National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1078

Chapter 1078 1078 Untitled

1078 Untitled

Yes, it would be a grand departure. Rather than allowing the world to speculate, it would be best to set things straight.

“We have three more days before we fly off to treat Brother Mo’s hand.” Bo Jiu had always been a proactive person. “How are we holding the farewell?”

Lin Feng blew out air. “That’s simple, we can perform.”

“Piano?” Bo Jiu suggested.

Lin Feng arched a brow. “Little Spade, let’s do something normal.”

“Isn’t a piano performance normal?” Bo Jiu didn’t understand his thought process.

Lin Feng replied honestly, “The crowd would be bored, don’t forget, there will be fans attending.”

“Oh right, how are we going to contact the fans?” Bo Jiu asked.

Lin Feng had an idea that he had never materialized. “Why don’t we find the location first? We can arrange a meeting with the president of your, my, Captain’s and Yun Hu’s fan club. It would be best to discuss it with them.

“Indeed.” They had to be well prepared for such a sensitive matter.

Lin Feng wasn’t naive in such matters. “Contact your president using your Weibo account.”

“There are many fake accounts in Weibo.” Bo Jiu reached out to pull Princess back.

“Don’t worry, the other members might not be able to recognize you but it isn’t possible for the president not to know. What time are you free today? Let’s find a time to meet up. Let’s just invite the local fans, there shouldn’t be that many of them and for the program, aren’t you the school hunk? You can sing something.”

“Mmh,” Bo Jiu replied, adding, “We’ll sing together.”

“Me? You want me to sing?” Lin Feng didn’t mind singing. “If you have the courage to hear it, I’ll have the courage to sing.”

Bo Jiu was still unaware of how tone deaf some people could be. When she would realize the issue, it would be too late.

Lin Feng started getting excited. “This will be my first fan meeting.”

It wasn’t Bo Jiu’s first time; hence, she wasn’t as affected. “There’s nothing special about it, I got close to Brother Mo after attending his fan meeting.”

“Can we compare? I am an idol. Let me contact the relevant people. Are you alright with meeting at 5pm?” Lin Feng buried all his negative emotions and dived straight in.

Bo Jiu took a moment, glancing up towards the gates around the Qin family’s house. It wasn’t easy to enter but if she climbed out, probably no one would bother about her. “Alright.”

“Cool, where can we meet?” There had to be a location for their gathering.

“5pm?” Bo Jiu took a moment. “How about Huda? We won’t have to queue at that hour.”

Eating would be able to dispel any awkwardness. In certain ways, she was indeed intelligent. But… Contacting fans using Weibo… She would have to do it discreetly.

According to Lin Feng’s idea, they couldn’t let the information spread.

Bo Jiu decided to walk Princess one more round while using the time to contact the presidents.

Princess gave up, he had a solemn expression, and was glaring at a Samoyed.

Meow, how could all of them be taller than me!

The man walking the dog watched the youngster with curiosity since seeing a cat being walked wasn’t a common sight. That was a new…


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