National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1037

Chapter 1037 Untitled

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Qin Mo was a presence that could attract others just by standing stationary.

When he turned, his eyes deepened and ravishing smile was spreading across his face.

His collar was slanted, looking casual and relaxed.

Qin Mo had been the No.1 Middle Schools reigning school hunk for three consecutive years and even until this day, there wasnt a school hunk that could surpass him.

Right at this moment, there was a wildness in his aura. He reached out and pinched her chin, an enigmatic smile spreading across his face. What are you up to now? Mmh? Dont worry, I wont do anything other than treat you as a bolster. My hand is injured after all. You should control yourself since my mom and other guests are around. Dont go around bullying me like when the doctor was here. You should keep yourself in check, understand? Little Gangster.

At this moment, Bo Jiu was at a loss over her new nickname:Little Gangster

Brother Mo, you are the one bullying me. Bo Jiu pointed towards her chin.

Qin Mo arched a brow, releasing her.

The youngster then lowered herself, following with a kiss. A mischievous smile was on her face. But itll be hard for me to stop.

Bo Jiu wanted to leave after a kiss but that wasnt enough to satisfy Qin Mo. He pulled her wrist and while she was taking a breath, he pushed her onto the soft mattress, plugging downwards with a kiss.

Bo Jiu wanted to resist but she was pressed down onto the bed. His kiss messed with her thoughts.

The youngster laid on the bed with her shirt half ripped, exposing her delectable waistline. His hands travelled upwards, entering into her shirt. Suddenly he paused.

There was a knock on the door. Bo Jiu heard it as well. She turned and stood up, panting slightly.

Qin Mo watched her flushed complexion, his voice raspy. In the future, dont play with fire when you arent ready.

Yes, Bo Jiu agreed nonchalantly. Her clothes were crumpled and her lips were swollen it wasnt a good idea to meet Movie Queen An in such a state. Hence, she turned towards Qin Mo. Brother Mo, get the door.

Qin Mo tided himself, his voice emotionless. What is it? You dont dare to admit seducing me?

Bo Jiu: This

Qin Mo was fond of her frustration, he reached out and pinched her sullen face. Bribe me.

He needed a bribe to open the door?

Under the same roof, he had the upper hand.

Bo Jiu asked, What do you want?

Dont go anywhere I cant see you. He released her face abruptly but there wasnt much emotion in his tone.

Bo Jiu was caught off guard. Im right here and Ill have to clean your wound in a while, where can I go?

Qin Mo watched her tender face, his lips lifting into a smile. True, then Ill change it to something else. You are in charge of the bedtime story tonight.

Thats all? Bo Jiu wasnt convinced since the Almighty had never been that simple towards her.

Qin Mo retaliated slowly, Why? What other special requests were you looking for?

That gazeBo Jiu gave up. I will pick a book.

Its alright, Ill do the picking. You go into the bathroom. Qin Mo stuffed a hand into his pocket, prepared to open the door.

Bo Jiu held his sleeve. Bathroom?

Take a shower and hide for a while. Qin Mo tilted his gaze, the emotion unclear. Dont you want to hide our relationship? Anyone can tell from your current state.

Bo Jiu stiffened. She wasnt sure if the Almighty was angry.

She hugged onto the pajamas he tossed over and headed towards the bathroom. Just then, she could vaguely hear the Almighty opening the door and Movie Queen An asking for her. Wheres Jiu?

In the shower, Qin Mo replied naturally.

Movie Queen An asked, Do we need to arrange a room for Jiu?

It would be hard for her to take care of me in another room, Qin Mo replied with a rather convincing reason.

Movie Queen An thought it through but decided there wasnt much to say. The mischief on his face was obvious. Im surprised you agreed to Jius decision to act.

She expected reluctance but Qin Mo smiled.

He hadnt agreed to her decision but was curious as to what she was up to, having to go to such lengths.

Alright, I wont bother you guys anymore. I still have a gathering to attend with the director. Movie Queen An was ecstatic, knowing she would finally be able to act with Jiu. She reminded her son to take care of Jiu before leaving in the commercial car.

Movie Queen An had left when Bo Jiu came out from the shower which means there were only three people in the mansion, her, Qin Mo, and Madam Zhang.

There was a mosquito bite on the youngsters fair face. Bo Jiu couldnt help scratching the itch. The left side of her face was entirely red.

Qin Mo frowned. He placed his phone down and instructed, Come over.

Bo Jiu was still drying her hair as she walked over with the big white towel over her head, looking very much like a high school student.

If he counted, she should be the same age as him. But yet, she became a high school student.

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