National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1085

Chapter 1085 Memory

“There’s one more thing.” Qin Mo glanced over.

The psychologist arranged his white robe and asked, “Boss, do I look like an expert in teen psychology?”

“It’s about me this time,” Qin Mo replied calmly.

The psychologist arched his tilted eye, interested in the topic. “What is it about?”

“Recently, there have been images in my head.” Qin Mo looked at him, his words slowing. “Is it possible to like someone so much, images of their childhood would start to appear in my mind?”

The psychologist stilled but he didn’t let his expressions show. He flipped open his record book and started to jot down notes as he spoke, “From a psychological point of view, if you like someone so much, it is indeed possible to fantasize about them in various forms or even activities that you have never engaged in. It would all seem like an experience that you have lived through. Boss, you study psychology as well, you should understand what this is about.”

In reality, it wasn’t just someone you adore, many people would start to confuse their thoughts with reality.

Qin Mo retracted his gaze, pulling the door to the left with a loud swoosh. Just as the psychologist was about to ask something, Qin Mo had already left the car. The psychologist was feeling helpless as he glanced down at the half empty form. Was it really appropriate to submit a form like this to the higher-ups?

But… If it was as Boss had mentioned, there was a chance he could get his memory back. However, both the General and the Madam weren’t willing for that memory to resurface.

None of them could forget the scene back then. Boss had been covered with injuries and had seemed to have lost his soul. After running a fever for three days, he had lost a portion of his memory, leading to his current state.

Selective amnesia.

He must have experienced something traumatizing.

Before they found out what happened to Boss back then, they wouldn’t allow the memory to reappear and affect his life since it was so painful. He was better off without it. That was the decision they had made back then.

If Boss had had all his memory back then, he would have been hypnotized by the terrorist and could have been under bigger interrogation.

No one had expected Boss to have selective amnesia. Just like how no one knew what he endured during the mission.

The psychologist caressed his temples. It was a big thing and had to be reported to General Qin since it would be factored into the decision on whether Boss should be assigned to the mission.

Night fell and it started to rain.

Qin Mo strolled around, being elegant and graceful. It wasn’t long before someone came with a black umbrella.

“In the future, get them to come after Young Master Jiu falls asleep,” Qin Mo instructed.

He nodded. Young Master seemed much colder than before.

Qin Mo hadn’t made it clear. But from their conversation one thing was for sure: The psychologist was lying to him…




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