National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1043

Chapter 1043 Mojiu

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Your brother hypnotized Qin Mo? He wasnt convinced. Qin Mo is an expert in the field, which was the reason he managed to solve the case back then since they both studied abroad. Your brothers results were always lower than Qin Mo and that is a reality. Moreover, the Qin family has been untouchable for the past few generations; how could your brother have hypnotized him? Fan Jia, we work together so dont use the rubbish you deceive others with on me.

Fan Jia knew this old man was getting afraid ever since Z had appeared and now, he had even started to warn her.

Heh, this is such an important piece of information, do you think I would lie about it? Fan Jia stood in the darkness, glancing far ahead as she continued slowly, I have to thank Z for this, if it wasnt for her, Qin Mo wouldnt have been in so much pain. The hypnosis was planted by my brother before he died and according to my understanding, Qin Mo was on the verge of destruction back then and wont have guarded against my brother. This is an information I can make use of. With my explanation, are you still anxious?

The man fell into silence.

You came into contact with him before and should know him well enough but I have something to say, dont act so willfully. If I hadnt intercepted after your two accomplices were caught, you would be in a crucial position right now. The crime squad has started to investigate the Rao familys case from years back. Once the truth is out, this pot of burning water would be directed at me. Rao Rongs statement is going to be detrimental for the both of us.

Fan Jia felt her gaze deepening. We should have dealt with Rao Rong back then. Let me give you a piece of advice, your power will be able to tide you through. He is just a high school student, what can he do?

Trust you to bring that up. The man was obviously enraged. How many times have I told you, we have to let him go to save ourselves from future trouble. But you stubbornly collaborated with the club to chase him out of his team, for him to be ostracized from the entire esports industry. Do you know how much effort it took to avoid him back then? Fortunately, the higher-ups werent alerted. If they had, my position would have been affected. Even till this day, you still havent learnt your lesson and continue to make use of him.

Fan Jia narrowed his eyes. That is a thing of the past, you dont have to bring it up anymore. Back then, I approached him at his lowest, I never expected him to escape my control. In short, it is all because of Z. Its strange that shes still alive.

Whether its strange doesnt matter. The man seemed exhausted with the current situation. The problem now is that she is back and since Z is back, your hacking skills are useless.

Fan Jia hated hearing that. Hacking skills arent the only way to solve problems. Regardless of how skillful Z is, she cant control how others think. I have been a student in A University for such a long time, which has come in handy. Didnt I tell you, even if I left right at this moment, I would be leaving the seeds of malice in their minds? It would only be a matter of time before the seeds sprout.

What did you do to the students in A University? The man frowned. We made an agreement before becoming partners, you cant be like your brother.

Fan Jia chuckled. I said I wouldnt be like my brother; how could he have made use of everyone possible? You were aware from the first day, its too late to act surprised. It isnt just A University, the bulk of them are around 14 years old. We have to thank them for helping our plans. I made use of Z to commit crimes while they took on the character they were fond of, using her name to attract others. That is the sort of people I need. They are easier to control than those from my brothers era since none of them are clean and that includes you.

You! The man choked in frustration. He started to regret their partnership but it was too late, he couldnt back out anymore. Forget it, as long as you have control over the situation.

Fan Jia felt her gaze darkening. Of course I have it under control.

Even if Rao Rong had left, she could create another version of him.

It was time for that youngster who clung to Qin Mo to pay

Meanwhile, at 10 am in the Qin familys Mansion, Bo Jiu pulled out her wallet and placed it on Qin Mos palm to show her sincerity.

One of his hand was still wrapped in bandage. He sat on the sofa, theArt of Warbook and a pot of tea placed on the mahogany table in front of him.

Bo Jiu sat there looking like a noble.

When he saw the wallet she had placed on his hand, he arched a brow. What do you mean? Flaunting your wealth?

Bo Jiu laughed. She stuffed a hand into her pocket and lowered herself, her lips arched into a devilish smile. I want to keep you as a mistress.

Qin Mo paused.

Bo Jiu broke into a wide smile as she waited for the Almightys reaction.

However, he remained a tease as usual. You didnt pay enough; several hundred dollars isnt enough to have a meal with me. Do you know the market price?

Bo Jiu raised a brow. You have that sort of information?

Of course. Qin Mos long fingers tapped her wallet.

Bo Jiu knelt down, asking curiously, Brother Mo, how much do you cost?

A million for a meal, Qin Mo replied calmly.

Bo Jiu lamented, Thats too expensive.Kidnapping him would be more affordable.

Fess up, why did you give me your wallet? Qin Mo asked, an indecipherable emotion sweeping within his eyes.

Bo Jiu sat up, her long white shirt matched with a pair of long pants, looking very much like a prince with her head full of silver hair. I have to take care of the matters at home before going overseas in case someone bullies Madam He when Im not around. Ill keep my identification card with you right now to prove Im still a young teen.

Qin Mo reached out to pour himself a cup of tea, his voice calm. You dont intend to come back?

Bo Jiu paused, her lips lifting. Since Im going to film a movie, its going to take a while. Ill have to settle the matters before leaving so that those that are up to no good can take a break.

Take a break? Qin Mo glanced up towards her face.

Bo Jiu pressed her lips into a tight line. I would like that but Im afraid you might arrest me; it would be better to just shut them up.

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