National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1080

Chapter 1080 Untitled

Chapter 1080 Untitled

As Qin Mo didn’t receive a reply, he cracked open his eyes and caught sight of her sullen expression. “What’s wrong? You don’t want to be a little kid from my house?” Qin Mo asked, he reached out to touch her head, trying to check if the bandage was still there.

Bo Jiu seemed to have forgotten about it. She would have to remove it later before leaving. “It’s a bit depressing to be called a little kid at this age.”

“Isn’t the main point of my sentence ‘my house’?” With that, Qin Mo shut his eyes once more. “Let’s sleep a while more.”

My house? Bo Jiu resisted the urge to kiss the Almighty. She listened to the steady beating of his heart and replied, “Sleep.”

With that, he entered another round of deep slumber. Qin Mo needed the rest.

After about half an hour, Bo Jiu stood up. The Almighty had been keeping a close watch on her. It wasn’t just Bo Jiu’s hallucination, there would always be someone following behind her wherever she went. It wasn’t difficult for Bo Jiu to lose them though. It would be a good time to test their skills in preparation of kidnapping the Almighty.

Bo Jiu walked into the bathroom. It was 2.30pm. As the Courtyard was located a distance away from Huda, she would have to change as a form of respect for the event. But all she could find was her maroon t-shirt and a lightweight hooded jacket. But the jacket wasn’t for functional use.

Thus, she wore a black watch over her fair wrist, the face reflecting off light with her every action. She bit onto the tip of a pen, writing a note to the Almighty. The message was clear and concise.

Once she was done, she headed downstairs. There were people in her nine o’clock and six o’clock direction.

Bo Jiu arched a brow, heading towards the wall. She placed Princess at the foot of a tree. With a sly smile, her jacket was lifted by the tree branch. From the other direction, it looked very much like Bo Jiu was playing with Princess.

The youngster straightened her long legs. With a forceful leap and sharp movements, she lifted herself onto the wall and landed lightly. Her maroon t-shirt and devilish smile were stunning.

But it was an awkward situation.

When she lifted her head, two elderly men were shaking their heads at her. “The little kid that Qin Mo, the hardhearted boy, brought home is being naughty again.”

“The young, climbing over walls is normal for them.” Their gazes were overflowing with affection…

Bo Jiu coughed.

“Little kid, go on. I don’t understand what that hardhearted boy is thinking, arranging for so many people to watch over you. Just make sure to come back.”

Bo Jiu understood. “I will be back once I’m done. Thank you, grandpas.”

They waved their hands dismissively. The two grandfathers turned and focused back on the chess game.

The first thing Bo Jiu did was to contact Lin Feng. “How is it?”

“I’m almost there, where are you?” Lin Feng asked lazily. “Hurry up, it’s hot outside.”

Bo Jiu didn’t understand what he was saying. “You can enter the shop first.”

“I’m not going in.” Lin Feng found the situation awkward. “It’s my first gathering and there are so many girls inside, it would be awkward to have to wait for you. We can go in together.”

Bo Jiu: … How are you going to find a girlfriend like this? You should just settle with Almighty Yun.


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