National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1034

Chapter 1034 Are You Referring To Bo Jiu?

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Now, all those traits no longer existed. According to the investigation report, there were many other differences.

For instance, she had never liked esports but had suddenly turned into the FC King of Zone C. Moreover, her hand speed and maneuvering skills couldnt be trained overnight.

Another example would be her grades. In the past, it had been beyond horrible, unlike right now. Other than her physics, she had outstanding grades in the other subjects especially in English. Moreover, other than English, he could also speak Japanese.

Her smooth martial arts skills were completely unlike before as well. And the change in her attitude was way too drastic.

Even though Qin Mo wasnt close to others, Jiang Zuo would often remind him how obsessed she had been with him in the past and how she had tried all means to get close to him.

But it wasnt just to him, there were others as well. She had loved treating others in the night club but even then, she hadnt been well liked because of her personality.

There had been indeed nothing likeable about the past Young Master Fu.

Even the way she treated He Honghua had completely changed. During a business gathering before, Young Master Fu had criticized and mocked He Honghua in front of everyone. Back then, He Honghua could barely lift her head up. But right now, she treated He Honghua with warmth and tenderness.

Soul exchange?

Qin Mo felt his eyes dim. I understand. This time, I owe you. Keep this conversation confidential.

No worries, just invest more in my research topic, Xiao Jing replied without emotion. Young Master Xiao definitely wasnt in need of money though.

Mmh, Qin Mo replied without much comment.

Xiao Jing changed the topic. Supreme Alliance has to compete in the Asia Tournament. Is your hand alright?

Its curable. Qin Mo suddenly paused when he felt a presence behind him. He stiffened. Something has just come up, bye.

With that, he remained stationery. Sneaking around? What are you up to?

She was busted? But she had just come in.His intelligence was indeed an issue.

Bo Jiu chuckled, revealing herself easily. She changed the topic. The condiments arent enough.

Qin Mo looked at her, an unknown emotion washing through him. Then he walked towards her. There wasnt much emotion on his face.

The look on his face making her hair stand. But she still didnt know anything. It was a distance she couldnt explain. Moreover, there was another emotion lurking underneath his eyes.

Bo Jiu thought through all the possibilities but couldnt think of anything.

Qin Mo stuffed a hand in his pocket. He kept his phone and watched her eyes lit with her smile.

Was that the reason she didnt like being called Little Fu Jiu? Was it because her last name was Bo?

Z. This time, Im in the dark while you are in the light

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