National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1038

Chapter 1038 Sending Out Candies

But that did justice to her impeccable disguising ability. He was probably the only person in this world who knew. There indeed were times Z acted like a child.

Qin Mo lifted his lips into an enigmatic smile.

Unaware of his thoughts, Bo Jiu walked over towards the bed.

Qin Mo reached out an arm, pulling her over before his fingers caressed the red patch. What happened?

I was bitten by a mosquito, Bo Jiu replied, reaching out to scratch the itch.

Qin Mo blocked her hands. He reached for a small bottle of medication at the side of the bed.

Bo Jiu had never seen the medication before: There was an aromatic scent, which seemed more like western medicine.

Qin Mo poured a little on his fingers before dabbing it onto her face.

Bo Jiu watched his long lashes as the cooling sensation from the medication spread across her face. He massaged her face tenderly, soothing the itch.

Bo Jiu yawned, prepared to hug Qin Mo to sleep. It was a rare opportunity. The Almighty was injured after all.

Qin Mo inched over to push her away, his voice calm. What are you doing, you little gangster?

Brother Mo, wasnt it your intention for me to sleep with you? Ill focus on being your bolster, Bo Jiu replied mischievously. Her voice was handsomely smooth and her silver hair slightly ruffled and damp. She broke into a wide smile, her suave expression melting hearts.

But this move was targeted at girls, it didnt seem particularly useful on Qin Mo. He closed the medicine and swept her a glance. Did you forget something?

Didnt we just clean your wound? Bo Jiu glanced down towards the bandage around his arm. Is it hurting?

Qin Mo flicked her forehead. It doesnt hurt. You are in charge of reading the bedtime story today, dont you remember?

Indeed, she hadnt taken it to heart. She knew her pet loved reading before bedtime but he had always been the one telling the story she had never done it before.

Mmh, oh, there had been once.

Back then, the Almighty had made her read the novels in the Bo familys mansion but those were a dark history she didnt wish to think about.

But this time, it probably wasnt the same. Since he had chosen the book, the content should be alright.

Which book do you want to listen to? Bo Jiu rolled up her sleeves seriously.

Qin Mo watched her actions, one of his brows arched upwards.

Bo Jiu spoke before him, Reading doesnt affect my performance as a bolster, I can read while hugging you.

Qin Mo smirked but controlled his urge to call her a little gangster again.

Bo Jiu understood his intentions but it didnt affect her desire to hold him. She watched his calm demeanor, her desires growing.

Once she managed to hug him, Bo Jiu brightened up. She smiled and asked, What do you want to hear?

This time, Qin Mo didnt push her away. Bo Jiu was slightly confused when the Almighty brought a phone over and not a book. Bo Jiu raised a brow.

Qin Mo reached for her hand, using her fingers to swipe the screen open. Read this.

The Anarchic Consort?

Bo Jiu stared at the ridiculous title. She had never expected the Almighty to have such an eccentric preference.

She swiped open the first chapter and started to read. Her tone started off calm but when the female leads soul entered another persons body, she paused.

Qin Mo glanced over. What is it?

The plot is ridiculous, she critiqued.

Oh, Qin Mo replied. What about the books in your room where the male lead falls for the female lead after she splashes water on him? Arent those worse?

Brother Mo, those arent the same. Bo Jiu chuckled. Every Tyrant Boss has a different preference, at least they managed to attract the male leads attention.

With that, Bo Jiu tapped her phone. That was a subconscious action whenever she was thinking. Why would the Almighty make her read such a novel? she wondered.

Qin Mo shut his eyes. Forget it, it is indeed ridiculous. Its the book Lin Feng recommended.

I recommended him a book previously. Her only advantage was her reincarnation. As long as the Almighty didnt make the link, it would always give her the upper hand. Since Beauty Lin recommended such a book, she had to return the favor. Hence, she clicked into WeChat and send a book over, From Brothers to Lovers.

Very quickly, there was a reply. F*ck you!

It wasnt possible for a straight man to read such books.

Bo Jiu chuckled. Next time, dont recommend such weird books to the Almighty.

Lin Fengs stomach felt bitter.

Just then, a voice message was sent over. When were you so close to Little Spade? There was a hint of hostility in his lazy tone.

But when the words close came up, Lin Feng could no longer stay silent, mainly because of how possessive his captain was. He immediately replied, Captain, its like this, Little Spade would always harass me with random things. Since he is beside you, Captain, could you help to keep him in check? Im going to have my meal now; you guys carry on.

Mmh. Qin Mo turned towards the youngster. She was caressing her nose as he asked, Harassing Lin Feng over random things?

I was expressing my concern over his relationship with Almighty Yun, Bo Jiu replied seriously.

Qin Mo tossed his phone to the side with a faint smile. You should express more concern over our relationship. Yun Hu is definitely going overseas and no one can stop him.

Bo Jiu fell into a daze.

She hadnt realized he was trying to erase the evidence. In reality, Lin Feng hadnt recommended him anything. As a straight man, it wasnt possible for him to have read a romance like The Anarchic Consort.

He would have read something more impressive. But when he saw the novel From Brothers to Lovers sent by Little Spade, he had an urge to look up the book.

He must be going crazy. His relationship with Yun Hu had reached such a state and he was about to study abroad. He had to grow up, just as Yun Hu had said. He had to smarten up in some areas.

The sky started to darken.

Lin Feng glanced up out the window. Ever since before, he noticed that the lights from the bedroom opposite his had never been switched on. This meant that Yun Hu was still in the hotel with that person. He probably wasnt coming back today.


Lin Feng smirked and stopped searching for books. Instead, he wore his spectacles and started researching about finances.

He was going to move out of the courtyard.

He had to work harder in order to breach the gap.

As he wasnt suited for politics, he would have to fight it out in the business world.




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