National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1054

Chapter 1054 Untitled

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Fan Jia glanced down at the text, cursing violently. She had never gone through such an experience. She had to behave like a rat that needed to hide in the dark, away from the crowd.

Her original plan had been perfect but after today, everything seemed to be crumbling into pieces. Until this moment, she still wasn’t sure what had happened. But everything was too late. She had to leave for the borders. She could start anew once she had reached the Golden Triangle!

“I understand.” She typed the words violently, sending the text over. Once she was done, she was still left with grievances. She couldn’t just leave like this. Even if she had to leave, she had to leave the youngster around Qin Mo consigned to eternal damnation.

Fan Jia’s eyes sunk. She glanced out at the street, reaching for her phone again to make a call.

It wasn’t anyone else, it was Fu Ximing, who had just lost all his shares and had totally changed.

Although the Fu family still had a house, the house was under Fu Ximing’s name, which seemed like a mockery. The house had been a birthday present from Fu Zhongyi.

Now, Fu Zhongyi was shouting outside but Fu Ximing had no intentions of letting him in since he had seen through the entire matter. This old man was useless to him and might potentially become a burden. It was best to steer clear from now onwards.

At the end, it was all the bast*rd’s fault!

Fu Ximing smashed the wine bottle in his hand. He stiffened when the phone rang but quickly broke into a smile. After all, he hadn’t received many calls after he had lost his power.

Fu Ximing burped, picking up the call.Read more chapter on vipnovel.com

“Do you want to destroy your brother?” It was a girl’s voice.

Fu Ximing frowned. “Who are you?”

“That isn’t important, what’s important is my question!”

It was obvious that Fu Ximing wanted revenge, he wanted to step all over that useless bas*rd!

Fan Jia seemed to have found her own kind as she continued, “Visit your mother in prison. From what I understand, your mother holds a secret that is enough to destroy that person. That secret is related to your brother and has to be voiced out by your father for it to be believable. I’m not sure what secret it is exactly. I would have done it myself but I have to travel overseas soon. Whether or not you wish to continue this is up to you.” With that, Fan Jia was done and hung up the call. She had to hurry out of the country.

Fu Ximing woke up from his drunken state almost instantly. After half a second, he headed straight for the front door without hesitation. He had never expected this old man could still be of some use.

When Fu Ximing opened the door, his expression changed immediately when he saw the Fu Zhongyi that was on the verge of a stroke. “Dad, I wasn’t in a good mood just now. Hurry in, I’m sorry.”

After experiencing so much, Fu Zhongyi yearned for that little bit of warmth. Moreover, he needed somewhere to stay. He sighed. “Dad doesn’t blame you, it’s all that ingrate’s fault!”

Fu Ximing’s eyes gleamed. “Dad, there’s a way to destroy big brother right now. Are you willing to give it a try?”

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