movie Queen An smiled elegantly in response.

The international director understood instantly, turning back to watch their interaction.

The youngster seemed to be incredibly fond of the man behind her as she continued to speak, Brother Mo, I want to eat meat, I have been craving meat recently. I wasnt sure of the reason initially but it should be due to puberty. I need meat to aid my growth.

Qin Mo glanced over, placing a distance between them. Why are you craving meat? Youre using puberty as an excuse for your nature?

The youngster chuckled, sucking on her lollipop. Make it spicy, beef tastes better cooked in spicy sauce.

Qin Mo walked into the kitchen and prepared the condiments.

The international director was given yet another shock. This wasnt the first time he met Movie Queen Ans son. He had always been polite and distant, never warming up to anyone. Back then, he had plans to turn him into a star.

But Little Qin had cut him off instantly. Im not interested in acting but Im rather interested in investing in films. This is an area I wouldnt mind cooperating in.

Back then, he had just been 17 years old.

He managed to possess formidability from such a young age and it didnt seem to be linked to his background. Perhaps it was his demeanor, elegance, and aristocracy

He had never expected to see such a person prepare condiments for someone.

Qin Mo held a pair of bamboo chopsticks as he eyed the youngster, an indecipherable emotion in his eyes.

Bo Jiu blinked. The mole near the corners of her eyes was shining bright.

Qin Mo used the bamboo chopsticks to pick some condiments from a wooden bowl, bringing it over to the youngsters lips.

Bo Jiu leaned over to taste it, her eyes turning into crescents when she smiled. Perfect.

Bo Jiu didnt seem to have realized how intimate they looked. Thus, she held onto his wrist, leaning close to taste the sauce he made She stiffened, turning towards Movie Queen Ans direction. She was chatting with the international director and probably hadnt been paying attention to them.

Bo Jiu leaned forward for a second taste, making sure not to waste anything.

Qin Mo watched her outreached tongue, his gaze deepening. But this time, he didnt do anything. Instead, he placed the bowl down, rejecting the intimacy. His voice was calm as he spoke, Im going to make a call, you can start dinner. Dont just eat meat. Im going to make Madam Zhang watch over you. If you dont eat the vegetables, youll have to do an extra physics paper.

Bo Jiu: That wasnt cute at all! How could he always use physics as a threat? On the other hand, with his good looks, anything he said could be forgiven.

But was she thinking too much or did he seem much calmer than usual? There seemed to be an invisible distance between them. It wasnt obvious. It was an invisible distance that made him seem unreal.

Bo Jiu held the condiment bowl, watching the disappearing figure with a heavy heart.

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