National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1036

Chapter 1036 Qin Mos Bolster

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Bo Jiu lowered her lids, biting down on a piece of meat. Whenever she raised her brows, there was a devilish aura around her.

Qin Mo watched her silently. Her hands were busy but yet again, her eyes drifted towards the plate of prawns.

Qin Mos long slender fingers reached for a piece, removing its shell, and leaving a piece of meat in his plate. The series of actions were executed naturally.

The international director was beyond shocked. Even though he didnt comment, he sighed.Love could ruin ones persona.But the next second, his thoughts shifted.

The youngster was still craving meat.

Qin Mo reached out to stop her, placing two pieces of vegetables into her plate. He raised his brows. His intention was clear. If she didnt eat the vegetables, she would have to do the physics test paper.

Bo Jiu was sure he had a split personality. He had been unbearingly handsome while peeling prawns for her but now

Bo Jiu stared at the two pieces of vegetables, burying her had to take a bite.

Even though her pet had lost his memory, his bossiness still hadnt changed.

She didnt dislike vegetables.But they were at the top of the food chain. Wasnt it a pity not to eat meat?

It was clear that the young Almighty hadnt shared the same thought. Back then, he had always piled vegetables in her bowl, forcing her to eat it with her rice. Back then, she had been a picky eater and had refused to eat vegetables.

Her father couldnt deal with her. Thereafter when she had started being less picky, he had gone over to thank the little Almighty.

Even though the Almighty had been cold, he had remained polite. Uncle Bo, I can take care of her from now on.

She remembered that her father had frozen slightly before chuckling. Ill have to ask her opinion.

What of an opinion can she have besides food? Indeed, the little Almighty had already been rather sharp tongued. But as he had mentioned, she didnt have much of an opinion.

She had always wanted to hug her pet and would never give up such an opportunity. Even though he had been the one calling the shots, she had been determined to get her way. She had always been proactive since young.

Besides, the food he fed her always seemed tastier. Every time, he had very seriously stuffed an egg yolk and vegetables into her bowl, mixing it with her rice.

She was no longer a picky eater. It was indeed true; beauty could be substituted as a meal. For instance, just taking a look at the Almightys face was enough for her to have another two bites of rice. Just like this, she ended up overeating.

When they reached the bedroom, it suddenly occurred to her that they were going to share a bed.

Even though they have slept together before, three days was a little too long.Was it too late for regrets?

Bo Jiu turned, planning to negotiate the terms.

Qin Mo unbuttoned his shirt as he walked towards her. He trapped her within his arms. I dont accept negotiations. Even though you arent a good caregiver, you make a passable bolster.

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