National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1087

Chapter 1087 Untitled

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All the fans had arrived but something felt off. Four Supreme Alliance members werent around. Many of the fans were searching for Spade Z but couldnt find her anywhere.

Are they late?

Did something happen?

They are probably stuck in traffic, lets wait a while more.

It was unlike the masquerade from before. This time, the members werent dressed too extravagantly. Thus, it was similar to a grand event held in school.

Since Feng Yi replaced the host, he wore a smart suit, looking very much like a smiling prince. With a microphone in his hand, he started off easily, We have a special opening prepared for everyone.

After he had spoken, the dim stage lit up, shining on the balloons to give off a sense of warmth and coziness.

As for the entrance. Feng Yi eyed each and every one of them before gazing at Yun Hu and Qin Mo with a slight smile. Let us give the stage to the four members that have not arrived.

What did that mean?

The fans werent the only ones confused. Yun Hu and Uncle Yin werent sure what was happening either.

Qin Mo stood in the middle; his bandaged hand stuffed into his pocket while the other shook a wine glass. A glow lit up his eyes with Feng Yis opening speech. He glanced up slightly towards the stage.

In that moment, all the lights went off, leaving only a scattered glow on the stage.


A spotlight hit the piano on the stage.

A youngster sat there silently, her long, slender fingers positioned on the piano and her face soft and handsome under the warm light.

The youngster wasnt dressed in her usual get up. A shiny belt was fastened around her waist and a wireless mic hung around her ear. But no one paid attention to her outfit because the next second, a melodious sound filled the air.

It was a soft sound, a tune that could be followed easily but it was obvious it had been modified. It was a familiar tune. Just then, the piano stopped.

The youngster stood up, taking large strides to the middle, her silver hair combed backwards to expose her beautiful forehead.

The music changed. It was the same melody but yet, the mood had turned cheery and uplifting.

Right at that moment, the other three members walked on stage, all of them wearing the same uniform with a black microphone hung around their ear. They were wearing the same black scarf around their wrist, and when they stood together, it was a dazzling sight.

The audience inhaled sharply.

What are they going to do? Just as they asked, Feng Shang started, his voice sharp and clear, matching his dance step. Too young to know about love, your sweet smile melted my heart

The members all danced in sync, Coco and Feng Shang moved as they continued, Attending our lessons everyday

The amalgamation of the varied pitches formed a perfect melody as they danced to the beat.

Everyone was mesmerized. When it finally sank, the crowd went wild!

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